Today we will talk about not new, but very elegant, stylish and quite expensive All-In-One device from the famous company Lost Vape.

let's start!

The device is sealed in a small white cardboard box.

On the front side of the package shows the device itself, the logo of the company Lost Vape, the name Orion Q kit, is signed "a pod mod for everyone" (for all), as well as a huge rectangle with a warning about the content of nicotine.

On the sides again the logo and on the back is a block of information.

Here you can find a description of the advantages of the device and what;s inside, manufacturer data, links to company resources, a bar code indicating the color, a holographic sticker to check for originality and another field with a warning about the content of nicotine.

Kit contains:

  • Orion Q Pod;
  • 1 Ohm resistance cartridge;
  • Flat шнуMicro USB cable ;
  • Lace with silicone rubber-mount;
  • Manual in pictures, warranty card and paper with warnings.

Yes, only one cartridge included, no second.

There are only 10 color choices of the set (all of them are signed in the picture), we also got the black/ocean option.

It costs a set of $ 28.56, you can also buy only a battery pack for $ 24.20, and cartridges are sold at a price of $7.60 for 2 pieces.

Let's take a closer look at the device!


The main characteristics of the "Board" fit in one line: 17 watts of constant power (built-in voltage Converter), battery capacity 950mAh (but it is slightly wrong).

There is no end-to-end support, you can't charge and vape at the same time.

The device is made using aluminum for the body, Delrin for drip tip and polycarbonate for side inserts. Dimensions: 94x37x13 mm, Weight 93 grams.


On the side of Orion Quest there is a latch for attaching the cartridge, a fire button, a micro USB connector and a small indentation above it - the battery charge indicator.

Indication implemented is pretty funny. When puff it shines: blue if the charge is 100-64%, purple if the charge 64-18%, and red if left from 17 to 0%.

And Yes, the device does not work without pressing "Fire", no puff sensors. Switching on and off is done by pressing five times, just like on any box mod.

At the bottom there are screws and eight small holes for cooling the Board.

Despite the small area of the lower part, under quite steadily stands on the table.

The cartridge is held by a special latch on one side, the other is held by two projections for the body. The mount is stable, but still there is a small backlash.

Contact occurs with brass pins and pads on the battery block and on the cartridge.

Filling is carried out through the unscrewed cover, which is on top, in the hole with diameter 1 cm. The cover has a sealing silicone ring in the design, which makes the tightness just great.

The cartridge contains 2ml of liquid, the heating element is a coil of Cantal with a 1 Ohm resistance  as an absorbent material is used usual organic cotton.


The cartridge can cope with 70/30, but only on the condition that every 5-10 puffs you need to open the lid.

Delrin drip tip sort of removable, under it is the adjustment ring blowout. It covers the holes on both sides, has no stoppers, you can close completely, but still the air leaks out and get really tight tightening is impossible. To be honest, even with a half-closed airflow somehow hot, it is better to use a fully open.

By the way, under generates a fairly large amount of clouds, so I can't call it a "stealth device". At the moment, the cartridge has already passed 10 ml of liquid, and it is still quite functional


I said earlier that the battery capacity is "slightly different" as stated. What I did — by dropping the battery as far as the device allows, I charged it with a USB tester plugged into the adapter.

Well, first of all, during charging the current gradually decreased from 0.8 A to 0.
Still, judging by the measurements, the battery took about 800mAh, from which I dare to assume that the capacity, taking into account all the losses, is about 850mAh.

A full charge is enough for about 2.5-3 evaporated cartridges.

Experience and the results!


In the process of operation, I did not have any complaints about this Device, and critical flaws I found. There are minor flaws, no more.

So, Pros:

  • Stylish and compact, comfortable to hold;
  • Battery life lasts (but with a slight disadvantage);
  • Long-lived cartridge, with airflow adjustment;
  • Decent taste;
  • Possibility of customization;



  • No passthrough mode;
  • Not very clear indicator light;
  • Not really a fair battery capacity;
  • The absence of a second cartridge is included;
  • The high price for the kit and cartridges separately;


Place an order --  Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA Pod Kit