Hi everyone,

I review this Tesla P226 TC Starter Kit today!

The kit consists of the P226 box and the atom Tind

It is available in the following colors:

Tesla P226 Kit

The one in my possession is Gun Metal colored

It arrives in a box where we find the photo of the kit in the upper part and the characteristics in the lower part.

In the following images, you will find the characteristics of both products.

Tesla P226 Kit

Tesla P226 Kit


P226 box mod


The P226 is a dual battery box that can deliver up to 220 w.

It has the peculiarity of having been designed in a military style and should be resistant to falls. Obviously, I have not tested it at this juncture but I believe that the producer can be trusted.

It is made of zinc alloy and has 2 plastic inserts on the sides that recall the military style.

Tesla P226 Kit

Tesla P226 Kit

On the narrow side we find the display, the power button, the + and - buttons and the USB socket for charging or updating the firmware.

Tesla P226 Kit

As opposed to the display, the box is rounded to allow an excellent grip.

Tesla P226 Kit

In the lower part, we find the hatch with the vent holes and the usual logos.

By sliding it, we will open it to access the battery compartment.

On the upper part we find the cup that will house the tank.

I honestly do not understand the fact that there is not a large cup to prevent the tank from ruining the paint and therefore I recommend using a sponge to protect the paint.

And here is the display on.

Tesla P226 Kit

The display is a very bright 0.96 "oled, even in the sun.

It turns on / off with 5 clicks while with 3 clicks, you access the settings menu.

When we screw the tank , it asks us to confirm the value of the coil and, thanks to the smart mode, it will set the correct watt value for that type of coil.

Present the usual Hard, Soft, Normal and Curve modes to be able to customize our vape. Furthermore it is possible to set personal profiles with your preferences.

Obviously there is the TC / TCR mode but I will not tell you about it as I am not fond of temperature control.


Tesla Tind tank


The tind is a coil atomizer prefacted by a very classic design.

It has a diameter of 28 mm and a capacity of 4.5 ml with the bubble glass supplied.

On the lower part we find the gold-plated pin while charging is done by unscrewing the upper cap.

A coil available for this atom is the TS-X3 from 0.18 with a range of use from 70w to 80w.

And here is the kit assembled.

Tesla P226 Kit


Final conclusions


Personally I find it to be a good cloud making kit.

The atom, I had already tried it with the Shinyo, and I can confirm its good functioning.

Important steam production and an excellent flavor with both creamy and fruity flavors.

The coil takes a bit of time to get up to speed, but after just a tank , we will vape it with satisfaction.

As for the box, I liked it: it's not really very light, but it holds well in the hand thanks to its shapes.

The delivery is instantaneous and precise. As for the battery life, I can only say by eye that it is quite good. I cannot be more precise as there is no count of the puffs on the display .... a real shame.

But they are not all roses and flowers .....

We come to the main problem ... the fire button.

It is positive that it is nice big but the fact that it is not protected on the sides by the box, could make it hook to the pockets while we take it out or store it.

Last but not least, the fire button has absolutely no good feedback. It is too soft and many times I started the delivery by mistake while grabbing the box.

To make you understand the answer of the button, I ask you to think of a box that has suffered the loss of liquid by a tank. Who knows how many times it happened to you .... especially at the beginning. Here now try to imagine the button fire of that box, after the infiltration ....... the button of the P226 is just like that.

Soft soft, with almost a click.

Except for the button chapter, this is a kit that I would recommend for all the reasons I listed above.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.