This time we got a new product from the company Smoant called Battlestar Squonker Kit.

And Yes, it is squonk, but with one feature, because of which the device stands out from the others.

Let's start!
smoant squonker

The device falls into our hands in a stylish black and yellow box. On the front side, there is a picture of the device and its name, company logo and a sticker with a color mark.

On the sides of the box is nothing interesting, and on the back side, we have a package content list, specifications, manufacturer data, barcode and QR-code with a scratch code to check the set for originality.

Unboxing time!

smoant squonker

In addition to the squonk mod with RDA, inside the box, you can find 1m USB cable, all sorts of instructions and papers in Chinese and English, additional squonk bottle and rubbers to it.
Included with the RDA is a regular pin, spare screws, O-rings, hexagon, and slotted screwdriver, a couple of premade coils and a piece of cotton.

There are 4 colors of the device and its name (from left to right): Gradient Blue, Yellow, Black, and Gunmetal. We have the last one on the list.


Let's move on to a detailed consideration of the squonk box!

 smoant squonker

The device is made of zinc alloy, not without the use of plastic, of course! The whole front panel is made of PMMA plastic, and the buttons and bottle on the back are made of ordinary plastic.

The device is quite compact in size — 89x46x40 mm, but the weight of the battery is not small — 296 grams. With complete RDA — 345 grams.

On top is the main button — "Fire", just below — monochrome OLED screen size 0.96 inches.
In Sunny weather, it is difficult to distinguish anything, and the whole front side turns into a mirror.

Even lower are two buttons, the left is "-", and the right, respectively, "+".
At the bottom is a micro-USB port, through which you can charge and update the firmware.

The diameter of the steel plate is 24 mm, the pin is brass, spring-loaded, with a hole for supplying liquid. The connector is slightly raised, and there is a small silicone o-ring made apparently to prevent fluid from leaking out of the connector.

Just below the photo shows a brass push button, which is necessary for the supply of liquid. It consists of two parts, and if you want you can tweak the height, well, or put something else, why not.

Now about the battery cover.
smoant squonker

It is attached to the device on a loop (circled in red). It is fixed by a ledge falling into a special groove (circled in pink).

The contacts of the cover are made of brass, there is a balancing pair. The polarity is marked.
With the battery installed, the device is monolithic, nothing wobbles or rattles.

Just above we see the recess for the installation of the bottle (circled in green), and a rubber plug on the hole for filling the liquid in it.

And now let's pay attention to the bottle.

smoant squonker
As I said, it is made of thick plastic, holds 7ml of liquid, and inside the system is installed, as in the dispensers for liquid soap. The stability of the structure is provided by rubber pads from the bottom (circled in pink), which prop up the bottle, well, there is still small round (circled in yellow). The kit has a spare, in case these come off.

But even so, the bottle is a little backlash, but what is interesting — with the lid open does not fall.

And now briefly, how the whole system works:

By pressing the top golden button and the liquid is portioned into your atomizer (the first time you use it, there will be a couple of "idle" taps).

I tested both with liquids 70/30, 60/40, and with MaxVG — there are absolutely no problems with "liquid conductivity".

Power: 1— 200W
Resistance: 0.05-2 ohms for TC and 0.05-3 Ohm for the VW
Max. output voltage: 8.4 V
Temperature limit from 200 - 600 ℉ / 100 - 300
Work from two 18650
Charging  current 2A
A huge amount of protection at the board level

Available modes: VW; VV; DVW — curves; Thermal control on Ni (Nickel), Ti (titanium), SS (stainless steel) and TCR — mode temperature coefficient.

Five Times pressing "Fire" button turns the device on and off, three times pressing allows you to switch modes. Switching is carried out using the "+" and "- "buttons. Pressing "+" and "-" simultaneously for 2 seconds will lock or unlock the same buttons.

Mod is comfortable in the hand but heavy enough. The new squonk it is necessary to get used to, very different experience. No problems with the operation of the Board did not arise - everything works quickly, clearly, as it should be.


The Battlestar RDA is made of brass and some parts are made of steel, plastic, and rubber.
With a diameter of 24 mm, a height of 29mm  with plastic 810 drip tip. Designed for two coils.


There are only four colors to each set, respectively, and of course, it is sold separately from the kit for only $11.


The RDA consists of three parts — a drip tip, a top cap, and a deck.
The drip tip is 810, made of plastic and completely uninteresting —  I recommend to replace it for anything up to 20mm in diameter.

About the top cap to say, too, nothing special — it is made of fairly thick metal, painted on the outside. On both sides there are two holes size 12x3mm, well, the evaporation chamber itself has hemispherical processing.

Post made with 2 holes with a diameter of 2.5 to 2.5. The depth of the bath is 5.9 mm.
Spirals are pressed by screws under a slot, it is possible to put unless only two pieces, but also installation it is impossible to call especially convenient.

Yes, exactly! An old Mad Dog RDA from Desire and its V2 version. Almost 1:1 copied post and airflow type, size and shape of the top cap.

Only the design has changed, but the problems remain — there were no keys to limit the rotation of the top cap, and remove the RDA from the device is difficult enough.

Impressions of RDA!

In my honest opinion, the company Smoant for two years could well modify its version of Mad Dog RDA (if they liked it), or create something else, because it's 2019 year, after all.

But nevertheless, the taste is OK, the appearance of plus-minus, the installation of the coils for me are uncomfortable.

Well, what did I want for $ 11? Let it be, but I'd recommend using this Squonk with some other RDA.

Final thoughts!

Box mod is definitely worth attention, and you will not regret buying it.

The device works well, there are small shortcomings in the assembly, but in general, squonk leaves about itself only positive impression.

About complete RDA nothing to add — it is OK, nothing more.

+ Good, responsive Board with a standard set of functions;
+ Ergonomic design and nice appearance;
+ Interesting implementation of liquid supply;
+ Rich kit and Low price ($43);

- Not the best battery cover;
- Mirror surface, poor display visibility in the daytime;
- Not the best for RDA 2019.

With you were Vladsmesh, thanks for reading and see you soon!