Hello dear vapers, today I want to talk to you about the Drag S limited edition, a mod by Voopoo that for this special version is supplied together with the Vmate pod.

It arrives at home in a rigid cardboard package on whose sleeve in the front part we can immediately see an image of the products contained inside, a coupon will also indicate the color chosen for our Drag S. On the back are shown the contents of the package, the manufacturer's addresses, some safety indications, a scratch and check code to verify its authenticity and the now-classic certification marks. On the sides we find the social networks on which Vopoo is active and a Qrcode through which to reach technical support.

VOOPOO Drag S & Vmate Pod

Inside the package we find:

1 x Drag S device
1 x Vmate pod (0.7Ω - 3ml / 2ml in TPD version )
1 x PnP pod (4.5ml / 2ml in TPD version )
1 x PnP VM5 0.2Ω coil
1 x PnP VM1 0.3Ω coil
1 x USB Type-C charging cable
2 x multilingual instruction manuals (including Italian)

The Drag S Limited edition is available in the following colors:

VOOPOO Drag S & Vmate Pod

The one that I got is the one in the Marsala color:

VOOPOO Drag S & Vmate Pod


VOOPOO Drag S & Vmate Pod

The Drag S is a mod powered by a built-in 2500 mAh battery, it can deliver from 5W to 60W (with 1W steps) and is able to read resistances in a range between 0.1Ω and 3Ω.

Made of metal (it is not specified but I believe it is zinc alloy) and leather (I would say fake), in its standard version (with 4.5ml Pod) its dimensions are 87mm x 33mm x 28mm for a weight (without liquid in the tank) of about 150 grams.

On the front, in addition to the fire button and the + and - adjustment ones, we find the fast charging port (5V / 2A) USB Type-C through which in addition to the normal charging of the device there will be the possibility of software updates (recently it is TC function has been added but I do not feel like recommending this update given the problems encountered by several users).

In the upper part of the box, a metal lever will allow us to adjust the opening of the air inlet slots. Depending on the vape modality chosen (also mtl with the appropriate pods) it will be possible to switch from a fairly closed shot to a real long shot .

The mod is also equipped with all the classic protections that will guarantee use in total safety even for the less experienced vaper.


Let's now see the features of this mod, managed by Voopoo's GeneTT Chip.

With the classic 5 clicks of the fire button, we turn on the box

VOOPOO Drag S & Vmate Pod

All the classic vaping information will be shown on the bright and colorful 0.96-inch screen (wattage and corresponding supply voltage will be displayed at the same time) as well as a kind of graph (those bars) to represent the trend of our puffs.

With 3 clicks of the fire button we will change the vaping mode, those available to us are:

Main modes: S - intelligent mode - using the appropriate PnP coils the box will be able to evaluate and set the optimal wattage to use directly.

R - RBA mode - customized watt setting. With this mode s it will also be possible to use any other type of tank (with a special adapter not included in the package)

For each of these main modes we will have two other secondary ones available:

Secondary modes: P - Manual mode - classic mode with activation of the shot by pressing the fire button A&P - double ignition mode - in addition to activation via the fire button in this mode we will also have automatic shooting (which will only work with Vopoo's PnP pods and not with compatible products or tanks used with 510 adapter).

In addition to this, we will be able to delete the number of puffs by simultaneously pressing the fire button and the - button, lock / unlock the mod by simultaneously pressing the fire button and the + button (the adjustment and fire buttons will be locked but we will still be able to vape using the automatic shot ) or display the software version by simultaneously pressing the fire button, the + button and the - button.

VOOPOO Drag S & Vmate Pod

VOOPOO Drag S & Vmate Pod

The Pnp pod tank supplied in the package is the classic tank that we can find on other devices of the Voopoo family. Suitable for a purely pulmonary vape or in flavor, its capacity is 4.5ml and, both the refill and the installation of the coils will be very simple operations. It is compatible with all the coils of the PnP series and for those who want to regenerate there will be the possibility of using a special RBA (sold separately).

For those who prefer an mtl shot Voopoo offers us a different type of pod certainly more suitable for this mode of vaping (also available separately) although, given the size of the air holes, I believe that even in this mode you will get more a shot tending to flavor rather than a pure lt .


VOOPOO Drag S & Vmate Pod

The Vmate Pod available in the kit is a classic pod, with automatic shooting made of zinc alloy that has dimensions 95.5mm x 14.9mm x 28.5mm, which for a weight of about 45 grams. The only color available is the one in the photo, the Space Gray.

It is powered by an integrated 900 mAh battery, it can deliver a maximum power of 17W and its recharge will take place through a USB Type-C port on the bottom (5V / 1A).

On the sides, we will find 2 small holes (1 per side) which will serve as an air inlet for the pod and another small hole, equipped with a luminous LED, which will indicate the correct functioning and the state of charge of the battery.

In particular we will have:

charge> 60% - green light
charge between 60% and 20% - blue light
charge <20% - red light

When the battery is low, the red LED will flash 10 times indicating that the pod will need to be recharged. While recharging, the LED will start flashing and only when the green light remains steady will the complete recharge take place.

VOOPOO Drag S & Vmate Pod

There are two cartridges available with integrated resistance (0.7Ω mesh coil or 1.2Ω), only the 0.7Ω one is supplied in the kit. Furthermore, since there is no direction of insertion, we will not need to pay particular attention when we are going to insert it into the battery.

The refill, as can be seen from the images, is very simple and as per the manual it is advisable to fill the pod for about 2/3 and then wait 5 minutes for the first initialization before using it.


We start from the Drag S. For my considerations this time I will not dwell too much, this product has been on the market for some time and has been reviewed several times. Perhaps the first of this concept, which was then widely copied by several competing manufacturers as well as by Voopoo itself with the Drag X and the Argus.

As already said many times, I also consider this Drag S an excellent product, aesthetically beautiful and functional, with a big pro that is given by the PnP coils which for me are the real strength of the mod, in addition to the possibility of getting more Pods. alternating them in an instant during the day with our favorite liquids, given the speed of installation.

What I want to focus on, however, are some "anomalies", which I will not call problems because I could only notice them with the use of compatible and non-original products. As I have said several times my favorite vaping mode is the mtl one and for this reason, I got an alternative pod, the Auguse Draw mtl pod, a simple regenerable compatible with all these systems that host the classic PnP pods.

The first anomaly noticed is the one that perhaps had already been reported by other users. In practice, using coils above 1Ω when the battery is discharged, the box begins to work like a mechanic, no longer delivering the power we require but only the one that is able to deliver depending on the residual charge, so (I do a random example without the values actually read on the display) I will find that my coil will work at 2 Volts regardless of whether I have set 10W or 60W on the display. With the PnP pods, I had never noticed this thing, which strangely only came out with this compatible tank set in mtl .

The second anomaly instead concerns the coil readings made by the circuit. Also in this case, in my opinion, the circuit works in a somewhat "crafty" way but then affects our use. In practice, the Gene chip has a smart function capable of identifying the inserted coil and providing us with the ideal wattage of use. Although I have set the Rba mode through which I will be able to manage the wattage, the circuit continues to think as if it were in smart mode, letting me vary the wattage to my taste, but going to approximate the resistive value read to the values of the PnP coils. standard. For example, going to make a coilfrom 1.08Ω this will be detected as a 1.2Ω one or a 0.7Ω one will be approximated to 0.6Ω ... In practice it approximates all the readings to the values of the standard voopoo coils and at this point I explain why the reading was always so precise with the PnP coils. I think this thing will also happen with the original Rba but not having it I cannot verify and it is an anomaly that had not happened to me on the Drag mini, also equipped with the Gene chip, but on which the readings were normal so I would say that this "clever" on the software side it has only been implemented on this type of pod device.

Let's now move on to the Vmate pod. By now on the market, there are an infinity of these products, which haunt us almost daily. Even this Vmate is no less but unfortunately, I will not be able to evaluate it on the aromatic level since despite having followed all the steps indicated in the manual for refilling the liquid and using it has given me back from the first shots a strong burnt taste for which I assume that the pod or battery came out failed. Doing some research online, I was able to see however that this product is not for sale individually but can only be purchased through this limited edition kit while on the contrary, the pods are easily available so if I were to decide to buy them I will do some further verification on their operation. For what little, indeed very little that I tried it I can say that the shot is open,MTL , but my question when I see these gadgets is always one ... ok the convenience, portability and the possibility of changing pods with different tastes .. but since they are designed to bring e-cigs closer to those who want to quit smoking, for which damn why do all still drip tip that more than from a cigarette seems to pull from a flute? I don't think I'll ever find out ..

Having said that, I remind you that for any questions or further information I remain at your disposal.