Today we will look at one of the recently released box mods from Vaporesso, which is a very interesting device for its price, and some even consider it the top of the outgoing 2019.

Gen mod

The device is Packed in a gray-white cardboard box.

The front part shows the device itself, its name, as well as the logo of the manufacturer.


The reverse side lists the features of the device and what box contains, the manufacturer's data, as well as a barcode with a color label and an erasable field with a QR code and a holographic sticker to check for originality.

 Gen mod


● Vaporesso Gen 220W;

● 50 cm micro-USB braided cable;

● Warranty card;

● Instructions for use in several languages of the world;


Four colors are available in the Sourcemore store: Black Red, Black Blue, Black, and Silver, but not so long ago Vaporesso released three more colors — Gold, Black Green и Purple.

Design features and appearance

 Gen mod

The device is made with the use of aluminum for the body, rubber for the side covers, some plastic for the buttons and steel for the connector.

Dimensions — 93.5x53x27 mm. Weight with two batteries is 200 grams.

About the design, I can not say anything bad - Vaporesso Gen looks very strict, if we are talking about the black color, colors with a gradient look slightly different, and very much stand out from the competition. Nothing cuts the hand, because there are no sharp edges and corners.

The corrugated soft-touch coating has a nice feature-the device is very firmly held in the hand and does not strive to slip out at the most inopportune moment, and on such a coating almost no fingerprints remain.

 Gen mod

Frame painted in black matte, and, too, does not collects fingerprints.

Plus, the manufacturer claims the resistance of materials to open fire and judging by the video from the Internet it really is.


Consider the front of the box mod.

Gen mod


As always, let's start with a 0.91 " OLED display. It is monochrome, very bright, in bright Sunny weather cannot be seen very well.

Above is a large plastic button "Fire", and under the screen, three small, the upper of which "+", the middle is "Mode", and the bottom is "-".

Even lower is the micro-USB port, through which you can charge and update the firmware of the device.

 Gen mod

The battery cover is held by two magnets, there is a groove to open the cover, located at the bottom.

The battery contacts are gold-plated, the upper ones are spring-loaded. A ribbon is provided for easy removal of batteries.

There is no backlash cover. Generally. At all. No matter how hard I try, no matter where I try to move. Perfect!

 Gen mod

From above, strictly on center resides bulging on half a millimeter 510y steel connector diameter of 17mm. Pin brass, spring-loaded.

Any atomizers up to 26mm look beautiful.

At the bottom is the inscription "Gen" and holes for cooling the Board.

 The stability on the table is excellent!

Features and functions.

 Gen mod

● Chipset: AXON Chip

● Power: 1 — 220W

● Resistance: 0.03-5 Ohm

● Max Output: 45A

 (it turned out during the tests)

● Max charge current: 2.5A

● A huge amount of protection at the Board level

Until we moved on to the functions, I'll tell you about charging.

 Gen mod

Testing was carried out with different power adapters, which are able to issue and 3.5 A, but more than 2.2A Gen did not accept, although this is fairly good.

And the display displays information about the percentage of battery charge and the time until the end.

Operation modes and menus:

Switching on the device is carried out as standard-five times pressing the "Fire" button. Blocking is carried out by pressing "Fire" three times, and getting to the menu - by pressing the middle button "Mode" three times.

The new Board supports a huge number of modes, some I just mention, and some will stop in more detail.

 Gen mod

● PUL (Pulse) — the first mode in the menu and in combination a peculiar feature of this Board.

What it does: at the moment of tightening, there is a rapid flash-like increase in power many times (every 0.02 seconds, judging by the information from the Vaporesso).

The feeling is hard to describe, but I definitely like it!

● ECO — mode, reducing the power at the 3rd second;

● STC (Smart TC) — smart thermal control, can determine the material itself and set its preferred (according to the Board) settings;

In order to access the other, more familiar modes, you need to get to the DIY MODE menu, which opens the selection:

● VW — VWS (Soft), VWH (High), VWN (Normal);

● VT (Variable Temperature Control) ;

● VV;

● CCW;

● BP;

● SP (Super Player) — VW with the support of the resistance of 0.03 Ohms;

 Gen mod

The SYSTEM SET menu contains several submenus, consider them:









Out of the box, the firmware version 1.1 was installed, but there was an update to 1.2 and I installed it immediately after receiving the mod.

And that's just at the end of October was version 1.3, and I noticed the improvement of PULSE mode and improved battery life.

But unfortunately, the voltage display on the home screen is still not there, and Bypass literally burns coils.

The results!

 Gen mod

The quality of materials, assembly, appearance, convenience — all at a very high level. Devices with twice the cost can not boast of this.

The Board seems to be updated, heaped up, but still worse than in the previous device of the company (Vaporesso Luxe 220w).

I can definitely recommend the device to purchase!


● An original approach to the material of manufacture;

● Excellent build quality and ergonomics;

● Excellent paint quality;

● Chip with previously unknown modes;

● Affordable price ($36.09)


● The strange priorities of the working modes and the lack of display voltage;