Good morning dear vapers, today I want to talk to you about the Expromizer v5.

It arrives home in a rigid cardboard box on whose sleeve in the front part we can see a large 5 to indicate the model of our rta. On the back, as usual, there are the contents of the package, some precautions for use, the color chosen for our product, and the classic certification symbols. On one side we will find a scratch and check code that will allow us to verify its authenticity.

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

Inside the package we find:

1 x Expromizer v5 rta
1 x replacement glass
1 x spare parts bag (various orings, spare screws, one pre-made coil, regeneration cotton, screwdriver)
1 x Multilingual Instruction Manual (English and German only)

The Expromizer v5 is available in the following colors:

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

The one that I got is the one in the Black colorway.

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

The Expromizer v5 is a 23mm diameter rta that has a height of 54mm (including drip tip) for a weight of about 72 grams.

Despite its not very small size and the considerable amount of parts from which it is composed, it can only contain 2ml (we can bring it to a capacity of 4ml through an extension that will be purchased separately).

For these considerations, having the much hated predecessor Expromizer v4, I wanted to make a comparison of some changes that have been made with the new v5 ... Let's go and see them ..

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

By removing the drip tip it is immediately possible to view the chimney, on the left we have the v5 where this has a diameter of 3mm up to the attack with the drip tip, while for the v4 on the right, as can also be seen by eye, despite having a diameter always 3mm, it is reduced in the final to only 2.6mm at the outlet by inserting the top cap (I made the measurements with a caliber that is certainly not very precise but as mentioned the difference is immediately noticeable).

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

For this v5, unlike the v4 where we had a classic threaded top cap for top charging, there is a childproof system in line with TPD regulations . The refill will be very simple and we just need to unscrew the upper part of the top cap and then slide it on a guide as indicated by a small arrow placed on the atom and we will have access to the convenient slot. Personally I found this system convenient and can be useful for a quick recharge on the go, where having one less piece to remove is always nice.

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

The air ring nut, unlike the v4, is not equipped with a stroke stop, but we will have more adjustment possibilities being able to choose between 6 small holes (I think 0.8mm each) or a large slot.

I must point out that the oring of this ring in my specimen does not make the right seal, making it very loose making it move easily at the slightest touch. Furthermore, by completely closing the air, it will still be possible to carry out a shot which means that there is no hermetic seal. However, I believe that due to the particular air flow there will be no vents but the shot will be only slightly more open than it should be. In addition to this, unlike the v4 where going from 1 single hole to the entire open ring made no big difference in terms of airiness, this v5 works well and the various adjustments are perceptible while always remaining within the context of a real mtl shot. (you always have a fairly tight shot even in the most airy configuration).

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

The bells internally have slightly different geometries, in v5 the sky is domed and linear up to the chimney, unlike in v4 where a further flare has been inserted before the chimney hole. Even if the internal depth of the two bells seems the same, it can be immediately noticed that in v5 the height is less externally and, even if from the images it would not seem, the length of the chimneys is almost identical.

The liquid inlet slots are also different, in the v5 they are lower and wider and the liquid adjustment will be done by rotating the bell which will discover the liquid inlet holes on the deck.

Unfortunately, compared to v4 it will no longer be possible to disassemble the bell which will remain attached to the external protective ring and will make the operations for thorough cleaning more difficult.

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

The decks as you can see are practically identical, the only difference is in the subcoil where we will no longer have a single photo insert but 3 small holes that will hit the coil along its entire length.

Regeneration is very simple, but I recommend that you turn the wire around the screw during tightening because I noticed that if we place it in those holes and tighten, the screws will still tend not to lock the wire correctly, making it slip easily. Once the cotton has been inserted, just cut it at the height of the oring of the deck and lay it in the buttonholes. Since there is a lot of space, I advise you to open it well but do not thin it out too much because the atom will feed very well, also avoiding a possible supercharging in case more liquid inlet holes are kept open.

Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL RTA

Finally we see the pin , a detail that I did not like at all because here, as was the case in v4, to ensure that it protrudes, it will be necessary to screw it without sending it to the stop at the end of the stroke.


Premise ... Usually when I know that I will get a product that I will have to talk about I avoid watching videos on Youtube so as not to be influenced by it and only after having done several tests and having drawn my conclusions I start looking at someone to see if there are any matches with my feelings or if I have forgotten something really obvious that I have not noticed ... But is this product that is so criticized really that mediocre?

Exvape has made itself known in the past with excellent products and it is undeniable that over time its productions have undergone various deteriorations (probably due to the change in the level of designers, information known for some time) which have led to a real decline with the release of the 'Expromizer V4, hated by many for the many problems and poor performance, atomizer that I have tried and still own and for which I had spent a lot of time in finding a square that would make it pleasant or at least usable at the beginning.

After years, the time has probably come to no longer see Exvape as the company that produced the much loved Expro 2.1, but only as a company that has undergone a change of course, perhaps trying to improve without success, and ending up in that classic low cost atom range of oriental production. Seen from this less nostalgic perspective, in my opinion the new Expromizer V5 is a product that has nothing to envy from many other products belonging to this market segment and indeed, for my type of vape with some liquids I ended up finding it superior to several competitors.

At first glance, also mindful of the V4 flop, the differences seem minimal in the fundamental components, but unlike the V4 ... this new atomizer works ... all the most serious problems of the previous version have been solved ... never made a typical drink of the "straw effect", never vaped with the terror of those photonic barrels of heat caused at times by incandescent lapilli, at other times by the exaggerated overheating of the coil due to the particular loop of air that did not work.

The new V5 is a rta with an excellent soft and silent shot in all its configurations, an always tight shot for true lovers of mtl , full-bodied vapor and a yield that is neither too dry nor greasy. The atom also presents itself with a good hit, probably helped by the particular air flow which, however, in this case does not give the idea of that exaggerated hit due to the choking of the air that does not hit correctly but coil , but it is always pleasant.

What it brings with it as a characteristic from the V4 is a fairly hot steam return, which must be limited with some precautions during the regeneration phase but which in my opinion makes it suitable for some types of liquids that are not affected by this heat but to the on the contrary, they are exalted. Without sense the coil supplied in the packaging, my advice is to use wires that are not too thick, not going beyond the 28ga but sometimes also preferring the 29ga (both 0.28mm and 0.30mm) or the 30 ga pushed at low wattages (a depending on the coil of course .. I have never gone beyond 12W but this is also my personal taste because I rarely go further with atomizers of this type).

During my tests I was able to appreciate it particularly with kentucky (LT and Tennesse T3.0), but above all, the liquids that in my opinion had the best aromatic yield, are those flavored on a dark base (or in any case dark where the aromatization is not the host). Two out of all that I really liked were Angeli e demoni LT and The Master Tnt where flavoring and tobacco create a good combination and are enhanced by the heat produced in the room. For these types my regenerative choice fell on a classic coil28ga ka1, 5 turns on 2.5mm tip, orange angorabbit cotton. I find the 2.5mm tip particularly suitable to adequately fill the liquid inlet slots with cotton but my advice is also to be careful not to overdo the length of the mustache (there is no need to impale the deck, we have an adjustment available of the liquid and often, although not perfectly covering the inlet holes, I still had no problems with overfeeding, let alone flooding, the only care to follow is to open the cotton well). Here, with these precautions and these liquids in particular, as I said earlier, I found the V5 superior to many other low cost competitors.

I didn't mind even with latakia, where it ranks on the same level as other products of this level, and with basma where the yield is acceptable (the Orientals in my opinion were the only liquids that came out really well in the V4 once I understood how to do it. work, here much less well).

As for the blends, on the other hand, I find the yield a little confused and mixed when you start to go beyond the 2 tobaccos, in particular I tried it with halfzware shag t3.0 and baffometto LT without particular results.

I must likewise say that I have not found satisfaction with clear liquids where I prefer other types of yields and here I must say that they come out quite subdued even compared to the competitors (I have tried Black cavendish LT and EcigLT), and the only way I have found to make them go well was trying to dry them by limiting the heat as much as possible (which however tends to kill aromas of this type, certainly lighter than dark tobaccos, and which lately I dilute even at low percentages 5% / 8%) with coils made with very thin wires, in particular 0.28 mm and 0.25 mm, almost always using the 2.5mm tip (sometimes even 3mm) but turning only 4 turns to have even less material inside the chamber.

Finally, I wanted to try flavored on a clear base, in particular the limon of ADG and the caribbean of azhad. For the first I can say that I only perceived the aromatization, also in this case subdued, probably affected by the heat, for the second instead I can safely say that I prefer other types of yields, usually fatter to enhance the fruit (also because in the Caribbean I rarely managed to clearly perceive the tobacco and I ended up giving it up trying to enhance it in atom precisely by the fat yield).

Now let's move on to the constructive side because I didn't like several things in my sample ..

Let's start with how it arrived, and of course I can only refer to my specimen .. Usually these large scale products are clean and well cared for .. In my atom the orings at the first opening were quite dry, also I found a large metal burr in the thread of the deck which led to the breaking of the sealing oring in several parts .

Let's move on to the airflow ring .. As previously said the oring is badly sized and made the ring move at the slightest touch so much so that I preferred to replace it with another more suitable one not present in the spare parts but found in my stocks. also note another problem, due to the tightness of this oring or to the upper part of the top cap, which means that I often find myself with the part of the ferrule wet despite an airflow system from above obviously does not foresee the classic leaks (I think it is due to both condensation and liquid that somehow seeps through the thread of the top cap) but precisely ... the classic ones from below ..

The deck ... the regeneration is very simple but also here you have to pay attention to the tightening of the legs ... The screws tend not to tighten the wire correctly so my advice is not to just pass it through the invitations but place it directly around the screw, moreover the head of the screw tends to easily strip so even here it is necessary to be careful not to use too much force, or rather they should be replaced with more suitable ones .. but it should not be our task it seems obvious to me .. Always in the deck l The undercoil insert tends, during tightening to move slightly, finding itself with the 3 small holes not perfectly parallel to the coil .. even here it could be done better.

Last thing I did not like is the pin .. the fact that it is adjustable is positive but at the same time I would prefer it to protrude going to the end of the stroke while this does not happen .. behind this choice I do not know if there is any engineering motivation, the fact is that I don't understand why it was done this way.

Ultimately, having exposed all those that for me are the pros and cons that I have been able to find, I leave you free to think and tell me that it is I who do not understand a damn thing, but I do not see the reason to massacre for the party taken a product that does not it will certainly be the atom of the year, but at least on the aromatic level it works like many others in the same category and indeed, for some liquids, in my opinion it is even superior.

I remain at your disposal for any further questions or clarifications.