Hi everyone,

This time I review this Destiny RTA.

Destiny RTA is an atomizer born from the collaboration of Alex Vapers with Hellvape. It is a single coil atom of 24mm in diameter by 45mm in height. It has a capacity of 2ml which becomes 4ml with bubble glass.

Available in the following colors

Hellvape Destiny RTA

The one in my possession is black.

It arrives in an orange box with a transparent window that reveals the atom.

At the bottom we will find the features and the list of contents of the box.

Hellvape Destiny RTA

Inside we will find:

- Destiny RTA

- 510 adapter

- bag with spare parts

- 4 ml bubble glass

- pre-made 0.37ohm coil

- cotton

- manual and warnings

The drip tip has a very particular shape which makes it pleasant to use. It is very large on the outside but the hole that connects it to the fireplace is relatively narrow.

Hellvape Destiny RTA

On the lower part we find the gold-plated pin and the usual serigraphs.

The upper cap is not screwed but has an interlocking mechanism that allows access to the large eyelets making it make a small rotation.

Hellvape Destiny RTA

Dismantling it completely, we come to the deck.

Hellvape Destiny RTA

As mentioned at the beginning, this is a rather small single coil deck.

The air enters through the large slots located at the bottom and hits the coil on the side, exiting the turrets.

I found this deck particularly small and uncomfortable to regenerate.

Hellvape Destiny RTA

I tried the complex coil supplied but having to vape at higher wattages, I noticed that the atom tended to warm up a little.

Then I redone the coil with a simple wire: 7 turns on a tip of 3 of 316ss 24 ga.

With this regeneration I got a 0.35ohm coil and pushed it to 40 watts.

I tried to cotton it with the cotton present in the box but after some vaping, I proceeded to remove it as it is not of excellent quality.

The slots where to place the cotton are extremely small and therefore I recommend to thin it out a lot in order to avoid that it chokes the passage of the liquid.

Here is the cotonatura.

Hellvape Destiny RTA

As I anticipated, once I had thinned the cotton well, I placed it on the buttonholes and let it drop very little, about 1 mm.

And here's the rebuilt and assembled Destiny.

Hellvape Destiny RTA

Final conclusions


Being a single coil enthusiast , I had many expectations about this atom and in part, they were disappointed.

It is a very small and compact atom. It is well made and has no burrs or imperfections.

It is an atom to take our hand for regeneration: being the deck and the buttonholes very small, it is a bit difficult to position the coil and to cotton it.

With the bubble glass that brings the capacity to 4 ml, you have a fair autonomy as it is not an atom that "drinks" a lot.

We come to the things that I didn't like very much: the production of steam and flavor.

It produces quite dry steam but the quantity I found it low to be a single coil.

Let's say that with the same type of coil, I get better results from other atomizers.

With complex coils, the production of steam increases slightly but having to increase the watts, the heat also logically increases.

The flavor is from 6 .... it is not to be thrown away but it is not even an atom that excels. Using the same liquid that I am using on other atom, I noticed a flattening of the taste. I tried both creamy and fruity.

I do not say that it is a product to be discarded but not a must have.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.