Something poured Vaporesso products into my mailbox, and not the freshest. So if last time I introduced you to the two-jar rookie of the Target line and the one-jar of the Gen family, then now everything is exactly the opposite - we recently studied the updated two-battery version of Gen, therefore, the turn of the updated stand-alone single-jar of the Target brand has come. I hope I didn't completely confuse you - let's get started.

Vaporesso Target 100 CMF version
Dimensions : 88.4 x 35 x 29mm
Weight: 88.6g
Case Material: zinc alloy + eco-leather
Power supply: 1 x 18650/20700/21700 Chipset: AXON 2.0
Wattage: 5 - 100W
Operating mode: Smart VW, VW (strong/normal/hard), BYPASS, VV, F(t), Pulse, VWN Supported resistance :
unknown Protection: low/high resistance, overheating, short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharging/over-discharging
Connector type: steel 510, spring-loaded pin
Screen/diagonal: color, 0.96”
Charging port/current: Type-C, charging current 1.72A
Color: See the photo below
Package contents: - Target 100 CMF version mod - 18650 battery adapter - Type-C cable - user manual

- warranty card First true impressions - quite compact, comfortable, high quality and quite nice. The previous revision was another round of the manufacturer's ordeal in the search for finishing materials of a "new level". So the Target 200 was decorated with a fabric insert, by the way, quite pleasant, but quite easily soiled. The new version is decorated with a more wear-resistant material - eco-leather. What can I say - even though I “do not respect” the latter, this solution is still more practical. The design is generally strict - suitable for anyone - this can be praised.

Despite the durable metal case, as well as the fact that the update can digest, including the 2X700 battery, the weight of the box mod is quite modest. In height, the device is not the smallest, but the rest of the measurements are small. Thanks to a special profile, which can be described as rounded with a control panel stuck to the side (practically a pipe mod), the ergonomics turned out to be excellent. It is convenient to operate even with the index finger, even with the thumb.

The landing pad is specific here - this feature of the updated series of Target box mods is preserved here. The thing is that the main platform rises significantly above the main building. The diameter of the latter is only 25 mm - there is nothing to praise for - for the 2X700 format, I have always considered such an indicator to be a necessary minimum. There can be no talk of any levitation of atoms, however, due to these features, landing, as you understand, is specific. In defense, I can add that both small and relatively large atoms land on the box mod equally aesthetically.

The control panel has not undergone any changes - it is concentrated on the front end in its entirety. As in the older version, the latter rests on a nice glossy, but very easily soiled, back. The start button is quite large - metal - the landing is favorable (high). As for the quality - it is odd to the plastic counterpart GEN 80 S - the click is muffled, the stroke is average, the elasticity is also average, and the active zone is around the entire perimeter. In short, enjoy such a "continuous" contentment. The rest of the keys are already plastic, but there is no backlash in any case. Ok - in the case of the fire button, there is a small one - non-critical. Color display of a standard diagonal, brightness is non-adjustable - medium. Changing UI colors is not available - they change depending on the selected mode of operation. The design of the desktop is familiar - normal, but I won’t say

A connector for charging a modern sample - I, alas, did not find the declared 2A in it. Which, however, does not prevent us from calling charging quite fast for a one-jar.

Like the older version, access to the battery compartment of our hero from the bottom. Moreover, the creators did not begin to perform any sliders there - everything is “strict and to the point” - a metal cover fixed by a slide movement. To put it bluntly, such a construct inspires confidence. An adapter for a smaller format is provided by the design.

It remains to talk about the chipset, and there is nothing to say here - I already know it from more than one review - the brand's own development with the only difference that the maximum power is limited to 100W. Therefore, I will further allow myself a quote: “The functionality on board is impressive, but most, if not a good half, of the modes are, in fact, rubbish. About 9 modes are available to us, moreover, even in such a huge list there was no place for banal thermal control - for someone this may become a stop factor. Among other things, a puff counter and time are available, as well as a control key lock. By the way, the fire is not blocked at the same time - you have to turn off the mod by pressing it five times. Don’t be surprised at the photos below - I was just too lazy to “take a picture and re-make” the collage)

In operation, the device again proved to be quite good - it fries almost honestly, starts medium quickly, reads the resistance with a minimum error. The lower resistance threshold, alas, is not indicated again - in theory it should be below 0.1Ω. I tested only such a value - it accelerates it quite cheerfully on a fresh 2X700 battery. I didn’t like something else - in general, a bad trend for the brand looms - the battery discharge is only up to a value of 3.39V. I must admit, I have never seen such a high value. The charge is transmitted, by the way, again without numerical values.

I don’t want to start a discussion today - what can I say - the box mod turned out to be worthy, especially for the 2X700 format. I will name its main advantages as compactness, low weight, democratic design and, accordingly, enviable ergonomics. Shortcomings - such as the lack of a shopping mall, a modest landing margin, a easily soiled panel and an “inaccurate” charging current are nothing more than nitpicking.

light weight
Quality of workmanship and materials
Still fast charging
Functionality of the control chipset
Adequate operation of the control chipset
Variability of used batteries

Marked front panel
The actual current does not match the declared
Lack of thermal control