The Kree 24 RTA by Gas mods is a 24 mm single coil atomizer contained in a black box with printed photos and name of the product, and that of the brand.

Inside we find a higher glass that brings the capacity from 3.5 (actually 2.5), to 5.5 ml, four air reducers and the usual spare parts, among which we find the extension for the chimney and an adapter for Drip Tip 510.


There are no pre-made coils, cotton, nor a second Drip Tip.

Aesthetic and functional aspect:

The version in my possession is the black one, with the lower part of the Deck gold-plated insight.

The glass in smoked plastic material is a sort of bell that will simply be inserted on the Deck equipped with a sealing o-ring.

The internal bell will screw to the Deck and the Drip Tip, equipped with thread and o-ring, will be screwed onto the chimney; an operation that will allow the Kree to be completely closed after filling it.

The Deck is simple but well-finished, with very roomy buttonholes.

Two very large head screws (the cut is not very deep, however), allow to tighten the coil.

In the center, there is a huge hole of at least 5 mm in diameter that we can narrow thanks to the four reducers (3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 mm in diameter), which will simply be screwed on.

For this operation, as for the tightening of the coils, it will be necessary to have a suitable screwdriver and not the useless one supplied, which is absolutely useless.

The space between the coil anchoring points is very large and has large slots, it is preferable not to use coils smaller than 3 mm in diameter.

Alien coil 0.3 * 0.8 + 32 ga, 5 turns on 3 mm tip.

I usually use it with the 4.0 mm reducer which allows a slightly contrasted pull and slightly limits the production of steam, all to the advantage of the aromatic yield.

Final remarks:

Aesthetically I find it very stylish ("Figo" would be more appropriate ...), in all the available versions; light, compact and impact-resistant thanks to the plastic bell, but for those who prefer it with glass bells, you can buy the SS version or buy them separately: Glass Tube.

I mostly use it with builds that allow me to use it between 40 and 45 Watts.

It is easy to build, with an excellent aromatic but softening yield.

The only drawback is the design; by screwing the Drip Tip the pressure inside increases, and since the liquids are incompressible, they look for space where they find it.

This can cause a slight loss of liquid from the external slots during the refill phase.

There are several solutions that can be implemented: cotton adequately, use high-density liquids and / or watch the video of El Mono Vapeador (system that I use).

For the more experienced, who come from much more difficult ancient problems, there is also the possibility of loading it from below, but I find it a bit boring operation, since it is not designed to be loaded from below, that space between the internal bell and the glass it is very narrow and it is not possible to fill it all.

Overall, even considering the price range I consider it an excellent product that I use regularly with satisfaction.


Thank you for reading!