Rincoe Manto Pro RDA Kit

Hello everyone! Today i have a very rare guest, Rincoe, on our table. Although, in fact, the guys in stock have a rather large assortment of various AML systems and not only devices from this manufacturer are rare in everyday vape and the circle of steam. And to be honest, it's a little pity, because the devices are very worthwhile and affordable ... And now let's get back to the culprit of our review - Rincoe Manto Pro 228W Mod!

Manto Pro 228W Mod is made of plastic. On the front side there is a display, a fire button and a plus or minus button. There is also a plug for charging. The start button is large and easy to press. Finding such a large button with your finger is not difficult in any position of the mod.

510 connector flaunts on top. it is located in the center and I like this arrangement most of all. The only drawback is the small area. Although it protrudes slightly above the main plastic case, and does not pose any problems at all, it still seems to me that there is not enough more footprint for drip tanks.

Rincoe Manto Pro Kit

On the reverse side there is nothing but the name of the mod model. Like the bottom and in general, the mod does not have an over design. Modest, individual originality ...

The side cover is held on two magnets. Also, two magnets are hidden in the body of the mod itself. Everything is kept very ill and reliably. During the test period, incidents never happened.

Rincoe Manto Pro 228W RDA Kit

Compartment for two 18650-format batteries. Batteries are not included. it's installed sequentially. That gives us a voltage rise of 6.0-8.4V. and maximum pair of 1-228W. With these indicators, the RincoeMantoPro 228WMod easily copes with windings of any size - (VW / BYPASS): 0.08-5.0ohm; TC (Ni / Ti / SS / TCR): 0.05-3.5ohm. ill, you see, these are pretty serious indicators, as for a plastic box.

 Rincoe Manto Pro 228W RDA Kit

The display is monochrome. Only the most necessary information is displayed, again, nothing more. That's why this mod is a huge plus from me. indication of each battery separately, charging is similar. Easily recharges the battery that has sagged in charge. The menu has only a standard set of functions - VW / TC (Ni200 / Ti / SS) / Bypass.

in general, the mod is available in three colors. Although in fact only the color of the covers will differ. The main body of the mod itself will be unchanged and with an identical coating. And with this minimalism, this box also has all kinds of protection: from discharge, from overcharging, from overheating, etc.

Rincoe Manto Pro

Summing up, we can assure you that the advantages of this mod are incredible. The most basic is the cost. Yes, promotional, temporary, but who rushes, he will become the happy owner of a cool device.

Also a plus in the work of the mod itself. He very quickly heats the spirals. it feels like a preheating function is already in it. When you click on the "fire", the tank begins to pile up immediately and is very productive. Although in fact, we did not find information on the manufacturer’s website that some eminent chip was installed in the MantoPro 228W.

We haven’t found any cons directly. ill, the plastic case can be attributed to minor flaws, but this nit-picking fades against the background of the price of a mod.

Recommended for use by all interested vapers. Without exception.