Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA review, the new atomizer from the manufacturer from Shenzen

The Chinese manufacturer Hellvape , well known in the industry for its lung atomizers (most notably the Dead Rabbit RDA), unveiled a new regenerable cheek atomizer earlier this year, hoping to improve the performance and performance of its first MTL atomizer, the MD RTA.

It is no mystery that Italy of vaping always pays great attention to MTL atomizers, consequently when some manufacturer from the Far East tries to create a new device of this kind, curiosity and expectations are always very high, just like in the case of the Vertex MTL RTA, the latest addition to Hellvape.

Will this new MTL atomizer therefore be able to surpass and improve the results, alas not up to par, of its predecessor MD RTA? You will find out very soon by reading our review of the Vertex MTL RTA. Let's start immediately by taking a quick look at the main features of the atomizer and the contents of the package.


Name: Vertex MTL RTA
Type: RTA Atomizer
Colors: Matte Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Black Gold


1 x Vertex MTL RTA (2ml)
1 x 3.5ml glass tank
1 x extended vaporization chamber
5 x 0.6 ohm Kanthal A1 coil
5 x 1.0 ohm Kanthal A1 coil
1 x Bag with o-rings and accessories
1 x User Manual


The Vertex MTL RTA atomizer is built entirely of steel (the manufacturer does not specify the type of steel used) and, in its simplicity, it turns out to be a well-made and equally well-finished product. The feeling that immediately transpires from the first approach is that Hellvape has paid more attention to the substance by focusing on traditional and tested solutions rather than embarking on the experimentation of novelties with an unpredictable outcome. Classic and consolidated choices both from an aesthetic point of view and from a more purely technical one.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA

The lines of the Vertex clearly recall those of other atomizers of its competitors but do not mind at all precisely because the design is very sober and pleasant. Its shapes appear essential and clean and for this reason, it will be difficult for it not to be appreciated by a wide audience of vapers.

Even a second, more careful analysis made meticulously on every single component, I find confirmation of the good build quality of this product; there are no machining burrs and all the threads are precise and silent. However, I cannot fail to notice how both the top cap and the bell have a very reduced thickness of steel, as well as the upper sealing o-rings of the glass tank, are very thin. These o-rings, precisely because they are very thin, tend to be crushed and come out of the tank glass itself when the top cap is screwed on during assembly. In the reverse operation of unscrewing the top cap instead, care must be taken not to unscrew the deck at the same time.

Ultimately, although there are no obvious imperfections from a construction point of view, the two problems just highlighted lead, at the same time to a low market price, to consider this device as a medium-low range product.


The Vertex MTL RTA is a 22mm diameter atomizer, with a height (510 pin excluded) of 48.8mm in the 2ml configuration, and 53.4mm in the 3.5ml configuration; the weight instead stands between 50 and 54 grams approximately. As you can see from the image below, the pieces that make up the atomizer are eight in all, although it must be said that in the canonical washing and cleaning operations it is not necessary to completely disassemble it.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA

From top to bottom we have: drip tip, drip tip base, top cap, bell tightening screw (counterclockwise screwing), upper part of the chimney with refill holes, bell, glass tank and deck.

The deck of the Vertex MTL RTA is a single coil with parallel turrets with small and precise slotted screws inserted inside the turrets and slightly recessed; this solution guarantees a perfect grip of the screwdriver which never slips from the grip of the screw. Based on the deck Hellvape has chosen to use the practical and effective system of an airflow rotating disc, with three different options: single hole with a diameter of 0.8 mm, three holes of 0.8 mm and a slot of 1 mm x 3.2 mm. The side trays for housing the cotton are small and shallow and each have a (non-adjustable) slot for drawing the liquid.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA

Externally at the base of the deck, there is an air adjustment ring with limit switch, provided with five single holes (0.8 - 1.0 - 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.6 mm in diameter) and a Buttonhole 5.8 mm wide and 1.7 mm high. Considering the under-coil air disk and the external airflow ring, there are altogether 18 possible different airflow combinations for the Vertex!

As for the bell and chimney, I remember that in the Vertex package there are two bells available. The difference between the two lies entirely in the fireplace, practically absent in the 2 ml version, and on the contrary clearly visible in the 3.5 ml version. The shape of the two bells is absolutely identical, low, wide and slightly conical towards the top.

Moving even higher, we can observe the upper part of the chimney that grips the glass tank and is equipped with two large and very comfortable slots for filling the liquid. Finally, the top cap houses the drip tip with 510 connection, consisting of a steel base, and the real drip tip (black), presumably in delrin, with a 3.5 mm diameter entry hole and one 4.5 mm outlet. The Vertex drip tip in its simplicity is not only technically perfect (no condensation problems), but above all very comfortable on the lips.


The Vertex is not a particularly difficult atomizer to regenerate, but it must be said that the device is intended for an average expert user, with good practicality in terms of regenerable atomizers. In fact, the Vertex deck is quite small and although there is no problem in tightening and positioning the coil, with the sole care of aligning it in correspondence with the underlying air holes, it is very important to pay attention to the backcombing phase. .

As previously mentioned, the cotton housing tanks are small and shallow, therefore first of all it is recommended to make coils with a diameter not exceeding 2.25 mm, and secondly, it is extremely important to insert a minimum quantity of cotton. and above all make sure that it is suitably frayed and absolutely never pressed. The cotton must be positioned in front of the liquid inlet holes without obstructing them in any way, to prevent the atomizer from not feeding properly.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA

On the other hand, the top refill of the atom is very simple and easier than ever: just unscrew the top cap and insert the liquid inside the tank using the large filling slots, perfect for any type of bottle.

I have tried and tested the Vertex MTL RTA with numerous combinations of air and I must say that the shot has always been optimally calibrated, very clean, linear and silent; among the best ever in this category of sprayers. Finally a real cheek roll! Among the many air combinations offered, my favorite is undoubtedly that of the three 0.8 mm holes under the coil and a single 1 or 1.2 mm hole on the outer ring.

As is the custom of The Flavourist in the case of MTL devices, I tried the Vertex with different tobacco-flavored liquids and in general, I was favorably impressed by its satisfactory aromatic restitution, both with extracted tobaccos and with synthetic tobacco liquids. To summarize, the type of vapor produced by Vertex is on average dry and in any case well multifaceted.

Specifically, here is a report on the tests made with three liquids produced by Officine Svapo in collaboration with our team.

Test with e-liquid "Poncho" by Officine Svapo and The Flavors
In the test with the e-liquid Poncho, which I remember being an organic extract of Tobacco from Verona , Il Vertex showed off a high-level aromatic performance, managing to show all the qualities of this rare tobacco, accentuating its roundness and scents. vegetables and its freshness. A very pleasant vape with tobacco notes that emerge on the palate with great softness but at the same time with unexpected incisiveness.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA

Test with e-liquid "Il Monaco" by Officine Svapo and The Flavors)
The second of the three liquids in Officine Svapo's “Italian Western Collection” line was Il Monco, a very complex and structured blend of Syrian Latakia, Tobacco from Verona and Kentucky from Benevento, which rightfully falls into the category of dark blends. The aromatic yield of Il Monco sul Vertex is absolutely commendable thanks to the ability of the atomizer to clearly show off all its many nuances, even within an aromatic frame that is not sufficiently dry for the right enhancement of the robustness of this blend.

Test with “Agua Caliente” e-liquid by Officine Svapo and The Flavors
Even with Agua Caliente, a blend of Kentucky, Latakia and Perique tobaccos flavored with American sweet potato and black currant, Vertex expressed a good aromatic performance, although perhaps it was not perfectly able to unpack all its components precisely. In this case, the atomizer showed the tobacco hints and sour notes of the currant more effectively and less the sweet component of the American potato.


Vertex MTL RTA by Hellvape proved to be a device that combines good build quality with a pleasantly essential aesthetic, and above all with a top-of-the-range aromatic yield; all for only € 30 of expenditure. Although it is only at the beginning of 2021, The Flavourist believes that this atomizer can certainly be one of the absolute revelations of this year, as well as 2020 was for another amazing atomizer made in China.