Another novelty Smok RPM 2S is a continuation of Smok RPM 2. The gadget has the ability to operate from one 18650 battery and has an impressive cartridge volume - 7ml.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit


1 Package
2 Information for information
3 Technical parameters
4 Cartridge, evaporators, RBA
5 Device, board settings
6 The difference between Smok RPM 2s and Smok RPM 2
7 Operating experience
8 Instruction
9 Cons and pros


Smok RPM 2S, two cartridges with pre-installed evaporators, 2 spacers for blowing, charging cable, instructions.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit


Smok RPM 2S is made of metal and plastic. Available in 6 colors: prism gold, red, prism blue, bright black, prism rainbow, prism deep tarnish. Powered by a proprietary board with support from 0.15 Ohm at a maximum power of up to 80 watts. Coils from the RPM line are installed in the cartridge, there is an airflow adjustment using rubber inserts.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit

Technical specifications

Output power: 1 to 80 W,
Supported resistance: 0.15 to 2.5 Ohm,
Used batteries: 1 * 18650,
Operating modes: VW,
Cartridge volume: 7 ml,
Maximum charge current: 1.4 A.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit


Height: 115 mm,
Width: 31 mm,
Thickness: 28.5 mm,
Weight: 102 \ 150 g.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit

Cartridge, evaporators, RBA

The appearance of the cartridge has not changed much from previous versions. Above is the usual for RPM flat non-removable drip tip.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit

The filling is located on the side under the plug. It does not spin, so you have to hold it with your finger to refuel.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit

The hole itself is not very large, so it will be inconvenient to refill bottles from TATU bottles. The volume of the tank is 7ml.

At the same time, the kit includes two cartridges with installed coils for different types of vapor: RPM 2 Pod with RPM 2 Mesh at 0.16 Ohm and RPM Pod with RPM Mesh at 0.4 Ohm. Therefore, for a conventional RPM cartridge, evaporators from the old line are suitable, including the RBA base. Airflow adjustment is not provided. The cartridge fits quite tightly in the mod on four magnets.

Device, board settings

Externally, the device has retained the features of the RPM line. The case is rectangular, with rounded edges and a glossy finish.

There are air vents on the upper sides. The front part houses a logo, a color screen, control buttons.

The charging port is located at the bottom on the side edge. On the reverse side we see a hook, with which you can remove the cover to access the battery.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit

The lid itself sits on three plastic tabs on each side without the use of magnets. Inside, we see the polarity of the battery installation and the extraction strip. The bottom contact runs quite tightly, so the battery does not dangle inside.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit

As a board, this pod uses IQ-X - a slightly updated version of the IQ-80, which was found in the Smok RPM80 Pro . On the main screen, we see the charge in the form of an indicator and percentage, power, resistance, timer and the number of puffs.

The power is variable from 1 to 80 watts in unit steps with circular scrolling. To lock the value, hold down plus and minus. You can also lock the device by pressing Fire three times. Additionally, you can reset the puffs by pressing the minus and Fire. Among the operating modes, only varivatt is available. For the rest of the characteristics, the board raises from 0.15 Ohm. The maximum charge current is 1.4 A.

The difference between Smok RPM 2s and Smok RPM 2

The first difference between the versions is the height - 2s higher than the second version by 7 mm. This is due to the fact that the 2s is powered by a replaceable 18650, and the RPM 2 has a built-in 2000 mAh battery. Otherwise, the package bundle is the same, the board is also used the same. Well, compared to the first RPM 40, the devices have become noticeably larger, the charging port has moved to the side edge, and the control buttons have also become slightly larger.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit

Operating experience

The coils are immediately installed in the cartridge, so the first couple of ml of liquid you can feel foreign tastes. It is unclear why Smok did not want to make a separate package of vapor. And after a little use, the coils opened. The 45-watt RPM 2 Mesh produces slightly cool steam. RPM Mesh at 0.4 ohm at the same power will be warmer. And they taste almost equally well because of the mesh.

Free thrust. The set has 2 spacers for airflow, so the tightening with them becomes tighter, but the question remains open - can they pop out and get lost or not? You can also buy RPM MTL coil with a small air duct.

The mouthpiece is not removable, but it is quite convenient to use it. The filling hole is large enough for most vials used. Also pleased with the volume of 7 ml. The cartridges are similar in appearance to RPM 40 , but they will not stand up from the old version due to their size. Fortunately, for versions 2 and 2s, there is a special one for the old RPM coils of the first version, so there is a wide selection of resistances, thrust stiffness, and a serviced base. True, RGC service will still be more convenient to configure. Therefore, one can dream that then cartridges for RGC and Nord coils will be presented for a complete variety.

SMOK RPM 2S Pod Mod Kit

The battery pack itself can hardly be called compact, but due to the beveled edges it fits comfortably in the hand. The painting is traditionally glossy, so you will have to use it carefully. The control buttons are large enough, unlike the RPM 40. They do not dangle, they are pressed with a slight click. The battery compartment cover is held by plastic latches, so there are questions about reliability.

During the tests, it sat tight, but after a long period of use there is a chance to bend or even break them. Therefore, I would like to see a couple of additional magnets for reliability. The bases of the mod also have bevels, so do not put it vertically underneath, which also not everyone will like. The installed board is quite simple, with a user-friendly interface. There were no problems with performance either, the device works almost instantly.

The board also supports PassThrough mode, which will save some users when the battery is discharged. The charge current is small, only 1.4 A, which looks a little strange for Type-C. As a result, we get the same RPM 40, but with a larger volume, on a new board and a replaceable battery. But the choice between RPM 2 and 2s will depend on the need to change the battery.

Cons and pros


- glossy finish,
- no airflow adjustment,
- the coils from the box are inserted into the cartridge, and not packed separately


- good taste on stock coils,
- small size,
- easy to use board,
- fast response.