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Hi, today let's take a look at Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod. In this Test I will examine each of the characteristics that distinguish it. I hope that by the end of this reading you may have understood this Mod, if it is suitable for you and therefore decide whether to invest in it or not. As always my reviews are free and based on my personal experience.

Enjoy the reading.

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Before starting let's see together the main features indicated by the manufacturer:
1. Updated version of the original Hannya Mod
2. Lighter to carry and exquisite appearance
3. 2 colors of the Mod, 4 different spare art panels
4. Panel design in durable metal, easy to use
5. 510 stainless steel interface to fit most atomizers
6. Overall chip upgrade, instant power on 0.015s and 230W max
7. Two external 18650 batteries with Type-C charging
8. Supports mode bypass / power / TC ( TC modefor Ni / Ti material atomizer)
9. Adopts fully digital DC / DC converter with synchronous rectification

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Parameters:
• Brand: Vapelustion
• Product Name: Hannya II Mod
• Materials: Zinc Alloy Panel, Plastic Frame, Universal 510 Stainless Steel Thread
• Product Dimensions: 92.155 * 56.6 * 25mm
• Weight:
• Type of batteries: Dual external 18650 battery (not included)
• Charging: Type-C charging port, up to 2.2A
• Output power: 0.1W-230W
• Output voltage: 0.5V-8V
• Input voltage: 6.3V-8.4V
• Electricity output: 0.6A-40A
• Supported resistance value: 0.05Ω-3.0Ω
• Mode: Bypass / Power / TC mode (the TC mode supports Ni / Ti material)
• Temperature range: 200 ℉ -600 ℉
• Display size: 0.96 LCD

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Packaging:
The packaging of the second version of Vapelustion Hannya Mod with its "demonic" style is inspired by the famous and disturbing dramatic novel "A Tale of Genji" a classic of the Japanese cultural tradition which is an 11th century novel written by the poet and writer Murasaki Shikibu lived in the Heian period, considered one of the masterpieces of Japanese literature as well as of literature of all time. The scenes of the novel have been shot over the years by masters Yoshitoshi Tsukioka & Toriyama Sekien.

The oriental characters present on this packaging are the majority, only a few written in Western language allow to decipher the name and some of the main characteristics.

Freemax Maxus Solo 100W Kit

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Packing List:
The Hannya II Mod package is particularly rich, in addition to the 2 double-sided covers there are two other spare ones, there are also an incredible series of artistic stickers for the delight of young and old.
• 1 * Vapelustion Hannya II Mod
• 4 * Several Replacement Panels
• 14 * Stickers
• 1 * USB Type-C Cable
• 1 * User Manual

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Available Colors:
Vapelustion Hannya Mod can be combined with different side panel graphics, but frame colors are limited to two colors.
• Black
• White

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; First impressions:
Shenzhen Sparkover Technology Co., Ltd. (Vapelustion) It is a young Chinese company founded in 2018. In its catalog there are various devices such as; Mods, Podmods, disposable vaporizers, cartomizers, tanks, t-shirts, caps and a complete line of accessories. The graphic theme inspired by the Japanese cultural tradition unites all these products.

Hannya Mod dual battery therefore reaches its second version. This time around, Vapelustion has made major upgrades over the original model and this has involved pretty much everything! The only aspect that unites the two versions of Hannya Mod is the graphic theme of the panels. The molds of the frame have been completely redesigned to obtain a more refined aesthetic, the dimensions obtained are similar to those of the previous model, however the weight has decreased strongly (30%) thanks to the use of plastic for the front of the Mod, for the rear one and for the internal casing. The bottom and top bases of the mod including replaceable panels remained zinc alloy for good overall structural strength. The 510 cup is now positioned centrally and no longer to the side.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Battery compartment:
To access the battery compartment it is necessary to remove both side panels, the two 18650 cells have an obligatory insertion side as there is no lace to facilitate their extraction, then to extract them proceed by pressing on the cells from the other side of the mod. The internal plastic block that holds the batteries and the chipset is constructed of an ultra-light flame retardant material and uses two magnets on each side to effectively hold the side panels.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Side Panels:
The heavy zinc alloy side panels are seamlessly integrated into the Mod line and exhibit no abnormal movement. Their artistic aspect has been taken care of and further optimized compared to the first version of Hannya Mod, moreover there is the possibility of placing them on the Mod also upside down or on both sides and this considerably increases the available graphic options of Hannya II Mod.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; 510 cup:
At the top the steel 510 cup is positioned in the center and is screwed to the frame with three torx screws. The thread inside the thread is sliding and the pin is spring loaded and gold plated. The stainless steel cup can accommodate atomizers up to 25mm with no protrusions, plus it is slightly raised to prevent the mod from being scratched by the atomizers.

Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod

At the bottom of the mod you can see eight fake ventilation holes and two recesses to make it easier to remove the side panels.

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Display:
On the front of the mod you can see, the Fire button (above the display), the "+/-" buttons (below the display) and the USB-C charging socket. All three buttons are made of plastic, are easily accessible and are inserted into the Mod more precisely than the original Hannya Mod.

The Display has 6 color options and is sufficiently large and with good data readability. In the power mode main menu, the display shows; output mode, power, voltage, resistive value, time of the last puff, total puff counter, graphic level of the batteries.

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Operating Guide:

• The power can be adjusted from 1 to 100W in steps of 0.1W at a time and from 100 to 230W in steps of 1W at a time.
• The Prehit can be adjusted to 5 points within two seconds.
• 5 clicks on the Fire button to turn the Mod on / off.
• After starting the Mod, the screen displays two logos in succession, then enters the main interface.
• The screen enters Sleep mode after 30s if the device is not used.
• To lock / unlock the adjustment keys, press the "+ and -" keys at the same time
• Clear Puff: Press the fire key and the "+ and -" keys at the same time
• Menu: Press the Fire key 3 times, the VW boxflashes, then by pressing the "+" key you can move through the boxes; TI, SS, NI, DVW, TCR, Bypass and press the Fire button to select the option or wait.
• Select the color: Press the Fire button 3 times, the VW box flashes, press fire to block, press the "+" button and the Fire button together to change color between; blue, light blue, orange, green, white, red. Press or wait to confirm.

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Protections:
• Short circuit
protection • Reverse connection
protection • Over temperature
protection • Low voltage
protection • High voltage protection
• Time out 10s

► Vapelustion Hannya II 2 Mod; Final conclusions:
Why choose Hannya II Mod? For a number of reasons that convinced me and they are:
• 1: Compared to similar creations Hannya is lighter and weighs from 30 to 40% less.
• 2: It can be aesthetically customized with the side panels supplied.
• 3: It costs relatively little and has a powerful, responsive, widely adjustable circuit that supports various Vaping modes with precise indications that are shown on its colored display.
• 4: The chip adopts the voltage converter and can maximize the battery life with a fairly balanced discharge phase of the two cells.
• 5: This powerful Mod combines a classic form factor with an artistic look of the panels that are sublime decorated (I like the genre).

Thank you for reading!