The Teslacigs released the invader IV which is an upgraded version of invader 3, the most popular box mods in 2016.

Invader IV

The material, invader IV adapts Aluminium alloy with anodized craft instead of the zinc which lead to a lightweight and a high-quality feel. For the battery, the mod supports 18650/20700/21700. Vapers have more choice for the battery. It leads to a bigger size for the mod which is not so convenient for carry-on.  

Invader IV

The invader IV employs a simple design. On the sides, you can get that 4 grooves to consist of an “x” with the logo of Tesla in the middle, two ventilation holes and a USB USB port for charging.  There is no display screen available for this mod.  The LED lights are used to be the signal to show the basic info needed.  You can get the details on the specification. Only a fire button for the mod. The IV adapts VV kit design with 5 level voltage.  With a potentiometer, vapers can easily to adjust the Voltage.


Comparing with the invader 3, what changed for the invader Iv?

  • It is compatible with 21700 and lasts a longer life.
  • USB charging for more convenient use.
  • Aluminium alloy material more lightweight and comfortable in the hand
  • The larger size of the mod for bigger atomizers.


With the development of the technology, the demands for vaping for a more practical, better and easy to use vape device. The invader IV has an update on the battery, design and compatible. It is a perfect mod for vapor chaser.


Main Features

280W Light-weight VV Kit made from Aluminum Alloy material
Advanced alumina process design and CNC laser engraving line
Compatible with 21700/20700/18650 cells
Easy operated 5 levels variable voltage
25mm RDA with easy dual coils build deck
Adjustable bottom airflow system 
Resin wide bore drip tip


Invader IV