Hi vapers, today I will talk to you about the new Pulse 2 - Vady Vape, mod now reviewed far and wide, but I also want to give my opinion about it. I got the "black carbon fiber" color, but other variants are also available:

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod

In the upper part of the packaging we find a photo of the product and the manufacturer's logos, in the back there are the usual CE / disposal marks, the "scratch and check" and some warnings.

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod

Inside we find manuals and spare parts:

2 * Instruction Manual;
1 * Warranty Card;
1 * QC Type-C USB Cable;
1 * User Guidance;
1 * 18650 Battery Adapter;
1 * Squeeze Bottle (additional to the one already installed).

As already mentioned, this mod has already been extensively covered by several other colleagues and for this I will not dwell much on the details, but rather I will try to give you my impressions on its use. Let's start with the general characteristics: the mod measures 82.3 * 28.4 * 54.7mm built entirely in ABS nylon which provides it with a certain lightness, but which does not make it excellent to the touch (you feel that it is plastic and the feeling is not the best). However, overall I like the aesthetic, clean and simple.

As by now tradition, it mounts 2 * 700 cells and 18650 cells with the adapter, it has a maximum output of 95W, these characteristics make it excellent for cheek vape and flavor. On the contrary, if you are looking for a lung mod I recommend a dual battery.

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod

I liked the side and slightly recessed snitch, especially for the fact that being “hidden” you avoid pressing it unknowingly during transport. The refill takes place from below by unscrewing the appropriate cap, the capacity is about 8ml. Finally, the fairly rigid material of the snitch allows an excellent squonk managing to dose the quantity of liquid.

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod

The circuit is the classic of Vandy Vape, after all what we also find in the younger sister, but with an addition, the impermeability. In my opinion, it is a fundamental feature since we often read about box squonks that go short because the liquid has ruined the chip.

Various dispensing modes are available: Power Mode, Bypass Mode, Voltage Mode, TC -NI Mode, TC - SS Mode and TC -TI Mode.

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod

After a general picture here is what I think of this Vandy Vape Pulse 2: the design is not too attractive, but I like it that way; all black from a sense of sobriety and simplicity that I do not disdain at all. Indeed, to see it from a distance it almost looks like a high-end mod, if it were not for the huge Vandy Vape lettering on the side.

I liked the refill system a lot because it eliminates a lot of trouble related to the leakage of liquid during the extraction and re-insertion of the snitch. However, it still needs to be improved because after each refill a wipe must always be given.

As for the chip, there is not much to add, it does what it needs without pretension. For me they could also eliminate the bypass and voltage function.

It is a mod that I recommend to all those looking for a functional product that works well without having to go too crazy for a possible cleaning or other. Also excellent for those looking for an all-day forklift.



Good refill system;
Easy to use;
Good circuit;


There are no cons to point out.

That's all for this review too!