The Requiem Mod is a single battery that supports the format of 21700 and 18650 batteries, sinuous and sensual curves, I can't see the circuit where two polar opposite materials intertwine in the August heat to give life to one of the lightest commercial mods on the market fit format 21700. The Requiem Mod is available in the following colors.

Comes in this black plastic cardboard box.

With very little inside except the Requiem mod, the already installed 18650 battery adapter, instructions for use, certificate and a USB cable.

The materials chosen for the body are the PSU / Polysulfone, while the battery tube and display area, while looking like zinc alloy or steel, is simple anodized aluminum with a finish somewhere between a matte and a sandblasted atoms. This choice of materials allows the Requiem to stay below the 100 gram weight threshold, precisely 96. The dimensions are 95x44x30 mm, half a millimeter higher than the average of the boxes circuited on the market. In the hand it is comfortable to hold, to the touch it is much less "edgy" than it seems in the photo with all the rounded corners.

The cup is made of steel, measures 25 mm and features the engraving with the 5-pointed star logo, already used by Vandy Vape for other boxes. 510 attachment with gold plated self-adjusting pin, let's say not top-of-the-class threading. The Requiem allows you to accommodate atoms up to 28 mm in diameter without protruding, perhaps even a half mm more.

On the side you can see the body in PSU, a material that can be mistakenly considered as cheap plasticone: nothing could be more wrong. Personally I have two tanks of two different atoms in PSU in which I use organic and citrus easily, one of which has 3 years of service on the rump and hasn't changed color one iota, as well as not showing cracks. Nothing to do with the simple polycarbonate that is usually used for tanks where it is unthinkable to use citrus fruits. If you are usually used to the PSU of tanksopaque, almost frosted here the glossy effect, according to El Mono Vapeador, pseudo creator of the box, is given by a transparent film applied on the PSU; therefore it is not a question of polishing the PSU itself, a procedure which usually "weakens" the material. Parenthesis on ultem coloring: it is always only in PSU material, ultem has only the color. Beyond this, on one of the sides there is the metallic insert with the slightly embossed Vandy Vape logo.

On the back there is what can be considered as a battery tube, with the serigraphy bearing the name Requiem in plain sight. I specify that the tube is GLUEED to the body of the box and therefore NOT REPLACEABLE with after market tubes as is the case for some boxes. As I anticipated, it is made of anodized aluminum, a material that absolutely does not have the rigidity of the various zinc alloys, a material that is most popular when making boxes or steel but which allows for those 96 grams of final weight. Therefore, make your own considerations based on your habits if you think about buying it, it is an aspect that can be an advantage, given the lightness but also a defect since it is not shock-proof, especially if falling, it hits near the cap or battery tube.

The battery cap, also in aluminum, has two vent holes and the insert to unscrew it, while on the body of the box the CE and disposal mark. The Requiem comes with the 18650 adapter pre-installed, if you want to use the 21700 it must be removed first. Attention, the adapter for some reason has the pin/pole where the battery rests too long, consequently when you go to screw the battery cap it screws but protrudes really much. Trying other 18650 adapters that I have at home, the cap fits without problems.

The thread is aluminium-aluminum, it is not necessary to tighten the cap to death and to find the thread immediately, it is worth the trick of screwing it slowly in the opposite direction and as soon as you feel it has entered its seat, continue in the correct direction. Even if well done, a thread made on aluminum will never have the duration of those of the steel boxes. Last tip, the threads are always a magnet for dirt which makes screwing the cap more difficult: the best method to clean aluminum is simple water on a cotton or microfibre cloth and rub. Grandma's remedies, svitol and abrasive cloths are only good for pots.

On the front side there is the generous aluminum fire key, comfortable to press with the thumb and the tip of the index finger but a little less so if you hold the box upside down and try to press it with the inside of the index finger. Immediately after the 0.96-inch TFT screen set in aluminum, brightness in the factory average but it is possible to change it. At the bottom the two "+" and "-" keys, quite protruding and with excellent feedback when pressed. Finally, USB type-c port for updates and as always, Vandy Vape but also I do not recommend charging the cells from the box and using an external charger.

The Requiem Mod is regulated by the Vandy Chip (version 3.0.1), allows you to deliver from 5 to 95 watts (even with 18650 batteries) and is permanently in standby, even with the mod off if you press the fire once, the written "off". Once turned on, very clear and complete interface:

With two battery indicators (thanks Vandy Vape), with the selected watts, the vape mode, the "P" item is the puff counter while at the bottom there is the last puff timer. To navigate:

fire key and "-" key pressed together for a few seconds to flip the screen
fire key and "+" key pressed together to lock ONLY the + and - keys but it can also be changed as a setting to lock +, - and fire key together "
key +" and "-" pressed to access the menu
3 clicks of the fire button to scroll through the "carousel" of vape modes, "+" and "-" buttons to navigate, a single click of the fire button to confirm the mode

Available vape modes:
Watts: a simple various watts with delivery from 5 to 95w, 1 watt increase without decimals
Bypass: emulation of the mechanic, the Requiem supplies based on the ohms of the resistance
Volts: like the various watts but the volts are selected
TC : temperature control with pre-set profiles for titanium, ni 200 and ss316 / 4 click fire button to go on to change watts

Options in the menu (to access the + and - key pressed together):
Setting , where it is possible to remove some of the vape modes from the "carousel" and
- FIR item to set whether the fire key is blocked or not by pressing the fire key and "+" on the main screen
- ARR item, very piratical which stands for auto resistor renew, i.e. the confirmation for reading the new Hybernate coil, to select after how many minutes the mod goes into standby from on Bright, to change the brightness of the screen RST Puff, to reset the Ω Set puffs (appears only if in TC mode ) to manually set the resistive value of the TCR coil (appears only if in TC mode ) to vary the TCR Replace UI, to change the color of the Ver theme to see the version of the chip currently installed on the Requiem, my Requiem has 3.0. 1 RST to reset the box to factory settings Exit to return to the main screen。

Three considerations scattered throughout this list:
1 I don't know if it's my model but there's no way to make the TC work with steel, with the dry cotton test the cotton burns perennially without going into protection and they are only selectable degrees in fahrenheit units, no celsius.
2 the delivery is faithful to the watts that are regulated, not too soft to force you to select one or two more watts in mtl but not even exaggerated
3 despite its remaining in permanent standby it has more than acceptable consumption and does not suck the battery Night

Last chapter the protections, there are those from short circuit, cutoff after 10 seconds of delivery, circuit overheating and warning if the battery is too low.

Epilogue, despite the "visible" aesthetics of the circuit which may not be liked, it is one of the few commercial boxes with a circuit under 100 grams to mount the 21700 battery format. Despite the slip of the tc, in the other modes it runs like a splinter, quite a few customizations from the color of the menu to the brightness, an always welcome option for those who are outdoors a lot.