Uwell Conick Mod + Whirl II Tank

The Uwell (Whirl II) kit consists of the Conick Mod and the 3.5ml MTL Whirl II Tank.

The Mod has very small dimensions and weight compared to all the competitors, it has the PCBA with protections against liquid and dust infiltrations, it works with a single 18650/20700/21700 cell developing maximum power of 100W.
A multicolored LED (excludable) indicates the operating status of the device, among the available modes there are (Power / TCR / Bypass).

The Tank MTL Whirl 2 adopts an anti-loss membrane system for the refill and comes with 2 Coil, a 0,6Ω for MTL / DTL and the other by 1,8Ω specific for MTL.
The adjustable air holes are suitable for both configurations.
According to Uwell, thanks to the innovative self-cleaning function of the coil can be reduced maintenance, the Uwell technology called "Pro-Focs" applied to the coil should ensure a longer life and greater aromatic yield.

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On the front of the package, in addition to the name and brand of the product, there is the stylized image of the Whirl II Kit, all elegantly represented by the black/gold color combinations.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

On the back are the packing list, the warnings, the address of Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co., LTD, a bar code and the color indication (silver).

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

The kit includes:

- 1 Conick Mod 100W
- 1 18650 adapter
- 1 micro USB cable
- 1 WHIRL II atomizer
- 1 Extra glass tube
- 1 Coil 1.8Ω (pre-installed)
- 1 Coil 0,6Ω
- 1 Drip Tip Cover
- 1 Spare O-Ring Pack
- 1 User Manual

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

Conick Specifications Model:

• Material: zinc alloy, aluminum alloy
• PCBA: protected against dust and moisture
• Dimensions: 87x35x29,6mm
• Net Weight: 102g
• Battery: 18650 /20700/21700
• Charging: Quick 2A
• Power range: 5W-100W
• Response time: 0.008s
• Resistance range: 0.1-3Ω ( VW ) 0.1-1Ω ( TC )
• Temperature range: 200 ° F-600 ° F / 100 ° C-315 ° C

Whirl Specifications The MTL Tank:

• Material: stainless steel, pyrex
• Dimensions: 25x46mm
• Net weight: 57g
• Tank capacity: 3.5ml
• Thread: 510
• Double Coil NiChrome 0,6Ω range 18-22W.
• Single NiChrome coil 1.8Ω range (10-15W)

Conick Mod first impressions:

The Mod Conick would have an oval section shape were it not for the flattened front, the small size, the lightweight and the guessed layout of the control keys make the Conick Mod extremely comfortable to hold.
The design seems successful to me; elegant, sober and with a touch of sportiness that doesn't hurt.
In the image below you can appreciate a certain dimensional advantage of the Conick Mod over some famous competitors that use 21700 cells.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

Conick Mod how it is structured:

The specimen at my disposal is that of color (silver) in reality it is a combination of two colors, gray and gunmetal!
The gray part (side/rear) is made of light aluminum alloy while the "gunmetal color" part (front/top / bottom) is made of zinc alloy. The only plastic parts of the Conick Mod are the Fire button and the adjustment buttons (+) and (-).

The sizeable Fire button is well integrated into the front line of the Mod making it comfortable and precise to operate, the three vertical lines on it give good tactile feedback.

The monochrome OLED display is well sized and is located in the center of the front area.

The Mode key, the signaling LED and the adjustment keys (+) and (-) form a circle above the micro-USB socket for charging.

Overall the front area is the one with the most "sporty" look. I find the front view pleasant and captivating, the ventilation grilles of the cell look like the air intakes of a supercar.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

The rear of the mod has a clean and very ergonomic design to be held with satisfaction.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

The side parts of the Conick Mod are a balanced mix of sportiness and elegance, the joints between the different materials (aluminum alloy and zinc alloy) are happily coupled.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

The 510 stainless steel mug is attached to the mod via three French screws, the pin is spring loaded and is gold plated.
This part can accommodate atomizers up to almost 30mm in diameter without protrusions.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

On the bottom of the Mod we find the door of the compartment/batteries, on it, there are additional vent holes for the cell.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

The access to the compartment/batteries is of the rapid sliding type. Using an adapter supplied in the kit it is possible to insert a 18650 cell, the polarities are indicated both on the bottom of the compartment and on the inside of the door.

The Conick Mod is able to house without problems also some types of 21700 XXL cells such as AVMs.
Note: Regardless of whether it is 18650, 20700 or 21700 cells, Uwell recommends choosing high quality certified batteries with a minimum output current of 30A.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

Whirl II MTL Tank 3.5ml:

The lower and upper parts are both protruding and create a concave area in the center, this allows to obtain good protection to the Pyrex glass in case of small bumps.

Uwell boasts the use of the Pro-FOCS self-cleaning technology applied to their coils, also attributes to the Tank excellent anti-leakage properties.

The top-cap has a "bayonet" quick coupling system to open/close 1/3 of a turn is enough, the filling hole has a silicone check valve to prevent leaks.

The Drip-tip is 510 type (replaceable) with an antimicrobial band, its internal diameter is well suited to a type of Mtl / Rdl vape, supplied I found a hygienic protective cap in soft yellow silicone.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

The central structure in stainless steel is the fundamental part of the Tank. In the upper area you can see the machining for the top-cap coupling system and the silicone seal that includes the diaphragm valve for filling.

The side view highlights (at the top) two sealing rings for the pyrex glass, in the lower part the minimum liquid level (min) is indicated.

The coils are engaged with the classic "push and pull" system and the special "helix" processes have the task of passing the liquid to feed the coil.

The bottom of the tank shows a pin (gold plated) slightly protruding and well insulated.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

Vaping test:

The Tank MTL Whirl II in my opinion is aesthetically pleasing, the lateral incisions on the top-cap offer a good grip to the fingers. At the bottom, the black "Whirl II" lettering stands out well on the shiny body of the tank.

The AFC ring is precise and equipped with end stops. The air passage uses five holes, but I'm not aware of their size, they seem very small, I hazard these numbers: 0.4-0.6-0.8-1.0-1.2.

Included in the kit are two coils that I find perfectly in line with the data declared by the manufacturer for their correct use.

- Dual Coil NiChrome 0,6Ω range (18-22W).

Uwell declares an excellent yield for this coil ( Mtl / Rdl) and I agree perfectly. With the first three holes open and with 18w of power, this Coil works great, at 20 / 22W the result is even better, the shot is fluid and silent, the vapor is dense and humid, the tank does not heat at all and does not leak liquid in the most absolute way, moreover the partialization of the air is simply fantastic and really precise.

- Single Coil NiChrome 1,8Ω range (10-15W).

Uwell declares for this coil an excellent yield ( Mtl ) and also in this case the manufacturer does not lie. During the test, I did not replace the Tip with a specific one for MTL because the AFC adjustment ring does its job very well by shrinking the puff just enough.
In fact, the first hole (the smallest one) really limits the suction a lot, I'm sure this will please even the most insatiable fans of the smothered MTL.
At 12W with the first two holes selected, the shot also in this case is fluid and silent. The vapor seems slightly drier than before, the aroma remains at good levels and even compulsively vaping the tank does not heat up. The "hit" is always present even with low mg/ml levels of nicotine.

My partner and I are fully satisfied with the performance of this tank and will certainly buy new coils in the future. We find 0.6Ω ones fantastic.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

CONICK Mod Instructions:

On the oled display, it is possible to view information such as set power, Volt, Coil, last puff time, percentage of residual charge.
Enlarged fonts make it easy to read in any lighting situation.

-Power on / off
Click the Fire button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn on / off the mod.

While the device is on, press and hold the Fire button to vape; it will automatically stop dispensing when the button is held down for more than 10 seconds (Cut-Off).

-Lock / Unlock
When the device is on, press and hold the Fire button and the "-" button for 1 second to lock/unlock the Mod.
When the device is on, press and hold the Fire button and the "+" button for 1 second to lock/unlock the "+/-" adjustment buttons.

- Select the modes
When the device is on, press the "Mode" button 3 times within 2 seconds to enter the menu, the mode
will flash, then press the "+" or "-" button to select the desired working mode (Power, TCR, Bypass), press the Fire button to confirm.

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit

• LED Settings:

Press "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously for 1 second to enter the LED setting interface.
Press the "+" or "-" button to select the LED color or turn off the LED light. You can choose between Blue-Green-White-Purple-Rainbow-OFF.

• Safety protections: over temperature, short circuit, over-discharge, overcharge, battery reversed, 10s timeout

The Uwell Conick Mod + Whirl II Tank Kit (as I wrote in the review) I liked it for several aspects which I summarize with the final highlights.

- Conick Mod Pro:

• Dimensions and weight
• Ergonomics
• Attractive aesthetics
• Construction materials
• Possibility of inserting 21700 xxl cells
• Convenient Fire button
• Display with larger fonts
• Simplified chipset with Mode button
• Mode (Power-Bypass-TCR)
• Battery management

- Whirl II MTL Tank Pro:

• Concave anti-breakage structure (Pyrex)
• Construction material
• Finishes
• Top-Cap + refil
• Pro-Focs system
• Single Coil NiChrome 1,8Ω range (10-15W)
• Dual Coil NiChrome 0, 6Ω range (18-22W)
• AFC perfect for MTL / RDL
• Does not heat up

Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit