The Vapefly Jester Rebuildable pod kit is a pod kit that supports RBA building which meets the needs for a compatible size and enjoying the DIY.


Dimensions: 91 x 35 x 19mm 
Weight: 56g Case 
material: aluminum + plastic 
Power: built-in 870mAh 
Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml 
Evaporator resistance: 0.5 / 1.0Ω, RBA 
Voltage range: 3.3 - 4.8V 
Operating mode: POWER

Supported resistance: 0.5 - 3.0Ω
Protection: against low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from overcharge / over discharge
Connector type: non-magnetic
Screen / diagonal: no
Micro-USB port / charging: </u> </strong> yes, charging current 1.0A
Color: see photo below Options - Jester mod - replaceable cartridge unattended - replaceable evaporator 0.5Ω (pre-installed) - replaceable cartridge serviced (pre-installed) - pre -wound spirals 2pcs - cotton - key-screwdriver - spare screws - spare origins - 4pcs replacement caps
- USB cable
- user's guide 

The first impression of the kit - neat, cute, comfortable, but somehow not memorable, not original. Indeed, the design of the average casual. Dimensions are not small, but the profile is quite compact, which positively affected ergonomics. By the way, quite light.

 jester kit

There are two cartridges in the kit - the first for replaceable evaporators, the second - serviced base. The latter is a couple of millimeters lower. They are fixed with latches on both sides. On the body of the mod, in turn, two buttons are visible for snapping. The tank keeps in fashion confidently. The capacity of both cartridges is the same - standard. 

The evaporator is replaceable. Moreover, these two types are offered. However, there will only be one in the kit - on the stack. It is refilled from the top. The filling hole is not the largest, but in principle, it works quite normally. It is only occasionally clogged with a “liquid plug” when using especially thick nozzles. Airflow adjustment is present - a swivel ring with a stopper. The puff turned out to be medium in tightness. There is a shallow hole on the deck to release excess air. It copes, but sometimes even through the cotton, the slurry rises if the latter is laid a little and pour intensively. There is another drawback - this cartridge is a little soldered with condensate. The base is cool. There is enough space left for the cotton. The ends will have to be left more authentic if you do not want to occasionally turn the device over. A small nozzle at the bottom of the deck is responsible for the lower airflow. 

In general, the device’s work is quite normal - it starts briskly, decently fries. Probably it consumes a charge normally - though, on service staff, it flies away quickly enough, as, incidentally, it is manure. 



It seems that I managed to do everything right for the “legal maintenance” of the hearths, but minor flaws spoil the big picture a bit. I will not say that they are directly critical, but in a compartment, they add up to a not-so-pleasant picture. But still, I liked this one under the idea and constructive. 

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