Let's start!

 pasito pod kit

The white box is sealed with a transparent film. 

The front side shows the device, name, and logo of the company Smoant. On the reverse side is the main block of information, which lists what kit contains, manufacturer data, social nets, and a link to the site. Just below there is a barcode indicating the color, and a sticker with a QR code and an erasable field to verify the authenticity of the device.


The lid on the box is held by magnets, opens like a book. Inside, there are two doors, open it and see what's inside. Here is the Pod. The left is the accessories package, and on the inner side of the box, it is the info show on how to install the coil and refill the cartridge. As well as schematically sketched, and marked the main controls listing the full characteristics of the device.


Open the box and consider the package! 

pasito pod kit

• Smoant Pasito Pod;

• Pre-installed 0.6 Ohm DTL mesh coil;

• Second 1.4 Ohm MTL coil;

• White-red USB-C cable;

• Warranty card, certificate of authenticity, and a piece of paper with warnings.


There are only five colors of the kit. It's Bronze Blue, Gunmetal, Red, Carbon Black, and SS. We got the first color of the list.


The kit will cost you $35. The cartridge separately can be taken for $12, three coils or one RBA base will cost $6.


Let us take a closer look at the device!

 pasito pod kit

 The device is made of aluminum and plastic. The drip tip is acrylic. And the cartridge is in polycarbonate.


The material is nice, the metal frame does not collect fingerprints, but I can not say this about the plastic inserts. Glued is not perfect, visible traces of glue and a little fine dust.

 pasito pod kit

Dimensions: 101x38.5x18 mm. Assembly Weight: 80 grams and 92 grams with RBA.


 Despite the compactness, inside there is an Ant Chip CO-4 with a choice of power (10/13/16/20 or 25 Watts), and support for resistance from 0.3 to 3 Ohms.

Necessary protection is available (short circuit, overheating, over-discharge, cut-off 10 seconds).

 pasito pod kit

The stated battery capacity is 1100 mAh, and the charging current is 1A, during testing by planting the pod to the state when it already refuses to heat the coil, and the subsequent full charge it turned out that the current when charging is about 0.86-86A and 900 mAh, and charging takes about an hour.

Passthrough support!

The autonomy of work from one charge directly depends on the model chosen by you, but if you start with the maximum and discharge to a minimum, the charge is enough for about one and a half cartridges.

Let's pay attention to the front side of the device.

On the top is the big Fire button, which is used to turn on/off the device, you need to press and hold it when puff, as well as on any box mod.


There is no puff sensor/microphone.


Just below is another round button. It serves to adjust the power supplied to the spiral.

Even lower is the Type-C for charging, installed in the body somehow crooked.


 Well, near the bottom black screw sticking out. Aesthetics, of course, does not add, but ok.

 pasito pod kit

For a more comfortable grip on the frame, there are special recesses for the thumb. The corners are beveled and do not cut the hand.

The sides are glued decorative plastic inserts, as I said, not very carefully, there are remnants of glue. 


 On one side, the insert is solid. On the other, it is divided into two parts, the top hides five blue LEDs.

In Sunny weather, the LEDs are not visible very well.


At the bottom, there is absolutely nothing interesting. Everything is standard and familiar - holes for the output of gases/cooling of the Board and four case screws.

 pasito pod kit

Holding the cartridge on the battery pack is done with two powerful magnets, one of which protrudes, and the frame helps the cartridge not to dangle from side to side.

  pasito pod kit

The operation of the cartridge is ensured through a special gold-plated base, which contacts the two brass pins of the mod. The main thing is not to forget to remove the sticker.

Now for the cartridge!

 pasito pod kit

As I mentioned earlier, the cartridge is made of translucent plastic, thick enough. The volume of the liquid container is 3 or 2 ml in the EU version.

pasito pod kit

The filling is carried out through the unscrewing cover, which is located on top. The hole fits the spout of an ordinary gorilla. 

Refuel only when the coil is installed. Otherwise, everything will leak out.


The cover has a silicone sealing ring in the design, from which the tightness is simply excellent.

 pasito pod kit

The cartridge consists of five parts: a frame, a replaceable coil with a removable gold-plated contact group, a cover, and an acrylic drip tip.


The drip tip is not a classic 510. The shape is slightly different, as is the way it installed.

 pasito pod kit

 Adjustment of the airflow occurs with a small lever, in fact, the shutter, opening and closing the air supply hole.

The air intake is carried out from the top, where it gets through a special channel into the chamber, where blows from the bottom up. This solution reduces the likelihood of leaks and subsequent flooding of the Board.


When the hole is completely closed, the air still passes, but in an amount that is optimal for MTL.

  pasito pod kit coil

 Two coils included, a pre-installed mesh DTL with a resistance of 0.6 is recommended for use at 20-25W (4 and 5 operating modes), and an additional MTL at 1.4 Ohm-at 10-13W (1 or 2 modes).


The taste of both coils is average for me, but among the two, meshed is much better, and this is not surprising.

 The average lifetime of both coils is about seven days. But everything again depends on the specific liquid, the intensity of vaping, and the selected mode of operation.


Now let's test RBA base!

pasito pod kit

pasito pod kit

The base packed in a small yellow-white box, and in fact, nothing is interesting on the package.

Inside we see set of o-rings, a couple of Japanese cotton, a screwdriver, a few pieces of wire, spare screws, as well as an adapter for the 510 connectors, which will screw the base on any box mod, on which you can install your coils, measure the resistance and preheat them.


The serviced base is initially similar to an ordinary replacement coil, but inside we see a deck for your spirals.

pasito pod kit

The deck itself is a design of two posts, with holes on the side for the legs of the coils.

 Airflow holes are located at the bottom, on the sides of it are grooved for cotton. The dome has a conical treatment.

pasito pod kit

The screws are high quality, but just in case there are four spare included.

pasito pod kit

Summing up about the RBA base, I can say that you should buy it

More flavor, more clouds, and it's just more profitable to use hand-made or premade coils, and it's cheaper, by the way.


The overall impression!

Solent Pasito is difficult to classify as a true Pod system.


Yes, there is a cartridge and coils, but still, it looks more like a small box mod.

 During the operation of any problems with the stability of the work was not found, all the disadvantages are reduced mainly to the tiny cons of the assembly quality.


 The paint of the case is of high quality. The device lies in hand comfortably, also pleases the possibility of customization and a very attractive price.

I recommend this device to purchase!



• Stylish and compact fits comfortably in your hand;

• A well-functioning chip;

• Airflow control;

• RBA support;

• Невысокая цена;


• Not the most perfect build quality;

• The RBA base is not included.

 pasito pod kit


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