Good morning dear vapers,

today I want to tell you about the Z50 kit.

It arrives home in a rigid cardboard box on whose sleeve, on the front side, we can immediately see a representative image of the mod in the chosen color. The back shows the contents of the package, some of the peculiarities of the kit, the manufacturer's addresses, the scratch and check code that will allow us to verify its authenticity and the classic certification marks. On one side we can find the social addresses where Geekvape is active.

GeekVape Z50 Kit with Z Nano Tank

Inside the package we find:

1 x Z50 box mod
1 x Z Nano tank (pre-installed 3.5ml bubble glass)
1 x 2ml Replacement Glass
1 x B-series mesh coil 0.3Ω 30W-38W (pre-installed)
1 x B-series mesh coil 0.6Ω 15W-25W
1 x USB Type-C charging cable
1 x spare parts bag (various rings, replacement drip tip, coil removal tool )
1 x multilingual instruction manual (including Italian)
1 x warranty card

The Z50 kit is available in the following colors:

GeekVape Z50 Kit with Z Nano Tank

What was sent to me is the one in the Silver color:

GeekVape Z50 Kit with Z Nano Tank


GeekVape Z50 Kit with Z Nano Tank

The Z50 box mod aims to be the smallest integrated battery box currently on the market. With its metal body embellished with inserts and a front part in plastic material to protect the screen, its dimensions are 84mm x 24mm x 30.7mm for a weight of about 124 grams.

This small box with a capacity of 2000 mAh can deliver from 5W to 50W (with steps of 0.5W) and is able to read resistance in a range between 0.1Ω and 3Ω.

It is equipped with a USB Type-C port through which we can recharge it (fast charge 5V / 2A) and this operation will be completed in about 1h. It is also possible that future software updates will be made available.

As usual, the circuit is equipped with all the classic protections that will guarantee even the less experienced vaper use in total safety.

The cup features a self-adjusting floating pin and can accommodate atomizers up to 22mm in diameter.

On the bottom, instead of the classic vent holes, we find this small membrane that in the event of a malfunction of the box will melt, letting gas and any flare-ups of the battery escape. Very interesting choice by Geekvape which once again shows great attention and attention to detail in a small detail that may appear insignificant but which on its side has the advantage of further safeguarding the product from possible infiltration of dirt and liquid with a simple solution.

On the front, we find the fire button and the adjustment buttons + and - perfectly placed in their seats to avoid any kind of annoying game.

Through 5 clicks of the fire button, we go to turn on / off the box.

The bright and colorful screen will show us all the classic vaping information and it will be possible to view the wattage and the corresponding supply voltage at the same time.

GeekVape Z50 Kit with Z Nano Tank

Going to press the fire button 3 times, as we can see from the image, the writing showing the current vaping mode used will take on a blue color and at this point, using the + and - buttons we can change it (to confirm the choice we will have to hold down the button fire). By pressing the fire button once (when the selected mode is still in the confirmation phase - written in blue) we will be able to modify the parameters, lock the resistance value, reset the puff counter, depending on the mode in which we are.

The choices available to us will be:

- Power - classic variety mode

- Bypass - mode that simulates the delivery of a mechanical device

- VPC - setting a custom power curve

- TC SS - temperature control (steel only)

- TC TCR - temperature control by setting the TCR value


In addition to this we can set:

- ON / OFF key lock - press the + and - keys at the same time. The fire button will remain active and it will be possible to use the device to vape, but with the key lock active by pressing the fire button 3 times it will also be possible to lock/unlock the latter.

- Stealth mode - press the fire, + and - keys simultaneously to activate/deactivate this mode.

- Change theme color - in settings mode (written for example "POWER" in blue color) press the + and - keys simultaneously to change the color of the screen.

- Screen brightness adjustment - press the fire key and the + key at the same time to increase the brightness or the fire key and - key to decrease it.

- Software version - with the device switched off, press the + and - keys simultaneously.

- Factory data reset - after entering the previous mode, through which the software version is displayed, press the fire key, the + key and the - key at the same time to perform the reset.



GeekVape Z50 Kit with Z Nano Tank

The Z Nano tank is an atomizer with pre-made heads with a diameter of 21mm (at the base) that reaches up to 27 mm in its widest part (using the bubble tank ). It has a height of 52mm (including the drip tip) and weight (without liquid) of about 60 grams.

E 'compatible with all coil pretty B-series Geekvape that will allow us to find the one best suited to our tastes in terms of aroma / more steam remaining in a range of uses ranging from flavor small medium-low wattages up to a decidedly more open bringing us up to 50 watts of power allowed.

The air is regulated by means of an airflow ring placed just below the top cap. This ring is equipped with a limit switch and through its adjustment, we will discover 2 opposing slots in order to find our optimal adjustment. Being an atom top airflow we will not have to worry about leaks and everything will work very well guaranteeing us an always fluid and linear shot without gurgling. The only thing to point out, especially at the beginning, will be a certain difficulty in adjusting this ring due to the excellent tightness of the rings, a problem that will be mitigated by lubricating this part well and above all with the use that will cause them to wear out.

GeekVape Z50 Kit with Z Nano Tank

By removing the screw-top cap (there is no real thread but a sort of rotating joint) we will have access to the convenient refill slots. This operation will be possible with any type of bottle at our disposal even if I advise you to pay attention in case you have to use bottles with not too thin spout or drop pipettes.

GeekVape Z50 Kit with Z Nano Tank

Even the coil installation operation will be very simple for any novice. Once initialized, just unscrew the back and place it in its seat. Geekvape, to further facilitate everything, provides us in the spare parts with a convenient tool for removing the coil (convenient for example for those who struggle to carry out these operations with the nails).



After years of vaping I can say that I have tried several products, not many of this brand is true, but it is also true that every time I have been able to test them what struck me is the solidity and above all the great attention to detail that Geekvape puts into every project and which makes it one of the top companies in this sector.

I fell in love with this Z50 kit ... from the materials to the portability to the really smart choices made by the mind that conceived it.

Let's start from the box, an integrated battery suitable for both MTL and flavor, with a not exaggerated capacity, right for its size, which can be used throughout the day with all the 22mm atoms that we prefer. Almost completely made of metal it gives a real feeling of solidity and something lasting, finished in details like the film instead of the vent holes that really amazed me. It is difficult to find so much attention in low-cost products.

Personally, I tested it both with the tank supplied in the kit and with many other MTL in my possession and I liked it a lot without ever encountering any kind of problem. A reading of the coils is not flawless (+ 0.01Ω / 0.03Ω compared to the DNA) but never using the TC on these systems I have never considered it a big problem.

The Z Nano tank is a small flavor atomizer with pre-made heads and even here you can see that the choices have been made with a certain criterion. The atom is small, proportionate to the box, with the right capacity with its 3.5 ml even if for my personal taste I prefer it with the 2ml straight tank which makes it more harmonious and elegant (I hate the bubble tanks even if they are actually more practical). The choice of coils is perfect, nothing too extreme that heating it would affect the aroma. The heads, of easy availability view also the importance of the brand, are 2 coil to mesh with a good aromatic yield (even if inferior for my taste to those of Voopoo which I continue to consider the best) that always return an excellent shot without any kind of gurgling. For my tests, I used some fruity liquids (Round by Danielino and Shinobi killer vapor diluted on a 70/30 base) and I did not notice big aromatic differences between the 2, but I preferred the 0.6Ω coil which I consider more suitable as heating less it tends to return a cooler vapor suitable for these types of liquids. Not liking too high wattages I used this coil pushing it to 17W (excellent wattage also to make the battery last longer) and, even with close shots, I never had problems with dryness or excessive heat and I was able to fully enjoy a vape suitable for the season and which usually does not fall in my strings. Even the drip tip is perfect on this tank, neither too small nor too big and even after a couple of tanks the condensation found at the base of the top cap attack has always been very little.

As already mentioned above, this product really amazed me, it managed to make me passionate about a type of vape that I usually do not consider much, and I definitely recommend it to all those who are looking for something comfortable and functional in a good flavor product. which works well even at medium-low wattages, a big plus both in terms of consumption of liquid and battery when you are away from home.