Hello dear vapers, today I want to talk about the RPM25W kit.


It arrives home in a rigid cardboard package on whose sleeve, in the front part, we can immediately see a representative image of the product in the chosen color and some indications on its main characteristics. On the back there are the contents of the package, some precautions for use and the classic certification marks. On one side a scratch and check code will allow us to verify its authenticity.


Inside the package we find:
1 x RPM 25W device
1 x RPM 25W pod (2ml, 0.9Ω pre-installed LP1 mesh coil )
1 x LP1 0.9Ω mesh coil
1 x Usb Type-C charging cable
1 x Instruction Manual (English language only)

The RPM 25W is a pod with automatic shooting only with dimensions of 20.5mm x 23.2mm x 110mm for a weight (without liquid) of about 56 grams. On the back of our pod we can see a faux leather insert to give it an elegant, well-finished look but also prone to get dirty easily in case of contact with the liquid.


It can deliver from 5W to 25W (with 1W steps) and is powered by an integrated battery with a capacity of 900 mAh . It is equipped with a USB Type-C port for charging (5V / 1A) and it will take about 60 minutes to complete this operation.


In the upper part we can see the attachment of the pod where the magnets that will hold it in position are clearly visible. In pods with automatic shooting we can usually see a small hole at the base that will be used precisely for the activation of the shot. In this case the small hole is placed on the side (although unfortunately not visible in the picture) and, as usual, my advice is to regularly clean it from condensation (which in this pod is almost nothing) which could interfere with correct operation.


On the upper front part of the battery body we can see a manual wheel through which we can adjust the airflow. Rotating it we will discover holes of different sizes that will allow us to go from a tight mtl shot up to a restricted flavor.



With 5 clicks of the only button on the battery body we go to turn on / off the pod. A bright 0.69 ”screen will show us the essential information for using this device and, since it is a pod, this screen has an optimal size that makes it perfectly visible.

With the adjustment button we can also:

- adjust the wattage - press the adjustment button 3 times to adjust the wattage once the message starts flashing. Watt adjustment can only be done with increasing values and will restart once the maximum value is reached. Once the desired power has been selected, release the adjustment button so that it sets itself automatically after a few seconds

- puff cancellation - keep the adjustment key pressed. Once the writing showing the puffs starts flashing by pressing the key again, we can reset its value and confirmation will be given by waiting a few moments without pressing it again.


On the bottom of the mod we see the Usb Type-C port that we will need for charging.

Lastly, I remind you that this device is equipped with all the classic protections that will guarantee safe use even for the less experienced vaper.




The pod contained within this kit has a capacity of 2ml and, as you can see from the image, the resistance will simply be initialized and placed under pressure inside the pod. As you can see, the coil has a direction of insertion and the only attention to be taken into account will be precisely that of inserting it correctly in order to match it with the base.


To refill the liquid, simply lift the silicone tab positioned on one side. This operation can be carried out with all bottles with a narrow / pointed spout and we will have to be careful not to create air bubbles to prevent liquid from escaping by loading it. Nothing complicated but it is also true that there are much better and truly leak-proof solutions on the market. Personally I found it more convenient to refill while keeping the pod in the opposite position to that shown in the instructions.

The compatible coils for this device are those of the LP1 series, with values suitable for the mtl vape or the restricted flavor. Two 0.9Ω mesh coils are provided inside the package and I would have preferred the replacement one to have a different value in order to have an alternative to try.



The RPM25W is one of the many pods on the market and, like any other device in this category, it has pros and cons that must be evaluated according to the characteristics you are looking for.

Personally I found this pod to be very aesthetically beautiful, ergonomic and comfortable during daily use. The wattage adjustment and the large screen (since we are talking about a pod) are certainly points in favor of him that are often not implemented to simplify these devices even more but that offer that little bit more. Good regulation of the airflow which combined with an excellent construction of the cartridge ensure that the shot is always fluid and above all that the production of condensate is practically zero, thus avoiding us to go and clean the housing after each tank .

The 900 mAh battery will allow us to consume about two tanks . I, using it in a range between 16w and 18w, I managed to make about 380 puffs and, for those who need it, it will be possible to continue using it even if connected to the charger.

Good steam production as well as aromatic yield which, in my opinion, with resistances using a mesh system tends to sweeten liquids and made me prefer it with fresh fruit (also given the period) rather than with tobaccos. , even if the shot would be perfectly calibrated to be able to use this last type of aromas as well.

Let's see now what, in my opinion, should be improved ... Aesthetically, the faux leather gives it that touch of elegance that never hurts, but at the same time it is a critical part and more subject to getting dirty and wearing out, particular attention must be paid to not making so that it comes into contact with liquid which could dirty it making it difficult to clean.

Another point against it is the refill, not exaggeratedly uncomfortable it is true, but worse than several other systems that I happened to try where the attention to be paid to liquid leaks due to air bubbles was certainly less than this pod .

Lastly, only the automatic shot ... its operation is good but for my tastes also having the classic manual activation by means of a button is always positive, also to provide greater reactivity and consistency in the power supply.

In general, what to say, the product is valid as 90% of those on the market are now and with all its pros and cons it will be the end user who has to evaluate the one that comes closest to his needs.