Hellvape Fat Rabbit Tank

Open! The fat rabbit is cute.

Hellvape Fat Rabbit Tank

It looks like this when viewed from below. There are two holes that look like mitochondria. The air drawn in at the top is carried through the pillars from this mitochondrial hole to the bottom.

Hellvape Fat Rabbit Tank

And the bottom parts. There is also an air hole on the bottom. Airflow control is a stepless type that stops when it is fully open and fully closed. There are 3 of these holes. I couldn't remove the bottom airflow control ring for some reason.

The hole in the middle is the one to which the coil head is fixed, and the space around the outside is where the air from the top enters.

I took the top parts that were turned over and the bottom of the correct position from directly above. Top airflow is connected from this hole to the bottom.

The maximum diameter of the bubble glass tube is less than 32 mm. The straight one is 28 mm. A bubble glass tube has a liquid capacity of 5 ml. 2 ml for straight.

Pre-installed coil head. H7-02 coil head. It is a single mesh. 0.2Ω. It is written as 80W. It's not the range, cook at 80W! I feel that. Knitting mesh. I like this. Coil inner diameter is less than 6mm. Big. When the coil head is returned to the bottom, it looks like this.

Hellvape Fat Rabbit Tank

Hellvape Fat Rabbit Tank

[Hellvape Fat Rabbit Tank specifications]

Outer diameter: 28 mm (less than 32 mm when using bubble glass tube)
Height: 46mm (excluding contacts) / 35mm (excluding Dorichi and contacts)
Liquid capacity: 2ml (straight glass) / 5ml (bubble tube)

Color variations are full black, gunmetal, black, SS, rainbow.
The inner diameter of the mesh coil is less than 6 mm. It's quite thick.

The coil head is compatible with SMOK's Baby Beast, so availability of the coil head is good.

Since the attached coil has a low resistance value, let's use it with a high power MOD such as a dual battery.

Even if the top and bottom are fully opened, you will feel a slight resistance. I cannot feel the breathing level subtly.

It was an interesting point that it was difficult for the atomized heat to accumulate, because the cooling effect was obtained by the air that entered from the top passing through the pillars inside the tank.

There are air holes on the top and bottom, and each is not so big, so the intake sound called schko is a little loud.

If you use a bubble glass tube, it will be out of most mods, so be careful not to break it.


Mesh coil

It's really smoke. MOD reading is 0.17Ω.
The liquid will be reduced.
It feels good, but it's quite delicious. US fruit liquids are pretty good.
The mist feels wet. It's not hot for the resistance value.
After all I like knitting mesh. The smoke is delicious.

Quad coil

It's four parallel shots. MOD reading is 0.15Ω. This is also smoke.
Bimyo has a better taste... is it thicker? I feel.
However, the draw is a little heavier than the one with one mesh.
It's DL enough, but I feel like I want to suck more with a sub ohm tank.
I also feel that there is more heat accumulated in the atomizer.
It's not like that.
By comparison, I think that I really like mesh coils.
This coil head is also excellent enough.

On the contrary, if it's so thick, it's cute.
The coil head has high compatibility, so I think it is a sub ohm tank that can be used for a long time.

That's it!