The Gen Nano is the latest device from the well-known manufacturer Vaporesso.
As the name implies, it is the mini version of the popular Gen from 2019.
The Mod is fully adjustable, capable of up to 80W and is equipped with the advanced Axon chip with full functionality. It is powered by a built-in 2000mAh battery .

Uses a 3.5ml GTX Tank with two GTX coil options included in the kit.
The form factor and design of the Gen Nano are on a smaller scale than the original Gen.

Compared to the GTX One with which it shares the same GTX series coil platform, the Gen Nano uses a new 22mm GTX tank.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Kit

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How the Gen Nano is made:

The shape is basically rectangular with smooth and rounded edges.

One thing I really like about the GEN line is the tactile feeling that is established by touching the side panels made up of a first layer of fireproof polycarbonate, four coats of metal spray and a breathable rubber coating.
The surface processing offers a good grip for the hands.

On a side panel the Vaporesso brand is located in the center with the micro USB port for charging alongside.
The small V logo is located at the bottom on the opposite side.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Kit

The surfaces on the perimeter are smooth as oil and appear to be covered with a layer of rubberized paint that is equally pleasant to the touch.

On the front of the device the 0.91-inch black and white OLED screen is bright and offers a good read.
The Fire button is located high above the screen, the three adjustment buttons are located below the screen.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Kit

The cup is centered, accommodates atomizers up to 25mm in diameter without protrusions, matches the color of the fire button, the 510 pin is spring loaded and is plated / gold.

At the bottom of the device, you can see the manufacturer's information and ten vent holes for the battery.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Kit

How the Gen Nano 80W works:

With the classic 5 clicks on the Fire button we get on / off with 3 clicks always on the fire instead we block / unlock the screen.
To rotate the screen just click Up / Fire or Down / Fire at the same time.

Choose a mode.
With the screen unlocked, pressing the Mode button 3 consecutive times, we enter the menu

- PUL Mode: Pulse Mode, this mode is active by default every time we screw a new tank , the pulse frequency is close (every 0.02 seconds)

- ECO Mode: Eco Mode, with the remaining battery charge below 40% the device will provide an option to automatically engage the power eco.

-STC: Smart Temperature Control Mode, when the following wire of our resistance (ss / ti / ni) is detected, the device will provide an option to automatically enter STC (smart TC ) mode.

-DIY:  Mode, in this section you can choose the traditional VW (HNS), VW , VT, CCW, BP (bypass) and SP (super player) modes . When the coil resistance is extremely low, the device will provide an option to automatically enter SP (super player) mode.

- SET: System setting, navigating in this configuration we find, the Puff counter, screen brightness, smart VW , auto ECO on / off by default, we can then customize the operating interface.

Note: When the setting is on VW the ideal power is automatically recommended.

Vaporesso GTX ONE Kit

- by choosing VWH we will have a prompt reaction to the fire button with an aggressive power delivery curve.
- by choosing VWN we will have a normal reaction to the fire button with a normal output of the power curve.
- by choosing VWS we will have a slower reaction to the fire button with a soft and progressive delivery of power.
1st image above

VT- SS / VT-NI / VT-TI / VT-MI Variable Temperature Control, ss, ni and ti modes are only available for stainless steel, sus 316l, nickel200 and titanium materials. With Mi mode, we can make a custom setting for the use of other types of wire.
2nd image above

VV (Variable Voltage Mode) in this configuration we can customize the voltage value according to our needs.
3rd image above

CCW (Customize the output curve in Wattage mode)
press the (+) and (-) buttons to customize your output power curve, go to the next bar with a quick press on the fire button, press the mode button to save and exit after setting is complete.
1st image below

BP (Bypass Mode) a correct direct output voltage mode, it depends during use on the battery charge level, in Bypass the supported resistance range is from 0.15Ω to 5Ω
2nd image below

SP (Super Player Mode)
The device supports a wider resistance range from 0.03Ω to 5Ω in this mode.
3rd image below

Vaporesso GEN NANO Kit

During the 2A charging phase, the screen shows the percentage and time remaining.
A full charge cycle takes 60 minutes.
At 45W I managed to do 220 Puffs! This is a very good result for a built-in 2,000mAh battery.

Tank GTX 22mm:

This is a new3.5ml Tank, with Drip-Tip 510 connection of simple construction and without liquid control.
Uses Coil GTXplatformand RBA GTXbase, it is compatible with many other Vaporesso atoms and pods.
It essentially consists of six pieces.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Kit

To refill it is necessary to unscrew the Top cap (1st image). The knurled surface of the Top-Cap helps with this.
The base bears the writing "GTX TANK 22", the CE mark, the disposal logo, "Made in China", a serial number. The connection pin is fixed. (2nd picture)
The coil GTX fit with the Push and Pull system (images 3 and 4th)

The air ring is fully adjustable, its surface is knurled, for an optimal grip, the air passes through two opposing 8x2mm slots.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Kit

Coil and performance:

- The GTX 0.2Ω Mesh with 45-60W range (included in the Gen Nano kit) on this Atom is my favorite, we had already seen it on the previous PM80s it is expressly designed for DTL, it produces a large amount of hot vapor and a rich aromatic production, by default the axon chip la setta at 55W, given the good reactivity of the Mesh and the thrust of the circuit (insta-fire) I find that at 45W with the ring completely open it is a more than satisfactory vape.

- The GTX 0.3Ω Mesh with range 32-45W: this too, like the previous one, is designed for Flavor (we had already seen it on the previous PM80s), it is automatically set by the Smart function at 35W, compared to the previous one it emits less vapor hot, in my opinion it is the most balanced in flavor and also for yield / battery life, I used it at 32W with the ring almost completely open but also completely open, thus finding my best configuration for this cartridge.

- The GTX 0.6Ω Mesh with 20-30W range (included in the Gen Nano kit) is designed for a Restricted Flavor, the Smart function sets it to 22W automatically, I found the best performance at 25W with the ring slots open for 1/3, I find it very balanced in terms of performance / battery consumption and pleasant with creamy liquids.

- The GTX 0.8Ω Mesh 12-20W was introduced by Vaporesso for the PM30 (also tested with the Tank GTX 18mm), on our Gen Nano it is automatically set by the Smart function to 16W.
I found this new GTX discreet even on the Tank GTX 22mm with a rather closed air setting, the hit and yield with several mg / ml is satisfying, the steam emitted is hot at the right point in relation to the MTL shot in sub- ohm , for me the best of the proposed MTL coils .

- The GTX 1.2Ω Regular 8-12W is the most throttled of the lot, it is set by the Smart Function to 10W by default, it is not one of my favorites on the GTX 22 tank , too cold, but I must say it works well, at 10W it does not I would have never believed in such a copious supply of steam and such high reactivity, moreover the consumption of liquids / battery is really negligible.

- Coil GTX Mesh 1,2Ω (7-11W)
The best performance for this coil is between 9 and 11W with the very partial air flow, the aroma for my creamy liquids is faithful, the steam production is discreet and tending to fat (as I like it) the vape is never too hot, but not too cold, this is a coil that moreover consumes very little liquid and battery.

- The GTX- RBA that can be purchased separately has a large Air-flow slot, so it also allows, based on the coils that are built, to vape well in flavor, well even in the MTL / open configuration by choking the external ring of the Tank GTX 22.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Kit

If you are looking for a small, feature-rich, well-made device at a good price, this GEN Nano is for you.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Kit

Highlight Kit Gen Nano:

Ultra-portable and lightweight
Good build quality
Accurate soft-touch coating
Clickable and responsive buttons
Feature-rich Axon chip
Easy to use
Clear and bright screen
Very good coil yield
Charging time
Fully adjustable air ring
Many puffs even at 45W with battery 2000mAh
Compatible with all GTX Base RBA Coil Optional Price

Some liquid leakage after refill