Uwell Evdilo kit comes in a large black box with the complete kit depicted in the upper part while in the back, we have the content and data of the manufacturer.

Uwell EVDILO Kit
Let's start from the box
Uwell Evdilo Box mod
This box houses 2 batteries, and an important feature is that it can be powered by 3 different types of batteries:
- 18650 (with adapters)
- 20700
- 21700

Opening it, we find two further boxes with one for the box and one for the atom.

The box has a body made of highly polished zinc alloy and side inserts in a plastic material that resembles the mother of pearl. On the sides, we also find the battery vent holes.
Under the light, glitters can be glimpsed in the painting.
It measures 47.4 x 32.5 x 83.7 mm and has a weight, without batteries, of about 166 g.
On the front, we have the fire button, the screen, and the + and - buttons.

The new BEIN chip brings the box to deliver a maximum of 200 watts and has a response to the fire button of only 0.008 seconds. Fire button that a pleasant and non-noisy click.

It can accommodate atom up to 28/29 mm without overlapping.
The cup is flush with the box, and therefore I recommend the use of a sponge to not spoil the painting.

The Evdilo Mod has a curious shape that makes it very comfortable in hand.

On the bottom, in addition to the manufacturer's mark and the CE symbol, we find the button to open to slide the battery compartment.
It turns on and off by pressing five the fire button while three clicks can change the mode.
We can use it in Power mode and TCR mode. The box has no other functions. In practice, if you want to vape in TC, you have to go to enter the metal value of the coil by hand and make your settings.
 There are no other customizations whatsoever.

Before my impressions of its use, let's see the atom.
- Uwell Valyrian 2
The atom has a diameter of 29 mm and has a capacity of 6 ml.

To open it, we have to press a button, and the cap will rise thanks to a spring, allowing us to see the eyelets for the refill.

On the bottom, we have the gold-plated pin and the usual manufacturer and CE marks.

It comes with 2 coils supplied: a single 0.32 ohm (80/90 watt) and a dual plus 0.14 push (90/100 watt).

In addition to these that I have mentioned, other coils are also available.
These coils are very large and have been designed with a condensation reuse system that forms during vaping. I have never encountered leaks or condensation from airflows.

I liked this kit.

I consider it suitable for a person who wants to make a cloud as it was designed for that.

As anticipated, the box does not have any type of customization, either power or TCR. There is not even a pouf counter. There is the duration of the last puff in seconds, but it is so fast that when you make a shot, the value disappears immediately.

But she is a box lady:

- pleasant to hold
- the circuit optimizes battery life in a fabulous way
- the fire is immediate
- the supply is aggressive and at the same time constant during the vaping

Extremely airy and returns an excellent aroma.

Obviously, given the wattages, the juice consumption is monstrous, but if you want to vape in the cloud, I find it excellent.

I feel like recommending this kit !!!

As you can understand. I liked this box a lot. These considerations also derive from the fact that I don't vape in TC, and therefore, using it only in power, I found it exceptional.