The Blotto was produced by Dovpo in collaboration with Sam Parsons Youtuber of the Vaping Bogan channel. It has a diameter of 25 mm and is available in the colors --SS, Black, Gun Metal, and Rainbow. It has a capacity of 2 ml with normal glass and increases up to 6 ml with the supplied bubble glass. The deck can be a built-in dual coil or in a single coil.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that the coils will be hit by a 242 ° air flow divided between the part under the coils and the small holes on the two side turrets. There is a lot of distance between the coils and the base. But I have never encountered power problems.

 blotto RTA

View on the DOVPO Blotto RTA

I loved this atom!

Many of you may think that it is very similar to Kylin. But the airiness is different.

While in the Kylin, we have a very open shot on this RTA.  The shot is slightly contrasted, which makes it enjoyable. The contrast increases, if you build it in dual.

At the flavor level, I have to say that it is excellent, it behaves well both with the fruity and with the creams I've tried.

I liked its versatility. In dual, you can push it a lot. But in single, it allows you to enjoy an excellent tank at much lower watts.

Even in the latter case, the production of steam is enormous. Directly proportional to the flavor it returns. Despite this, the consumption of liquid is very low, much lower than a similar atom like the Kylin V2 for the same configuration.


The materials are excellent. In particular, the glass is very thick and solid.

I have not liked the spare parts because they are too poor with only one o-ring type, two small screws parts, and the screwdriver usual and glass bubble as being opaque, does not allow me to see well the liquid level.

As for the skull-shaped bottle opener is nice but useless if you use it to take the measure of cutting the coils.

After seeing a couple of videos on YT, I would like to make one last comment.

I have heard that the glass is not firmly anchored to the bell. When it is opened to regenerate it, the glass comes off causing the "Tons of liquids" to fall.

To me honestly, it has never happened, but because it depends on my habit to turn the atom upside down, to place it on a plane and to unscrew the base leaving it there until the end of regeneration.

To conclude, I would recommend this atom because I found it wonderful.

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