The Paradox RDA by Vandy Vape is a 24mm single coil atomizer, it comes in a very compact box with the name of the brand and of the atom (which is visible through a window).

 paradox rda

Inside we find the steel atom and next to it two drip tips, one with an 810 attack, with even more generous dimensions than the one mounted on the atomizer, but black with a noticeable knurling on the edge and the narrower with 510 , user manual also in Italian, several spare parts: spare screws, non-BF pins, various O-rings, 510 adapter, an Allen wrench, a screwdriver and a Fused Clapton Coil in Ni80 (4 wraps - 26ga * 3 +36 on 3mm tip).



Regarding the detailed technical specifications and the various colors available, I refer you to the Sourcemore website.


Let's start with the aesthetic aspect.

The atom in my possession is in matte black (Black).

I start by saying that it is a very original atomizer.

Aesthetically it is very aggressive and massive and looks like the classic cloud chasing dual coil atomizer, an impression reinforced by the presence of the drip tip mounted on the atomizer which has a large hole.

Pulling off the bell, the true nature of the atomizer is highlighted, which is a single coil with internal spaces very similar to a 22mm except for the two tanks that are really wide and deep, a feature that forces the cotton to be kept very long and well opened like a fan.

The lower part that houses the turrets is completely painted, while the metal removable parts are plated in a gold color which stands out clearly against the black background.

 paradox rda base

The barrel is provided with two slashes that house a small mechanical tooth that is located in the lower part of the atomizer, this allows to unscrew the atomizer from the Box keeping it locked.


It also allows you to regulate the air flow, an operation that, in my opinion, runs the risk of distorting the airflow because of how it was designed and which is the dominant feature of this atomizer.

The air, which enters from two vents of generous dimensions, is actually channeled into two channels that are anything but large, which have a curved path, like two round brackets.

This means that it is conveyed towards the center of the coil and that the vape is decidedly soft in a very particular way, but not as contrasted as I would have expected.


Easy to build thanks to the screws that have a really huge head, which allow you to use very different sized wires.

I built it with different configurations, always on 3mm bits, first using a Clapton 26 * 32 wire with 4 and 5 turns.

I then tried it with a more aggressive configuration using Alien Clapton 26 * 3 + 32 and another completely different, using the 26ga with 9 coils, mounting its drip tip 510.

 paradox rda coil building


Final considerations:

Aesthetically I find it very pleasant, it gives the idea of a massive and well-built product, thanks also to the diagonal carvings present in the upper part of the barrel.

The fact that it is a 24mm also makes it more aesthetically pleasing if it is mounted on a dual battery box or on a large box.

Steam production is certainly not its dominant characteristic, while the aromatic yield and the softness of the shot are.

I liked all the configurations I used, varying configurations and powers (from 35 to 65w), this makes it a very versatile atom, even if to my taste it is at its best between 40 and 55w of use.

I want to clarify that I tried it with all the drip tips supplied, which are well made, but which I think are more suitable for other atomizers that I have, so I used drip tip with fewer open holes.

 paradox rda

It is well built, easy to use, excellent yield, allows the use of different builds and wires of very different sizes, has a good equipment and never leaks liquid.


As always, I thank for allowing me to review the Paradox rda.

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