The Vandy Vape Simple EX Squonk Kit arrives in a well-packed box with all the equipment at hand。

in the box we find:

- simple ex-squonk mod

- ex RDA with cap in Ultem

- additional cap in black painted steel (internally it is not painted luckily)

- 2 drip tip for the steel cap (it is not possible to mount them on the one in Ultem)

- box with USB cable and spare parts for the RDA

- 2 mtl coil fused Clapton in ni80 32ga x 2 + 38 ga (1.2 ohm)

- instruction booklet

- warranty certificate

Vandyvape simple EX Squonk kit

The Simple EX Squonk mod is very small with 5.8 cm height, 3.8 cm in width and 2.3 cm thick. It has a build in battery with 850 mAh with a mini display where you can only see the battery charging and the voltage set.The box has five levels on voltage.

It supports 22mm diameter atomizer without overhanging. The box read resistance from 0.8ohm to 3 ohms. The battery keeps a stale output wattage with at a low resistance. The pin is spring-loaded. It comes with a bottle which contains 4ml capacity. The bottle is silicone but not soft. The squonker is well built. But I noticed a small loss of liquid under the ring where you screw the cap of the bottle itself.It is not much of the liquid, but for a long time, it forms a drop and remains there. I never found liquid inside the housing of the box. Depending on the atomizer I use on the mod, I would use 5/6ml. It perhaps is not enough for you if you are vaping a lot. But it is an excellent walking vaping mod or work mod.

 Vandyvape simple EX Squonk kit

About the atomizer

It comes with a diameter 21mm in diameter. It is special. As we know, most atomizers are 22mm or above in diameter. With such a diameter, it is very tight. But it is very simple to place the coil. Unfortunately, in tightening the screws the wire moves, it has been designed to be used with its coils that are certainly more steady than a 28 ga or 29 ga single wire.  

The deck has two turrets under which the coil is inserted in and two others that serve only to restrict the vaporization chamber.  The pan is very large.  The liquid is injected into the half-whisker cotton deck on both sides and then goes up faster to the coil. It ensures a good and fast feeding.  The communication of the two sides of the tank makes liquid homogeneous throughout the deck.

I'll show you a detail of how airflow did on the deck. There are holes inside the insulator. The air does not go directly to the exit hole.  I do not understand whey the manufacture adopt this solution. But, the shot is good, fluid and silent with each hole.

The cotton should be left long enough and laid in the pans like any other atom. Once drenched well, you will do many. But many shots have a very high autonomy!

 Vandyvape simple EX Squonk kit

In conclusion:  Simple EX Squonk kit is a pod mod BF regenerable as I define it, with a good RDA (do not forget that you can use it on other mod if you really do not like it or do not last long enough). It is light and good to keep in your pocket if you go out for a short time or to use at work if sometimes you give yourself a break, certainly not mod to make the day unless you have a way to recharge. IMHO I liked it a lot, of course, you have to submit to the law of the integrated battery if you want energy autonomy is not for you.

 Vandyvape simple EX Squonk kit