The Artery Nugget GT Kit is the world's first double 18650 mod pod kit. It can deliver a maximum power of up to 200 W. It has a 0.96 "color screen. It is compatible with the XP coil core series. The AERO chip is designed to provide constant output power. It has an intelligent power setting to help prevent premature burns of the coils. Also available separately, it has a wide range of accessories such as the 510 adapter, the RBA base and the 8ml tank.

Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod Kit

Parameters of the Artery Nugget GT pod kit:

Measurements: 40x31 x 102mm
Weight: 140gr
Material: Zinc alloy + PCTG
range: 5-200W Voltage
range : 0.5-8V Supported resistance range 0.1-2.0Ω
Pod capacity: 8ml
Charging current: 2A

How the Artery Nugget 200W is made:

The frame of this mod, apart from small details, is made entirely of zinc alloy.
The lateral profile has a cylindrical shape well connected with the flattened parts in front and back.
On the upper part of the Mod on both sides, there are: the air-flow in the form of six very thin and flat slits, near the front panel, give the change to two other wider and shorter slits.

In the center there is an ergonomic recess useful for the fingers, slightly higher and towards the front panel there is a decorative insert of black color arranged vertically, this insert helps to improve the aesthetic appearance of the mod. The recess for one of our nails (the one you prefer) is obtained only on one side and is used to access the battery compartment.

Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod Kit

The front contains the "almost" completely round fire button, arranged above a black frame that also includes the Oled screen, the rocker arm of the up / down keys and the type-C charging socket.

The rear part is wider, flat but curved on the edges, it is essentially the battery compartment door. At the bottom we find the writing "Nugget GT Artery", at the top of the pod we can see the quick release button, like a clip belonging to the pod itself.

Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod Kit

The pod housing has a raised plastic top screwed to the mod, the shaped hole houses the bottom of the coil, which will make contact on the gold-plated pins that you see on the bottom. Also you can see the air-flow grids and the recess left free by the clip button of the pod, this recess has a lip positioned inside to adapt to the clip of the pod. With this system there is no need for magnets, the two parts engage with precision, the pod is easily extracted with pressure on the small button.

The bottom of the Nugget has six vent holes for the cells, the CE mark, the logo for disposal and the word "Designed by Artery"

Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod Kit

The battery compartment is made of fireproof material and is screwed to the frame by means of four screws. At the top and bottom of the respective recesses are the magnets, which are not visible as they are painted black.

The compartment also has a convenient strap for extracting the cells and four indications regarding the correct direction of insertion of the batteries. The two upper pins are spring loaded to facilitate operations.
As you can see, the internal part of the removable panel has two magnets placed centrally at the ends.

The right part of the image below shows the Nugget with 18650 cells inserted.

Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod Kit


The Pod:

The cartridge can hold up to 8 ml of e-liquid. Its shape follows that of the Mod; cylindrical on the sides and flattened on the sides.

The Drip tip has a fantastic shape for the lips, in addition it is swivel to always find maximum comfort with any handle, I like to keep it as in the picture, who does not like this mouthpiece, can always resort to the traditional replacement that Artery included in the kit.

Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod Kit

The refill takes place from the bottom through a hole of generous dimensions, the silicone tongue has a good grip.

In the image on the left we can see the differences between the two mouthpieces and partially see the inside of the two coils included in the package. These coils are push-in and pull-out.

The OLED screen is bright and clear in any ambient or external light. It has all the useful information for vaping in VW mode.

The cold light LED with 5 different selectable colors is activated when the fire button is pressed to vape, some may not like this scenographic effect, therefore Artery has intelligently made it deactivable.

Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod Kit

Let's now see some of the main settings of this Nugget GT sent to me by the Sourcemore online shop:

Power on /off: five clicks on the fire button.

To lock /unlock the settings (not dispensing), press the Up / Down buttons together.

By simultaneously clicking the Fire / Down buttons we can deactivate or change the color of the LEDs with side cold lights, the sequence is as follows: blue / green / purple /red /white / LED off.

To change the color of the screen (5 colors) just press Fire / Up the sequence is as follows: blue / green / purple / red / white.

To disable the limitation on the wattage, just click 3 times on the fire button (with the mod unlocked) and choose between power limit / ock or power limit / unlock, I recommend leaving it in lock as the system sets the optimal power and protects the coil from any distractions.

The image below collects all the information that may arise during the use of the mod.

Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod Kit

Below you specify which are the active safety protections. The graph instead shows the delivery curve of the Nugget GT compared to the average curve of some competitors.

Final thoughts:

The device in question is tall, slender, rounded, elegant and ergonomic, but how? It should be a Pod, in fact it comes with a huge cartridge and also its size if we compare it to any Pod are huge, as far as I'm concerned I think this is more a full-blown Mod, for this I would have liked the adapter 510, because I really like the object and it is undoubtedly the most beautiful and ergonomic pod I have ever seen or held in my hand, even if it is bigger than you would expect from a classic pod.

This mod offers no other vaping modes other than power, but its accessories make it extremely versatile, unfortunately, these accessories are not included in the kit. But we could always buy them from Sourcemore, which once again I thank you for not sending them to me ^^

The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, the intelligent detection function (power limit) is really useful, because the buttons are sensitive, if unfortunately you forget to lock the screen it would not be so difficult to find the 200w mod, how much would the coil last at this wattage? 1-2 seconds? But above all the blow in the throat at 200w would be devastating.

The air flow is not adjustable without the RBA base or the adapter for a tank with 510 connection. However I find the air flow absolutely adequate for the Coil 0.15Ω XP Core 60-80W (pre-installed), this coil with the power the inserted limit is automatically adjusted by the 65W chipset, I find that at this wattage it is perfect both in aroma and in the density of the vapor.

I expected less aroma and less steam from the Coil 0.40Ω XP Core 20-35W (included), in reality the biggest difference is only a less hot steam, the chipset sets it automatically to 30W, practically the battery autonomy doubles, the liquid in the 8ml tank lasts much longer and the aromatic yield is only slightly lower.

Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod Kit



Excellent finishes
Excellent battery autonomy
Simple to use
Interesting accessory line to make the Nuggett versatile
Very good performance of the supplied XP Core coils



Lack of adjustable airflow

I liked the Nugget GT 200W device, so I recommend it, I recommend you put its accessories in the cart and you will not regret it.