Hiya fellow vaperinos, time for another review.

Today i will be reviewing the Geekvape Z200 that was sent to me by my friends over at sourcemore for the purposes of this review.

Not wanting to deviate from my usual review procedure i will provide you folks some nice images to start with just so you can get a quick grasp of the product that i am reviewing today.


GeekVape Z200 Kit


GeekVape Z200 Kit


GeekVape Z200 Kit


GeekVape Z200 Kit


GeekVape Z200 Kit

Unboxing and first impressions:

Remove the sleeve from the box then lift the top and voila!! all you need to start vaping is right there at your disposal.
Everything is neatly tucked away and packaged properly, these are the contents in the box:

1 x Geekvape Z200 (Z200) Mod
1 x Geekvape Z (Zeus) Subohm 2021 Tank (5.5ml)
2 x Geekvape Z Series Coil (Pre-installed:Z0.15 XM: 0.15Ω 70-85W,Spare coil: Z0.4: 0.4Ω 50-60W)
1 x Spare Glass Tube(5.5ml)
1 x USB Cable(Micro-USB)
1 x Coil Tool
1 x Spare Parts Pack


Dimension: 51.50*30*141.33mm
Output Power: 5W~200W
Battery Specification: Dual External 18650 battery
Tank Capacity: 5.5ml
Display Screen: 2.4-inch full screen
Charging Port: Micro USb
Operating Temperature: 0℃~45℃

First thing i do is reach for the mod since the tank i am already well familiarized with, is not a fan of blue which is the color i got but gotta say that it does look good.
I get a nice solid grip, squeeze the mod firmly a couple of times just to test the ruggedness of it and it feels pretty solid, no clicks, clacks, squeaks, clickity clacks or anything of that sort.
Keep in mind this is not a IP-rated mod so it will take less abuse when compared to an Aegis model.

First thing that draws my attention is the big screen,we talking about a 2.4-inch full screen which covers most of the side of the mod.
For us older folks that need glasses for the ''fine print'' this does seem like a good feature to have..

The charging port is on top and right by the 510 connectors, it's sealed pretty good with a rubber so if you're using it with this tank (top airflow) there is zero chance of you getting any e-liquid in it.
Charging thou is usb-b not usb-c which to me really makes no difference, if you using a dual battery mod you should be charging your mod on a proper battery charger, that is just the way it is.

Vaping time:

Ok so time to give this kit a try, pop in 2x18650 batteries and let's fire it up.
Battery door is spring loaded and had no trouble opening it and closing it, once closed it was well adjusted and provided a snug fit.

The freaking screen is huge so no need for glasses to get a quick read of all the info it displays.
The screen shows everything and i mean EVERYTHING, battery level up top, mode of the mod right above the number of the power you using at the moment which is huge takes like 1/3rd of the screen.

Below that you have amp, ohms and voltage on the right side, on the left you have puff counter with a cute circle that illuminates when you puff showing your ''puffing'' time.
Puff counter only goes up to 9999 but the way its displayed kinda feels wrong, let me explain:
At the moment i have 727 puffs so normally it would display 0727 but not in this case,the puff counter is inside the circle that shows the puff duration so it looks like this:


Not a con perse but it just looks weird, apart from that the UI is clean and slick and looks good.
Menu is pretty easy to operate so let me give you a give ''how to'' of the operation of this device:

-Five clicks to turn the device on and off.
-Three clicks of the fire button to enter the menu.
-Up and down buttons together to lock the device but still draw the device at the set wattage, press again to unlock.
-There is no lock switch like you have on the Aegis models but you can also lock the fire button.
-To lock the fire button you have to first lock the wattage and then press 3 times the fire button and voila!! fire button is locked, to unlock click again the fire button 3 times.
-Up and fire button to increase the brightness, and down and fire button to decrease.
-To cycle thru all the modes you need to press the fire button 3 times, this will let you choose between Power, Smart (adjusts wattage automatically for the coil you using), TC-SS, TC-TCR and finally BYPASS.
-Press the fire button 3 times then hold + and - button to change the color of the UI, got 3 to choose from (Red, Green, Purple).

Let us talk about that tank,when i quit RTA's this tank was actually the one i used as my main for a long long i mean long time.
Solid tank, top airlflow and simple to take apart from cleaning purposes, top cap easy to screw open so you can refill it and with the bubble glass you got a 5,5ml capacity.

With this kit the tank also comes in the same color which is a good touch, makes the color scheme come together.

After priming the coil and letting it sit for about 10 minutes so it could soak up the sweet nectar of the gods i was ready to give it a try.
I knew what i was going to get when it comes to the tank, used it for a long time so no surprises there, delivered a nice and tasteful vape.

Folks know me and my aversion to high wattage and hot vapes so even thou i was using the 0.15Ω 70-85W coil i stayed in my sweet spot which was 44 watts.
Higher than that just wasn't pleasurable for me, we all different when it comes to vaping and my style is more about a low wattage RDL type of thing.
But with this mod you can go up to 200watts if you ever need to so yeah this mod packs a punch.

Coil wise? well here is the kicker, coils are good not great.
Had better but also had worst, but that is not the problem...problem is with Geekvape's QC that is why i stopped using this tank.
Don't get me wrong the tank is a solid tank but the QC of the coils is just abysmal, used this tank/coils as my main for many months and by that i mean that apart from trying out other devices for reviews this was the ONLY tank i would use on a daily basis.
When it came time to buying coils i would get a pack of 5 and at least one of them was a dud, either i would get an error in the screen or in most cases the coil would burn out in a matter of hours or maybe a day tops.

Quality of the mod is good, same for the tank but if they can't do better QC on the manufacturing of the coils then there is no sense in using the tank.
Mod by itself? yeah go ahead, I am loving mine.
Big ol' screen, dual 18650 and it looks good, what is there not to love.

Mod wise it performed admirable, quick response with the fire button and the nice and huge bright screen was awesome to look at, no need of glasses since the screen is huge.

I know that us ''lefties'' are a small % of the population so devices like these are designed for right handed people which brings up just a little grip about the mod.
I am a thumb user, I need...i want to use my thumb for firing the mod but to use this mod in my left hand AND using my thumb to press the fire button means i have to turn it around and then the screen is facing the palm of my hand.

Not a deal breaker since i know how it is, I am a lefty so there are limitations that come with that so i either use my thumb while looking at the back of the mod or use my finger and that way i can see the screen...using my finger just feels odd, i can do it but i don't like it.

-Aesthetic wise it looks pretty cool
-2.4-inch full screen, love that i don't have to squint or put my glasses on to get a read of the info on the screen
-Proper packaging and everything you need is right there in the box
-Mod is not IP Rated but it does feel solid
-Big side fire button, love me one of those
-Solid tank, easy to use
-Coil performance is good, as i said i have had better but i also had worst


-Puff counter, looks weird.
Instead of:
I would prefer to see it like 0727 all in the same line, minor con i know but it bugs me.
-Geekvape's QC on the Z coils, they need to work on that.

Would i recommend this device:

As a kit? probably not, just being honest.
Even thou the tank is good but the QC of the coils is just plain bad.
Mod wise? hell yeah, love the shape, the big screen and its easy to use.
If you looking for a dual battery mod and you like the aesthetics of the Z200 and prefer a simple menu then this is the mod for you.

Well that is it for today folks.