The first impression of the THC Tauren X Pod kit is stylish, compact, and convenient. Firstly, this is a rhomboid profile - a trifle but gives individuality, and it seems ergonomic too. Secondly, there are nice decorative cutouts in the corners. And thirdly, the neckline for the cartridge - it’s not very convenient to monitor the level of liquid charged through it. But it adds elegance to the overall look.

 THC Tauren X Pod RBA Kit

As for the dimensions, they are medium - not small, but not large. A device without a drip type fits in my middle palm. Ergonomics are decent, even despite the island edges.  In short, the golden mean is the most to complete the sensations of a suitable device.


We start by tradition from the very top. The drip type is made of acrylic.  In work, it is quite decent. However, in positions close to horizontal, it tends to solder with condensate since the internal hole is only about 2 mm.


The cartridge fixed with magnets. Moreover, it fixed securely. An interesting fact - you can insert it as you like - at your convenience. The capacity is small. In the context of the hearths, it is standard. But for a hearth with a serviced base, it is too small, because of these pieces. As you know, there are many times more voracious than maintenance-free coils. The filling hole is huge - pour at least from a bucket, the lid is convenient, although it is small in height.


It's time to talk about the base. It is quite simple and almost comfortable. I use the word “almost” because it is very small, and it is not so easy to manage it. However, this is a feature of such devices, from which you can not escape anywhere. The holes for the legs are small, but the non-greasy Fusik tightened. There is enough space for cotton at the bottom of the base. There are two tiny holes for feeding slurry. A heap of flower-shaped holes is responsible for the lower airflow.


The mod control panel cut almost standardly. The buttons are metal. The size of the fire is normal. It was traditionally planted in a place that is not the most favorable for decent ergonomics. There is no rattle. The move is small. The click is clear, the average volume - everything is fine here. The display is very small, as is the information displayed on it. However, due to decent brightness and contrast, it is read confidently, moreover, even on the street.

 THC Tauren X Pod RBA Kit

The built-in battery of small capacity is enough, especially in the context of the RBA version. It was enough for me until about the middle of the afternoon, or even less. Fortunately, she was destined to be charged for a short time - only about an hour. Yes, and soar in the process is possible.



Overall, under came out good. There are their jambs, but none of them are probably considered critical. But in the aggregate, they can, with their burden, influence the decision to purchase.

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