Today we will talk about the creation of a fairly well-known company Augvape — VX200 Box Mod.

The device is inexpensive, looks stylish on the photos, most of the available reviews are laudable, the manufacturer's statements are loud, so today we will test the device from beginning to end and see is it good as they say.


The device comes in a small white and black colored box.

The front side shows the company logo, the name of the device and a link to the site. The name and logo are duplicated on the sides of the box.

On the reverse side there is a sticker with a erasable field to check the authenticity of the device, a barcode indicating the color of the device (we have Gun Metal), another link to the company's website and all sorts of icons that are not important for 99% of people.


Kit contains:

  • Very brief instruction with pictures;
  • micro USB cable 0.5 meter long;
  • Vx200 Box Mod, of cource!


The device is available in three colors (Black, Gun Metal and Red), sold as a kit (with a disposable Jewel Disposable Subohm Tank), and the mod and disposable tanks can be purchased separately.


As stated by the manufacturer, the design is developed by peeping at modern trends in smartphone construction, so that was an attempt to repeat the design elements from a "Galaxy S9".

From the design elements, on the right side there is an embossed Augvape logo and two small holes-vents for cooling.

By material — mod made entirely of glossy plastic, the frame is painted in "pearl gray" color.

And immediately, almost from the first seconds of use, you can distinguish both positive and negative sides of the lack of metal in the body.

Advantage — small weight. With the 18650 battery, the device weighs only 155 grams, and without them — 64 grams.

Bad side — glossy material instantly collects fingerprints and poorly resistant to scratches.

But even with careful use, in a state that is called "out of the box", the mod has the most unpleasant issue — just some creak of the body when you take the device in your hand.

Dimensions: 87x45x29 mm, and due to its size and shape, the device is excellent in hand, very convenient!

On the front side under a layer of tinted plastic is covered 1.3 inch color screen with a resolution of 240x240 pixels.

As you can see in the photo, the display is barely visible in daylight or even in room lighting.

Under the screen is a "+" and "-" buttons,with their help we can be used to adjust the power and navigate through the menu.

The main button "Fire" is made in the form of a long key and occupies almost the entire side.

The move is short, pressing takes place in the upper area. Click clear, but slightly creaky.


510 connector made of steel, located strictly in the center of the box mod, slightly raised and has a diameter of 15mm. The pin is made of brass, spring-loaded and gold-plated.

Aesthetically beautiful to look atomizers to 26mm of diameter.

On the bottom side there are five holes necessary for cooling the electronics, as well as a proud inscription «Designed by Augvape» and all sorts of markings.


About battery compartment.

The plastic cover is held on two strong magnets.

Even though they are powerful enough still observed a tiny backlash.

Batteries are marked with the letters A and B, also marked polarity.

The contacts are gold-plated, the lower pair is spring-loaded. To insert the batteries is convenient, and extraction contributes to a fabric loop.

In General,the impression is twofold — it seems to look stylish, expensive, compact, lightweight, and the screen is colored, but it feels really cheap.

Though the price is extremely small. Hmmm...

Now let's talk about the chip.

  • The main characteristics of the PI Chip:
  • Power: 5— 200W
  • Resistance: 0.06-3 Om
  • Max. current: 40 A
  • Voltage: 0.2-7.2 V
  • Work from a couple battery 18650
  • Declared efficiency: 94%
  • Upgradeable SOFTWARE
  • Max. charging current: 1.2 А
  • A huge amount of protection

This is a photo of the Board from the inside, taken directly from the manufacturer's website. And Yes, it is stated that the mod takes from 0.05, but in fact 0.06.

Before we move on to the functions, I'll tell you about charging.


Fast charging does not support, consumes a little more than 1A, but there is a caveat — about every 10 seconds the current drops to 0.7-0.9 A. And so until the battery is not charged at 100%.

The device when charging is not heated at all, so I see no reason not to charge the batteries directly in the box mod.

Briefly about the main screens and box mod control:

The display shows the power, selected mode, voltage or Fahrenheit/Celsius degrees, the current resistance of the coils and shows the charge of each of the batteries.

There is also a puff timer, it is located in a circle of division (just like on the dashboard of the car)


Turning on and off (in fact, going to sleep) the device is a five-press, and the modes and settings are switched to the menu, which is called a three-press. There are no more combinations at all.
By the way, the step change in power = 1 watt!


Operating modes and menus:


  • Variable Wattage – High - preheating from increased power to the set value, Soft - from lower power to set value, Normal - standard heating ;
  • Temperature Control – SS316/TI/NI200 ; TCR Base - manual TC setting; TCR Advanced - parameters of resistance change at different temperature; OHMS LOCK.
  • Variable Voltage;
  • Bypass;
  • Settings — menu with a bunch of settings, more about which later;
  • Information — Statistics: Puffs, AVG Time, AVG Watt, AVG Temp, Total Joule (what?), Total Time, Reset, Back;
  • Version — chip version, hardware, firmware and serial number;
  • Firmware Upgrade — firmware update menu, you need to hold down the "-" button and connect the device to the computer;


Now more about the settings:

  • Auto Mode — turning on or off the automatic power adjustment (by the way, changing the tanks, the Board remembers what power under what resistance you set the last time);
  • Cutoff Time — from 3 to 10 seconds;
  • Standby — (from 5 to 60 seconds, or always on);
  • Temperature Unit — setting Celsius or Fahrenheit for TC;
  • Language — (English or Chinese);
  • Factory Defaults;
  • LCD Color Setting —  customize the color scheme!


You can use presets (Orange red, Olive green, Sku blue, White & Black) or choose a color manually.

It is implemented by adjusting the percentage of the three primary colors — Red, Green and Blue from 0 to 100.

Twisting the value you get a particular color, and just below you can immediately see how this transforms the interface.

Cool thing for fans of customization!


In General, the work of the Board is completely satisfied me — the response is fast, resistance and watts shows correct. I like the possibility of customization, by the way.

But not everything is so good — the Board has bugs. Both graphical (stucking pop-up "No Atomizer" on the interface) and affecting the functionality of the device.

One of these oddities will not please fans of thermal control — in this mode, the mod does not have a choice of power limits, and judging by the information that I learned from the forums — it will burn your coils as hell.

Another problem that Augvape promised to fix in the future is the battery discharge. At the moment, the Board allows you to continue using the device even when the battery level is 2.75 Volts.

Yes, thanks to this, you can use the mod for longer without recharging, but this  kills your batteries. Slow, but kills.

Final opinion!


Despite the shortcomings, I like this mod.

Yes, it has a dim display, squeaky and not very durable body, the Board is not perfect, but the appearance is good, it's comfortable and lightweight.

My final score is 7/10, again largely due to the low price.

Actually, the pros:

  • Lightweight and compact;
  • Stylish appearance, comfortable to hold;
  • You can customize the color theme of the interface for yourself;
  • Low price;



  • Cheap and squeaky plastic;
  • Easily soiled and fragile to scratches coating;
  • Dim display;
  • Bugs in firmware;