The popularity of compact MTL devices is rapidly involving into a mass vaping culture. Almost every week such devices appear, but most of them haven`t got the most important things - versatility and a good, powerful battery which will last a long time!

So, I wanna present you an iJoy device called Capo 100 21700 TC! Although it was emerged for almost a year ago, he hasn`t become any less relevant!

Let's start with the unpacking.

Ijoy Capo Mod
The mod comes in a pretty nice box, on the front side flaunts the device itself, name and description of its characteristics and advantages. On the sides, there are warnings, as well as the verification code for originality. On the back of the box, there is even more information about the box mod.

Ijoy Capo Mod package

Let's continue. Open the box and get out all that we have. Namely, the device itself, a USB cable for charging and reprogramming mod, silicone adapter 18650 to 21700, as well as various "waste of paper": guide manual, user manual, etc.

Ijoy Capo Mod

Now let`s consider our mod starting with the appearance. My one is black with a red pattern on the back. There is plenty of other colors, and the color of the picture is also different. The device is made of metal with plastic inserts in the form of "glass" of the display and the back. Control buttons are also plastic. Supports one 18650/20700/21700 format battery located under the top screw-off cover.

Mod dimensions: 78mm * 52mm*30mm, 26mm bulging connector pad with a spring-loaded pin. Weight with fully charged 21700 battery is 222 grams.

So, as you probably have already understood, this mod copies the well-known Pico from Eleaf, but I think, that IJoy variation is much better. It comfortably lies in a hand and has no backlash. I especially want to note about + and - buttons and how nice to press them – the pressing feeling is very similar to the ones I experienced while using Nokia phone in my youth. Yay!

Ijoy Capo Mod menu
Let's talk about the board. Declared features: 100 watts, supports resistance from 0.05 to 3 Ohms, charging and reprogramming from USB.

The menu opens by pressing the fire button three times. Supported operating modes: Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, and TCR. In Variable Wattage, preheater dimensions are available as normal, high, soft and user, the last one is customizable.

TC mode has Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and its two presets. TCR is also you can finally be adjusted by yourself.

In the SET sub-menu you can set the time before the screen goes off, and the largest "reset puffs" button resets the tightening counter. Pressing + and - simultaneously on the main screen allows you to measure the resistance of the spiral repeatedly and forcibly.

Speaking about my impressions of the board, firstly I would like to note that I used a fully charged battery 21700 Golisi S35, the real current output of which is 30A, and the capacity is 3700mAh (according to tests from Mooch's Blog that is one of the best among all 21700). But nevertheless, depending on feelings, even in a preheating mode "HIGH", the mod does not gives you real 100 watts. In my opinion, it is something around 75-80 watts.

And don't forget, when the battery is already discharged, the mod will also tell you 100 watts, but the voltage issued and displayed by the mod will decrease.

Ijoy Capo Mod
Just for interest, I made a test with a new battery 18650 Sony VTC 5A, and the result wasn`t much different. I decided to install the new firmware (version 1.4 at the moment), and nothing has changed as well.

So we can conclude that 100 watts is nothing more than simple marketing. The real power is about 75 watts, but keep in mind that it depends on the quality of your battery (waiting for battery 21700 with 50A output!).
So, my final opinion.

Ijoy Capo 100 is a very good device! It fits comfortably in your hand and it is really convenient and nice to use. Perhaps box mod is not devoid of the main problems of the all Pico-styled devices, but it is not so important.
Actually, MTL tanks owners won`t be unhappy about low power, because they usually don`t use more than 50 watts.
So, the mod is worth the money, and I can recommend you to purchase it!

Your Vladsmesh.

Thanks so much for the review from Vladsmesh