The Dovpo TopSide dual is the dual battery version of the TopSide 90w and comes in a classic black cardboard box, covered in cardboard printed with the brand logo, the box mod and photos.

Inside the box there is a USB cable for recharging and for any firmware updates, an Allen key and two spare screws for the bottle-frame group, the instruction manual for the box mod in English and other leaflets with various warnings and guarantees.

In a separate box we have a second bottle which, being equipped with a cap, can also be used as an additional tank.

I will try as usual not to dwell on available colors or all the technical data and various dimensions that you can easily find in the Sourcemore link or on the Dovpo website, but I will try to give you in detail my impressions as a user.

Topside dual

Let's start with the aesthetic aspect.

The box mod has a particular design, very different from many bf box mods on the market with soft lines that follow the shape of the parts that are inside the body, rounded lines around the bottle and the batteries and more straight lines in the circuit-display area.

The varnish has a very particular texture and especially in the Silver version in my possession, making it extremely shiny.

In the front, under the round activation button, there is a classic DOVPO style display. Below the display the up / down keys have the right hardness and are black, like the "fire" key, regardless of the color of the Box mod. Curiously, at the bottom there is no usb socket which is instead on one side.

In the back, which houses the 10ml bottle, there is a large opening to easily press the squonk bottle.

Below is the sliding door that houses the two 18650 batteries.


In the upper part we find a metal frame that houses the 510 attachment on which it is possible to mount the atomizer up to a maximum of 30mm without the refill cap of the bottle being lost or touched.

 Topside dual


Display and functions.

The display is very classic but clearly visible and shows all the values we need: the battery charge level indicator for each single cell, the Ohms, the Volts and the Amps and obviously the Watts, which range from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 200.

The software is fairly standard and easy to understand, in the menu we find the various possible settings: Power, Voltage, Temperature Ni-Ti-SS, TCR and resettable statistics, nr. Puffs and total time of use.

The key lock functions, the fire key lock and the stealth function are also present.


Use and personal impressions.

Battery management is more than good, as is the supply that remains constant until the batteries are to be replaced.

The Box mod is solid and well built, even when you shake it, it is very silent.

It has generous dimensions and obviously, not being made of plastic, it is anything but light, with an empty weight of about 224g, but on the contrary of what can be assumed, it has a truly remarkable ergonomics, much more than many other Box Mods, so as to seem less heavy, holding it, than it actually is.


The box mod has no visible vent hole or a circuit cooling grid, which are instead present on the single battery version.

I would have preferred them also on this dual battery.

The bottle, which is identical to the single battery version is by far the most important part of this Box mod and the 10ml of capacity allow a considerable autonomy.

Made in very thick silicone, it forces a firm pressure, on the other hand the suction is significant and immediate.

It is inserted on a frame that gives rigidity and allows the use of a cap that represents an absolute novelty on the market.

In the lower part of the cap we find two rubbery protuberances that have the task of occluding the wide slots for the refill, which is then fixed by screwing it to the body.

In essence, the bottle is refilled as a tank, and the possibility of getting your hands dirty or leaking from the cap is absolutely zero.

It is certainly a box mod with a very clear design and "personality" and today a very coveted box.