Most stylish of all — Vaporesso Armour Pro! In this review, I will try to show you all of the features, advantages, disadvantages, and nuances as much detailed as possible.


Let's unbox the kit! Kit is packaged in an orange-white box (color of the box is based on a kit color). On the front side, we can see a kit, its name, and company logo. The reverse side lists the specifications, package contains, manufacturer details, website link and barcode.


Kit Contains:


Vaporesso Armour Pro;

• Cascade Baby Tank Atomizer with already inserted GT Meshed and additional GT CCell2 + glass tube and accessories;

• Short USB-micro USB metal wire, plastic 18650 battery adapter, instructions and a warranty card with the holo sticker, that you can check on the site, to verificate your kit.


The kit is available in six colors: Green, White, Red+Blue, Black, Silver и Midnight Blue (we have the last color).

Price for the kit is $44.20, battery mod separately costs $30. Сoils price is around $6-$9 for 3 pieces

Let's start with the tank! Tank, that we have in the kit are made out of steel, the diameter is 25mm, height with mouthpiece - 54mm, Volume is 5ml. On the base we can see 3 Airflow holes, each of them is 10x3mm, and of course, you can regulate the airflow by rotating the ring.

Tank has such an unusual constructive, if you will disassemble it, you will have 7 pieces: (bottom base, coil, isolation component, glass tube, top lid, top lid cover and 510 delrin drip tip).

To be honest - assemble and disassemble is kind of problematic.

Why? That's because one piece has the right thread, and another one has the left thread. And I didn't find in the manual, wh

No less strange made the mechanism for filling the liquid - you need to lift the lid and move it sideways.

But the tank has a very good taste. Of course, this is because of coils. Speaking of them ...

In one coil, a mesh used as a heating element, and in the other — a ceramic cylinder, inside which a stainless steel wire is "threaded"

Mesh coil has better flavour and more vapor than a ceramic one. But it uses more liquid, and it's more powerful.

And if you'll almost close the airflow, the flavour would be better, than on any of the micro-coils that you've tried.

Let's take a closer look at the boxmod!

The body is made of steel and plastic. Plastic pieces are glossy and they aren't protected from scratches. It's painted in a half-matte style, and after a month of use, I couldn't find any issues with coating. But I can't tell this about other colors, because some of them painted in a glossy lacquer, and, as I think, they would scratch faster. What about the design, I Instantly disliked white text with name on side and logo on the back side. Size of mod - 91.6x38.6x27mm, powered by one 18650, 20700 or 21700 high current battery. Weight with 21700 battery is 174g.

All front panel has a small gap, it has a kind of leak-proof I don't recommend you to spill a liquid on it. Biggest plastic piece - is a screen, and, at the same time, it is a "fire" button. Colored OLED Display, 0.96" and it is very bright, so you can see it under the sunlight. At the bottom, we can see "+". "-" and "Mode" buttons. "Mode" button is used to navigate through the menu and in hotkeys combinations.

The connector is made of steel, has a 22mm diameter. Brass, spring-loaded pin, for some reason, it is very small. Any atomizers under a 25.5mm diameter would look pretty on this mod.

To open a lid, you have to slide it sideways.

Inside, we have markings, that show us, which side we should insert our batteries. 21700/20700 are working as it intended, but, for 18650 you have to use silicone adapter. By the way, lid closes and opens without any problems, that some of the buyers didn't like.But I will say, that during my tests, there were no accidental opens, that would drop my battery down. Even if you will smash your mod on a table. And, in a lid there are exhaust vents, that really pass air through.

On the side, there is a micro USB, used to update firmware, and charge your batteries. Now, a closer look at the board!

Main parameters: Chipset Omni Board 4.0;

• Power: 5 - 100W;

• Min. resistance: 0.03 Ohm;

• Max. charge current: 2A

• "Fire" button response time: 0.002s;

• A lot of protections on the board.

Turning on is easy as usual, you have to press the "Fire" button five times. Block would turn on if you will press it three times.

You can access the menu, by holding the "Mode" button.

Let's take a look at the modes and menu:

• EXIT - Back to the main screen

• VW-H - VW with bigger power (High)

• VW-N - VW (Normal)

• VW-S - VW with lower power (Soft)

• CCW – Curve power settings;

• SP (Super Player) – VW with 0.03 Ohm min. resistance support;

• VV

• CCV – Curve voltage settings;

• BP – Bypass mode;

• SS/NI/TI/M1/M2 – TCR On a SS/nickel/titanium/two presets with manual adjustment.

• TCR SET – TC Adjustments;

• POWER SET – Power settings;

• CCT SET – Temperature curve settings;

• LOCK/UNLOCK – Block/Unblock resistance;

• SET – Settings;

• BRIGHTNESS – Display brightness setting;

• PUFF COUNTER – Puff counter reset;

• THEME COLOR – Colors selection for interface elements (orange, green, blue, yellow and red);

• SMART ON/OFF – Smart mode (auto-tuning power in VV when inserting the atomizer);

• AUTO ON/OFF – Didn't actually understand, what that does, but the manual says "Auto function removes any troubles when switching VW-H and VW-N modes";

• TIME SET – date, time, as well as the choice of clock design on the screen saver;

• SCREEN TIMEOUT – Screen timeout setting;

• VERSION – Firmware version;

• DEFAULT – Reset to the factory settings;

By the way, if you will press "+" and "Fire", device show the clock on screen. While charging, battery and percents appear on the screen, and how much left to charge your batteries. Single lightning picture appears if charge is 1A, if there is two - current charge is more than 2A. Board has a little issue - long "Fire" response when boxmod in the sleep mode. It is nearly 2 seconds, but that's annoying. The solution is...set the sleep time to the max (Max is 60 minutes), so you'll have to deal with it only once in an hour.


Tank has a nice taste, but it has nothing special in it, assemble/disassemble process made very hard withoutany reason. Airflow is pretty loud, and it whistles when it is half opened.

Mod is pretty good at its own, but it has some disadvantages in it. Nice grip, looks great (white with gold color is the best one for me), assembled excellent and works well. I think, that $44.20 is a nice price for this type of mod.

Would I recommend it? Yes, but, better you'll buy a mod only.


• Good quality;

• Stylish appearance, nice grip;

• 20700/21700/18650 support;

• Functional board;

• Kit tank has a nice flavour;

• Good price ($30 for the mod and $45 for the kit)


• Tank is hard to assemble/disassemble;

• Non-scratch resistant glossy display-button;

• Board has some bugs, that are not fixed, even months later.