Hello everyone,
I would like to present you this Vapor Storm box for a review following my user experience.

I opened the package in elegant cardboard and find:

  • User manual in English (but with incapable proof images)
  • A leaflet that reminds you to use only healthy and intact batteries (also in this case with images of possible defects)
  • A USB / miniUSB cable
  • The box

First impact

The name Trip nicely refers to the concept of travel, and in fact the external case resembles that of a trolley.
But don't be fooled by the name and the similarity: that you don't get the idea of something heavy or bulky ... far from it!

As a lover of square boxes, he favorably impressed me for the small size (I am sincere and in the photo I would have called it bigger and less portable), and, above all, for the stability it offers.

I often keep the box on the desk while vaping at work, and with it, unlike many other less stable ones, I do not have to worry about placing it so that it does not fall on the table with the obvious consequences ...

The "touch & feel" is excellent, the live appearance is much more elegant than the photographic rendering, and the small size combined with the raised stripes offer excellent grip and comfortable grip.

Aesthetics and dimensions


It is available in four colors.
It is not a shiny or plastic (in fact it is metal) but it has a pleasant satin finish.
Definitely sober and elegant, compared to hyper colored boxes or flash colors.
This is a photo of the four colors available.

Vapor Storm Trip Mod



  • Height 85mm
  • Width 51mm
  • Thickness 27mm


In practice, it is shorter in height and width than its competitors VooPoo Drag2 and Vaporesso Gen.
The thickness is the same as the competitors, but reducing it is impossible to house the two 18650 batteries .
It has the same dimensions as the Drag MINI, but the VooPoo box has the inconvenience of the integrated battery, while this houses the 18650.

Vapor Storm Trip Mod

The added value is certainly the aerospace metal in which it is built which gives it strength and lightness at the same time.
In fact, despite the solid and impossible to ruin structure, it appears extremely handy and light due to its small size and low weight.

Only 90 grams of weight for the lightest metal box on the market!

As boasts the Vapor Storm, the lightest in the world.

Vapor Storm Trip Mod

If the Vapor Storm has always stood out for its lightboxes but in economic materials such as rubber and plastic, with this Trip it stands out for the nobility of the construction material.

Below is an image that demonstrates the processing during construction and the resistant "monocoque" accompanied by the two external panels.

Vapor Storm Trip Mod

Technical data:

On the display side (usually 0,91inch) we find the "fire" key and the "Plus" and "Minus" keys with which we can also navigate the menu.

The display shows:


  • Battery charge (every single battery has its own icon)
  • Resistance reading in Ohm (accurate if compared with other boxes)
  • The Volts supplied by the box (the nice thing is that the volts are shown immediately when you choose the Watts, so you can know immediately without having to activate)
  • The seconds duration of the vaping
  • The watts delivered

While the menus we can choose from are 5:


  • Power Mode / the classic VariWatt with the added value of being able to manage the increase in watts of 0.1 watts at a time (many boxes only allow shots of 0.5 or full 1 watt shots) which is very useful for those who use it at low wattages for a cheek vape.
  • TC Mode/ the temperature control that works with NI200, TI01, SS316
  • The temperatures can be set in the range 100 ° -315 ° C or 200 ° -600 ° F
  • TCR Mode / allows you to create our own menu and store it in M1, M2, etc.
  • ByPass Mode / delivers current based on the battery, becoming in effect a mechanical box
  • CCW Mode / allows you to adjust the supply curve and its management over time of the vaping


It features a standard 510 connection to house all the atom currently on the market.

It reads resistances from 0.06 to 3.0 Ohm (therefore from the lung more pushed up to any type of cheek configuration) as it guarantees delivery from 5 to 200 Watts of power.

I have tested it with several atom.

I tested it both with head systems and with regenerable systems.

Being the cup flat and without steps or limitations there are no size problems on the atom, you can mount anything on it.
Up to 24mm you will not have the problem of having an atomizer wider than the box, with the 26mm you are sleeping, if you go further you will have to be content with seeing it tick on the sides.




With the atom from the cheek it has a precise and punctual delivery, also by virtue of the possibility of setting the decimals of the Watts, with which the perfect square is always found.

Even with flavor and lung settings it behaves well: where you are not watching the half Watt, the output is powerful and makes the mounted resistors work with satisfaction.

I pushed it up to 135 Watts out of the 200 available, but I would say that there is ample margin even for lovers of very high wattages.

From 5 to 80 Watts it is possible to advance by 0.1 Watts at a time, from 80 to 200 Watts instead of 1 Watt at a time.




Battery management seemed good to me.
Used in MTL it easily reaches two days of use with an average of 3 tanks per day of vaporized liquids.
The whole day is practically impossible not to exceed it, even with a compulsive vaping.
I liked the fact that the circuit, in addition to ensuring constant delivery to the last, also allows you to take advantage of the batteries to the last, without those unpleasant "check batteries" that happened to me in other boxes when you are all last notch.




I am sincere and I do not hide the prejudice I had before I took it out of the box.

It gave me the idea of being something bulky, big and plastic (perhaps influenced by other Vapor Storm models), instead I had to change my mind.

I would never have said it but I define it almost elegant, the photos do not do it justice, live it is much more beautiful.

The circuit does well, it doesn't work miracles, but it doesn't even have flaws. I would say it is in the average of the circuits of the pits in this category.

It has nothing to envy to its competitors on the market in the same price range.

I was able to compare it with the VooPoo Drag 2, the Drag Mini and the Vaporesso Gen (the latter on loan from a friend). So if you have any questions or comparative requests, just tell me.




Although it is among the smallest (the manufacturer declares the smallest) in its category it is not a pocket box especially because you will have to add the size of the atom to the box, but I don't think you turn to a dual battery to then have such claims .


I list only three:

  • The 5 ways to set the menu
  • The ability to set the wattage to a single decimal.
  • The third, which for many will be nonsense but for me it is fundamental, is the possibility of vaping with the box attached to the battery charger .
  • Obviously it is recommended to recharge the batteries in an external charger, but if you find yourself in an emergency and you need to attach it to a powerbank or to the charger of the machine, you can continue your vaping day!

I remain available for further information and I take this opportunity to thank Vapor Storm.