Hello everyone,
I would like to present you this new Refresh version of the famous VooPoo box, now sold only in kit version.

I open the typical VooPoo package and find:
Obviously the box
User manual in many languages including Italian
One USB / miniUSB cable
A plastic and metal atom that can universally accommodate all VooPoo PnP coils
One 0.15 Ohm coil (recommended use between 60 and 80 Watt)
A 0.20 Ohm coil (recommended use between 40 and 60 Watt)

First impact

I am a fan of VooPoo of which I already own the Drag Mini in the Platinum version and the Drag 2.
The aesthetics are the same in every way as a Drag Mini in its first version.
Impossible to distinguish them by eye.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a lover of square boxes, so my aesthetic satisfaction is at the highest levels.
The "touch & feel" is excellent, VooPoo maintains the winning combination with one side in steel and the other in coated resin.

Aesthetics and dimensions

The specimen sent to me has the "Coral" color , but is available in four other colors.
The peculiarity of these colored resin panels is that, even between panels of the same model, they are all different from each other: the model maintains the combination of colors, but they are always distributed on the panel in a different way.

The rest of the box is in black steel with the usual DRAG writing on one side, now a trademark.

At the moment it exists only in this black variant, there is no Platinum version as in the Drag Mini first version. Dimensions

VOOPOO Drag Mini Refresh Edition Kit

  • Height 81.5mm (box only) | 127.6mm (including 4.5ml PnP Pod Tank)
  • Width 48.5mm
  • Thickness 25.5mm

In practice it is identical to the first version and is obviously smaller than its older sister VooPoo Drag2.
Its direct competitor might be the Vaporesso GEN Nano, but while the VooPoo outperforms it by nearly an inch in size, it outclasses it in battery capacity.

The VooPoo Drag Mini refresh has a built-in 4400mAh battery, compared to just the competitor's 2000mAh. More than double. Technical data On the side of the display (usually 0.91 inch) we find the "fire" key and the "Plus" and "Minus" keys with which we can also navigate the menu. The display shows:

  • Battery charge (each individual battery has its own icon)
  • Resistance reading in Ohm (accurate when compared with other boxes)
  • The Volts delivered by the box (do not worry if you see 0.00 indicated, as soon as you activate the Fire button you will have a precise indication regarding the delivery of the volts)
  • The seconds of duration of the last puff
  • The Watts supplied
  • The menu mode selected from the 5 available

The menus we can choose from are precisely 5:

Smart Mode [on the display you will see the writing S in the upper right corner]

It is the mode integrated by this version of the Gene Chip to make the 4.5ml PnP Pod Tank work at its best.

The box automatically recognizes the coil inserted in the atom and sets itself on the best wattage at which the coil can work. This allows a long life of the coil and an always optimized vaping experience.

RBA Mode [the writing R will appear on the display in the upper right corner]

It is the classic VariWatt with the possibility of supplying from 5 to 117 Watt.

As VooPoo has already accustomed us to verify on its boxes it is possible to pass only Watts into Watts without decimals.

TC Mode / the temperature control that works with NI200, TI01, SS316. The temperatures can be set in the range 100 ° -315 ° C or 200 ° - 600 ° F

Custom mode / allows you to create your own custom menu and store it in M1 or M2

FIT Mode / is the default mode, personally I don't find it very useful.

The box has a standard 510 attack to accommodate all the atoms currently on the market.

It reads resistances from 0.05 to 5.0 Ohm (therefore from the lung up to any type of cheek configuration) since it guarantees delivery from 5 to 117 Watts of power.

The box has 7 levels of protection!

I leave you with an image that lists them all. Test I have tested it with different atoms. I tested it with both head systems and regenerable systems. Since the cup is flat and without steps or limitations there are no size problems on the atoms, you can mount anything on it.

Up to 24mm you will not have the problem of having an atomizer wider than the box, with 26mm you are sleeping, if you go further you will have to be content with seeing it pop up on the sides.


With cheek atoms it has a precise and timely dispensing.

Even with flavor and lung settings it behaves well: where you are not looking at the half Watt, the supply is powerful and makes the mounted resistors work with satisfaction.

I pushed it up to 100 Watts of the 117 available, I would say that it performs well and the maximum wattages are almost superfluous unless you are looking for extreme vaping.

Battery Battery

management seemed excellent and improved to me.

Used in MTL it easily reaches two days of use with an average of 3 tanks per day of vaporized liquids.

The whole day is practically impossible not to overcome it, even with a compulsive vape.

I liked the fact that the circuit, in addition to ensuring a constant supply until the last, also allows you to take advantage of the batteries until the last, without those unpleasant "check battery" that I encountered when it was the last notch in the previous model.


The only thing that needs to be considered is that, having the built-in battery, it is not possible to vape when it is attached to the charging cable, as the box does not activate when charged. For some (including me) this can be a flaw.


I list only three:
The 5 menu setting modes
The reliability of the Gene Chip
The small improvements compared to the previous model that provide for a continuous study of its projects by VooPoo


Conclusions and comparison with the previous model

It is obvious that VooPoo has tried to make an encore after the success of the first version of the Drag Mini.
He made this version which, although cheaper for our wallet, is full of improvements.
Let's make a practical comparison:

In the first version there were 2 menus: the first was accessed by 3 clicks on the activation button and allowed to reach the variWatt, TC and FIT settings (with 3 available slots).

The second menu, on the other hand, was accessible by pressing the + key and the - key at the same time and allowed to reach the customized mode (with 5 slots available) or to return to variWatts.

With the new version of the Chip, on the other hand, all the menu items can be reached via 3 clicks on the activation button, so the menu has finally been unified.

It is true, the slots for the FIT mode and 2 for the custom one have been limited to 2, but it is gained in immediacy of use.

Probably the many criticisms on the too convoluted menus have been accepted and the defects improved!

The + and - keys are left with the standard tasks of raising and lowering the Wattage, and of rotating the display or locking the box if pressed simultaneously with the Fire key.

Another improvement that I really liked is the one concerning the battery management.

With the first version there was often a sudden drop in the last two notches of charge indication.

With this new version there seems to have been an optimization with the result of a longer duration and a more constant discharge.

But there is no doubt that this box was created to make the atom / pod with which it comes supplied work at its best. The atom is a hard and resistant plastic capsule (at first glance it looks like glass) inside which the coil is installed by pressure. Once this operation has been done, it rests on the metal base with 510 connection, to which it remains firm thanks to a magnet. Through a precise ring on the metal base it is possible to select the contrast of the shot. The choice of coils for this atom / pod is endless! VooPoo offers its PnP coils in 11 different models with resistances ranging from 0.15 Ohm to 1.2Ohm

You can find all 11 here: https://www.sourcemore.com/voopoo-pnp-replacement-coil.html

If that weren't enough, the regenerable head should also arrive soon.

This RBA would seem more suitable for an MTL or Flavor shot.

You can find it here: https://www.sourcemore.com/voopoo-pnp-rba-coil.html

I tried the 0.15 and 0.20 Ohm ones.

I put synthetic and frozen liquids in them for a summer lung vape, they are both promoted (with my preference for the 0.20 Ohm one).

But I would say that by now VooPoo has attested to excellent performance with its pre-made coils, as we have seen with all the pods it is launching lately.

The U-Force atom that was supplied and its coils now seem prehistoric in comparison to this new system and its coil park.

This box is nothing more than an added value for those who want to enjoy VooPoo coils and at the same time have a system with which to mount their own personal atoms.

Here the kit box with the atom: https://www.sourcemore.com/voopoo-drag-mini-refresh-edition-kit.html

remain available for further information or questions from you!