We continue to consider budget novelties among electronic vaping devices. This time we consider a set from a pretty young company Rincoe.

 Machman Kit

The device is Packed in a black and green box.

On the front side there is a picture of three kits and the logo Rincoe, the device name and a round sticker indicating the color.

On the sides there is nothing particularly interesting, but on the reverse side there are warnings, manufacturer data, a field with a code to check for authenticity, links to the company's resources and listed equipment:

  • Rincoe Mechman 228W;
  • Rincoe Mechman Mesh Tank с 0.25 Ohm coil;
  • Dual Mesh 0.2 Ohm coil;
  • Replacement glass and orings;
  • 30cm micro USB cable;
  • Instructions in English and Chinese;

The device is sold in black and steel colors, is divided into three options, which differ in the shape of the panels (Steel Wing, Steel Bone and Steel Case), and those in turn differ in pictures, plus the panel can be very easy to customize by yourself, which I'll tell you a little later.

The set sells for $59.90, and the mod separately can be taken for $26.20.

We begin by considering a box mod!

The device is made using zinc alloy (for the body and covers), plastic for buttons and inserts into the lid and a small piece of leatherette (or something) to insert on the side.

Until we moved away from the topic of side inserts — did you know that one of them can be customized?

On video from Rincoe channel shown how to do it!

By design, the box mod can be described as a "militarized brick", not otherwise. Looks brutal, strictly, the construction is strong and the weight is decent - 275 grams with two 18650. Size - 90х54х29мм.

Consider the front side!

Let's start with the display. Size 0.96 inch, black and white, bright and generally standard. In Sunny weather visibility at 3/5.

Below are two plastic buttons "+" and "-", pressing clearly enough.

Even lower is the micro-USB port through which you can charge the device. On account of flash does not know — no firmware for download.

Go back up and there is already a large button "Fire", reminiscent of the trigger from the gamepad.

From above, strictly at the center is a slightly raised 510й steel connector with a diameter of 22mm.
Any tanks up to 25mm look beautiful.
Brass pin, spring-loaded.

The bottom has only logo and cooling holes.
The support points are very small, and the stability of the device even on hard surfaces leaves much to be desired.

The battery cover is held by two magnets, there is a groove for poddevaniya, as well as the inside is some insulating material.

The backlash of the cover takes place to be, but occurs only at deliberate displacement to the left-to the right.

Battery contacts are gold plated, the top is spring loaded.


In the hand, the device is very comfortable, the grip is facilitated by protrusions and a ribbed surface on the opposite side of the display, but the device still tries to slip out of the palm a little.

To the quality of the body and controls I have no complaints particularly, everything seems to be good. The paint is good, for almost 2 months of use did not appear a single scratch.

Buttons do not rattle, batteries do not hang out.
The possibility of customization is very good, but at the same time I do not really like the design, it is, as it were, "manly", or something. Looks like a long-haul truck.

Anyway, let's look at the chip!

Main characteristic:

Power: 1 — 228W

Resistance: 0.08-3.5 Ohm in VW mode and bypass, 0.05-3.5 Ohm in TC mode.

Max. discharge: 50A

Max output voltage: 8V

The claimed efficiency: 95%

Huge amount of protection at the Board levelП

Now about charging.


The manufacturer is too modest about the capabilities of the current consumption of the charge, so much so that neither the website nor the manual a word about it.

So, almost two VTC6 discharge and charge current was around 1.6-1.7 A. the unit when it was heated, but not critical.

Now let's talk about the functionality and management:

Switching power is 0.1 to 100 watts, and after 1 watt.

The display shows the charge of each battery, the selected mode, power or Fahrenheit / Celsius, the timer of the last puff, as well as the current resistance of the coils and the voltage.

Switching on and off occurs by pressing "Fire" five times, the modes are switched by pressing three times and then flipping left and right with "+" and" -", the choice is made by a single "Fire".

Available modes: VW, Bypass, TC on Ni, Ti, SS and TCR mode.

Simultaneous holding " + " and " - " allows you to lock/unlock the power/temperature change, and pressing and holding all three buttons allows you to lock the resistance.

Holding " - "and" Fire " in any of the TC modes allows you to adjust the preheating of the spiral. In TCR mode, holding " + "and" Fire " allows you to adjust the temperature coefficient.

To switch degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius and Vice versa, you need to turn the temperature until it stops, after which there will be a change.

Accidentally discovered a hidden menu called by pressing the combination sequentially: "+", "-" , "+" , "-" , "+" . Here is the firmware version, Board, and production date.

A small verdict on the work of the Board.

The mod is inexpensive, so expect something supernatural from the filling is not worth it — a simple menu, a minimum of bells and whistles, and it seems like everything should be OK, but, unfortunately, it is not so.

In VW mod is not able (and in fact just not trained) to determine the resistance of the new atomizer before pressing the "Fire" button.
In TC all perfectly determines, asked new coil or not. This is weird.
Thermal control works just as badly as on most cheap devices

The nimble response, the resistance reads correctly, supports from 0.08 and not 0.05, but most probably it will be enough.

Well, no preheating by the way.

Something about tank!

 Machman Kit

Tank made of stainless steel, base diameter: 24mm, with bubble glass is 28mm, height with drip tip — 46mm. Tank volume — 4.5 ml. Airflow can be adjusted by turning the ring at the base.

The tank is fully collapsible and consists of five parts: drip tip, top cover, glass, coil and base.

Filling is carried out from above through a sliding cover, which is tight enough and is unlikely to open ever itself.

Pre-installed coil is Single Mesh Coil with a resistance of 0.25 Ohm, second included is a Dual Mesh Coil 0.2 Ohm, they differ only in the amount of mesh, which is reflected in the names.

Comparing the coils, I note that despite the recommended power, you can safely throw another 5-10 watts.

What about taste — dual-mesh at times exceeds a single coil but, unfortunately, both not really even reach the level of the Eleaf coils, although still better than TFV.

Here then we gradually crept to the main disadvantage — it does not fit any vaporizers except for those that made by Rincoe.

The results!

For $26.20 you get a device that is almost entirely made of metal and is able to "out of the box" has the ability to customize the appearance of what little can boast of any other device.


  • Good build quality and ergonomics;
  • Excellent paint quality;
  • Ease of use;
  • Unusual appearance;
  • The possibility of customization;
  • Affordable price ($26.20 per mod).


  • Not the most hassle-freeboard for 2019;
  • The relevance of a whole set (?)

 Machman Kit