Review of the Vandy Vape Berserker V2 MTL RTA, whose Body material: stainless steel Atomizer type: RTA Capacity: 3ml Diameter: 24mm Height: 47/55 / 60.5mm with drip type / 34mm without drip type Connector: 510, pin gold-plated Weight: 58g Color: see the photo below Package Contents

Berserker V2 MTL RTA


- Berserker V2 MTL RTA

- 2 pcs prewound coils

- 2 pcsadditional drip types

- 6 pcs replaceable blowing nozzles (one pre-installed)

- spare origins

- spare screws

- spare flask

- spare refueling gasket

- spare silicone seal

- screwdriver

- user manual

We start, as always, with the appearance, since this factor is also important even for a cigarette owner. I will say right away that this is probably the cutest of the berserkers for me personally. I like the fact that it turned out to be a kind of stocky, squat, again, the massive metal part and "small" glass for the sake of the current fashion trends I like.

And everything would be fine, but why a diameter of 24mm - I see no objective reasons for such a decision. Perhaps this was done for the sake of capacity or in order to gash down, according to a long-standing tradition, then the mini version is unknown. But I think the issue of roominess could have been solved in another way, but more on that later.

Drip types are something for which the co-author has separate respect. As you know, there are never many of them, and although I almost never use complete copies of cigarettes, possession of them still warms my soul.

In defense of the latter, I can say that they are all quite decent - they are not friends with condensate, and they work out for the top five. The situation will especially please those who like higher specimens, although there is no practical need for it - the tank hardly heats up during operation.

And by the way, I do not remember what the inner diameter of the previous versions was, but here it is 4mm, which is good. A platform for installation with a diameter of about 14.8mm, if anyone needs it, the landing is naturally 510th.


The lid - oh, this lid ... I think it will become the reason for a lot of obscene statements from almost every owner of the subject. It seems that in the previous revision they have already defeated the slurry bursting out, and all the fans breathed a sigh of relief. So no, get it, sign - new tests.

In general, it is executed in the manner of a bayonet - half-turn, closes counterclockwise. That is, when twisting the tank from the mod, you can take it, when screwing it up, not, or then you have to close it. This is a design feature, not otherwise. It seems to be fixed normally (but without origins), but I would not trust her 100%.

Fortunately, the filling holes are covered with slot-type plugs, which, even in an inverted state, do not let the slurry out. By the way, there is an additional gasket already with open holes, but I would definitely not recommend using it in view of the above. There is condensation at the site of the mine dismemberment but in non-critical quantities.

The dome with an inner diameter of 14 mm (that is, you understand that the outer diameter of the tank had much to be reduced), the processing is rather spherical. The diameter of the shaft is probably 4.5mm - no less. And here I will quickly return once again to the moment of reduction in size - if it were not for the massive upper part made of metal - a tribute to fashion and the pursuit of "pseudo-innovative" solutions (I'm talking about the lid construct), then the tank could easily be normal 22mm in diameter.

Naturally, I don't drown for 22mm, as an axiom, just why 24, when you can do 22. Ok - they forgot, swallowed, digested. Let's return to the stages - a yellow glass, or rather a plastic flask will certainly delight fans. A kind of tribute to the long-standing traditions of the line, and it's always nice to have special stages.

Berserker V2 MTL RTA

Here, perhaps, the most grandiose changes took place. Both posts have migrated to one side, but are still ready to fix one spiral correctly. The distance between the holes is about 4.5mm, and the holes for the fasteners are large. Therefore, you can stick a small conventional coil and even a relatively multi-turn or space instance here. Wells for cotton are convenient, there are limiters, but the deck is suspended in the thickness of the tank too high - you will have to leave the tails so that the slurry is drunk to the bottom, or twist with a setup, like maracas.

Berserker V2 MTL RTA

For blowing, replaceable nozzles are now responsible, which can be changed to hot, but the tank still has to be disassembled beforehand for this manipulation. And we remember how to disassemble it - it's inconvenient - that's right, the cover) There are many options for nozzles, however, one of the most popular diameters of 1.2mm is missing - it would be useful to me.

It is possible to extract and "lure" them back without the participation of any tool - it is convenient - just do not cut your nails short) Maintenance is a trifling matter - in this regard, the base is certainly convenient.

However, you need to be careful with the nozzles - I did not risk burning a spiral over them. Therefore, you first have to put it on, then adjust the coil, then remove it, then burn it, then insert it again and only after that deal with the cotton wool. It's okay - it's even more interesting)

However, the airflow adjustment is not limited to replaceable nozzles, there is also a removable rotary ring with a stopper. There are many air inlets, but they are all the same diameter. I must admit that it works great - it can be used to significantly adjust the tightening. In fact, we have on opposite sides of the barricades a decently tight cigarette bar and a rather tight hookah bar. Although the last one can hardly be called a hookah, but the variability is obvious.

Berserker V2 MTL RTA

Well, what is left to tell you about the most important thing And, unfortunately, I will not say anything new - it seems to me that the level of taste transfer of the updated berse has remained at the same average level. I have always argued that this line is a strong (so be it) middle peasant, this expression is completely true in relation to the subject.

But TX, as it seemed to me, increased a little - a good level - the beers became more playful or something, but it seems that the steam did not work up, which is naturally gratifying. I managed to achieve the most interesting taste transfer, surprisingly, at two-point holes, and above I, I remember, lamented that there is no 1.2mm nozzle, but there is something incomprehensible))) Impressions

Berserker V2 MTL RTA

Normal impressions - it was interesting, as always. I like that the manufacturer and the co-author keep the brand on the same level - this is commendable, but still we need to grow - I mean taste transfer - otherwise why all these new revisions, just for the sake of making money? If both sides are satisfied with a similar situation - ce la vie - fans will have to come to terms with it. Which, however, they have been doing for several years.

I'm not going to find fault with the novelty, otherwise, you will think of it here - it was made very decently - here you will find the design, as always, nice, and the construction of the deck with nozzles is suitable, and even the taste is normal.

Yes, of course, they were clearly too clever with the lid, but I'm sure that the new outfit will come to an impressive army of fans. But still, the feeling that the developers are marking time in one place does not leave me.

Although, on the other hand, they are at least trampling on, doing something, updating, changing, while others generally took a "position of neutrality", or even went into the development of pods. In short, enough demagoguery, otherwise it’s not far from politics. It is naturally possible to recommend the subject, and the price tag is quite disposed to this.


Replaceable blower nozzles and hot replacement
Normal taste and good TX level
Maintenance-friendly deck
True cigarette puff with two adjustment options


Not the most reliable and convenient cover
"Unjustified" diameter 24mm (IMHO, of course)
Small capacity for such dimensions