IJOY Captain 2 Mod

The Captain 2 Mod by iJoy , is a Box Mod dual battery 18650 , and arrives in a box with a lot of photos of the product inside, and with printed the name of the manufacturer and that of the Mod.

 IJOY Captain 2 Mod

Then we find the usual paper material, the user manual also in Italian, and the USB cable for charging and any firmware updates.

Let's start with the aesthetic aspect.

Mod with design definitely inspired by the previous version, with several points in common, such as shape and lateral position of the fire button, same 0.96 "oled display, same functions, same positioning of up / down keys and USB socket.

However, the new Captain 2 is a more robust Mod (about 209 g), which should guarantee waterproofness and resistance to accidental blows and dust, thanks to the two rubbery frames on the edges of the mod, from the visible isolation of the micro USB socket and of the door of the battery compartment, and from the presumable one of Pins and keys.

On the side there are two leather-covered pads, very pleasant to the touch, enclosed by two removable metal frames, which add a feeling of greater strength, whose color varies depending on the version.

In the upper part, which houses 30 mm atomizers, we find the 510 attack in the central position, with spring pin and four screws to open the Mod.

In the lower part we find the clip that allows the opening of the tilting door.

 IJOY Captain 2 Mod

Display and functions:

The Captain 2 is equipped with the Univ Pro chip and delivers a power ranging from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 180 W, with increments of a tenth of a Watt with a single touch and of a Watt while keeping the button pressed.

Display dated but which includes all the useful information: Power supplied, battery charge level, Ohm, Ampère, Volt, Puff count, duration of the last vape and the How to use.

Pressing the +/- keys at the same time blocks both the keys and the delivery, which I think is senseless ... we might as well turn off the Mod.

With three clicks you access the menu, where you can set the mode of use (Norm, Hard, Soft and User), the temperature control (Ni, Ti, SS , M1 M2), the TCR, and the switch-off timer of the display.

Unfortunately there is no brightness adjustment of the display which is not very bright.

Final use and conclusions.

Mod category "No Limits", very compact with excellent ergonomics, facilitated by the materials used, by the rounded corners and by the very large lateral activation button; this allows you to indifferently grip the Mod with both hands.

Well cared for and with a "Heavy duty" look, they make it in my opinion a very pleasant Mod to hold and look at.

Very simple software with good and fast delivery, but with a dated display.

I didn't like the senseless "key lock", the lack of display brightness adjustment and the choice not to mount a Type-C socket, all non-essential things, but which I would have preferred to find on a 2020 product.

 IJOY Captain 2 Mod

Thank you for reading!