The Geek vape Loop 1.5 version is the revised and improved version of the geek vape loop. It comes out in 6 different colors, in this photo, you can also find the dimensions: Standard equipment, 3-way screwdriver, adapter for drip tip 510, an additional Allen key, spare O-ring and grub screws and instruction manual.

Geek vape loop V1.5

The deck is very nice, well done, post less dual coil. It builds very well, even if, for a beginner, it could be a bit difficult the first times, because you have to cut the coils first to size.

The pan is very deep and holds a bang of liquid. Also, the pin remains under the bridge post less, so to do over squonker, for the shape of the double deck slide.

Unliking the dead rabbit Rda, you have to put a lot of cotton in it because it goes a long way.

The top cap is the one piece design with barrel and airflow ring. It is a unique design. The air regulation is perfect, neither too hard nor too soft.

Geek vape loop V1.5 Rda

It also has two wheel gears to make it fit well with the deck.

In use, the shot varies, but not exaggerated. It is very contrasted when you close the air. It is best to open airflow. It goes well with these 24-24mm drippers!

It's a side airflow, but the air loop, makes this come from under the coils, becoming, in fact, a bottom airflow.

It can also be used in single coil because the position on the airflow ring is expected, but I think it makes no sense. There are atomizers born for the single coil, in any case, I will not try!

It has a good aromatic yield with no condense. The shot is not excessively noisy.

With a full battery on the Furyan, I have an exit to the turrets of about 3.1V, which with the drop of the mechanic, correspond to about 110-120W. It does not get heat for a long time vaping. Also, the vapor is denser.

The aromatic yield is definitely improved. It is still slightly lower than some other atoms I've tried in the past.  The leg is not too short. If the coil is too close to the deck, you will not have a good aromatic yield and say that I have recommended a total ciofeca!