The Shogun Univ Mod is delivered in a box with the photo, logo, and name of the Box.

Inside we find a box containing the warranty coupon, the instruction booklet also in Italian, the USB cable ... and of course the Box, wrapped in a bag.


Let's start with the aesthetic aspect.


From the side, under the round activation button, there is a classic display, recessed in order to be protected from accidental bumps.

 Shogun Mod

In the upper part, which can accommodate atoms up to 28mm, we find the cup in a central position, secured by two screws.

In the lower part, there is a USB port surmounted by the up and down keys, which are made of steel-colored metal, like the fire button.

Below there is a chrome effect frame with the logo, various brands, and the vent holes.

Laterally we have the dominant aesthetic characteristic of the box, two panels in multicolored resin, well made and very pleasant to the touch. One of the two panels can be removed to access the battery compartment, which is very clean and has a strap, which houses two 18650s.

The care in the build and the thickness of the resin in the removable panel is considerable. The door, equipped with two magnets, closes with precision and is not loose even when shaking the Box vigorously.


 Shogun Mod


Display and functions:


The software of this Box, not too basic, is very intuitive and easy to use.

Battery management is good, as is the delivery that comes to a more than realistic maximum wattage of 180w

With 3 clicks you access the menu where we find the Power modes, temperature control (NI, TI, SS, M1, M2), Pod (from 2.5 to 3.8v), supply curve, TCR (with two memory modes) and finally, the SET mode which allows you to reset the puffs and select the time to switch off the display with four pre-set possibilities (10-30-60-90s).

The display is easy to read and very bright, but there is no possibility of adjusting the brightness. In the display, there are all the important data, but instead of the puff counter, I would have preferred the indication of the Ampere.

Another thing that I would have appreciated is the ability to lock the keys, even though I haven't accidentally activated them so far.


Use and personal impressions:

The Box is solid and well built and the use of resin makes it quite light.

The dimensions, considering the shape of the Box, are decidedly compact, it feels good in your hand, there are no sharp edges and it is definitely pleasant to use.


Even the painting seems well executed and durable.

A Box that I am using often and with great pleasure, easy to use, well finished and for lovers of resin panels to take in strong consideration.

 Shogun Mod