A review of the Augvape VX217 kit.

Augvape VX217 Kit with Intake Tank

Spoiler alert: an exceptional box and an incredible clearomizer ...

The VX217 kit is made by Augvape. It is composed of the VX217 box which the Captain himself spoke about below and of the Intake Sub Ohm Tank. A double 21700 and a fairly promising clearomizer, since with airflow at the top and therefore anti-leak. We're going to check it all 

The package therefore contains:

a VX217 box;
an Intake Sub Ohm Tank with a 3.5 ml reservoir;
a bubble tank;
two 0.2 ohm clapton mesh coil resistors;
a double adapter for 18650 batteries;
three spare seals;
a USB-C - USB cable;
a user manual.
So I have a nice little box and a real and pure clearomiser! All this bodes well, ladies and gentlemen, as the build quality seems to be there.

The technical characteristics of the VX217 kit:
The characteristics of the Intake Sub Ohm Tank:

Diameter: 25 mm.
Capacity: 3.5 ml or 5 ml.
Airflow: from above.
Filling: from the top.
Drip tip: 810.
Connector: 510 pin.
The characteristics of the VX217 box:

Dimensions: 80 x 49 x 42 mm.
Material: zinc alloy.
Power range: 5 - 217 W.
Voltage range: 0.5 - 12 V.
Resistances accepted: from 0.05 to 3 ohms.
Battery type: two 18650 batteries or two 20700 batteries or two 21700 batteries.
Rechargeable by USB-C: yes (1.2 A).
Connector: 510 pin on spring.
Available colors: Black, Gray, Green.
This kit is compact for double 21700. The thickness of the box is correct, as is its weight. This kit weighs only 404 g against 414 g for the Odin box and its Dead Rabbit V2 RTA.

Getting started with the Augvape VX217 kit:
The VX217 box:

For the box, I just need to give it two 21700 batteries to eat every two days. The hatch holds up well, it's solid, it's tough.

The VX217 turns on or off by firing 5 consecutive times. If you press the fire button 3 times in a row, you get to the menu. There will be a choice between three modes of vape: the classic variable wattage mode, the variable voltage mode, the bypass mode. The colors of the screen can also be personalized.

On the screen, I find all the classic and usual information: the power chosen, the resistance value, the voltage during the puff and the time of the said puff, as well as the chosen sub-mode (normal, soft, high).

The Intake Sub Ohm Tank:

For the clear, nothing exceptional, it is composed of the same parts as all its cousins, with the exception of the two large chimneys, characteristic of Intake, which cross the whole of the clearo from top to bottom and which constitute the system of airflow of this range of the Augvape brand.

Nothing could be simpler to get it started. I soak the ground with a few drops of juice and I plug it into the clearo. It only remains for me to screw the bottom cap.

I then take off the top cap by making it do a quarter turn and I just have to fill my clearo to be able to know what is in the stomach.

The vape of the Augvape VX217 kit:

Already, this kit is classy. He is racy and has a good face. In black, it's elegant and it thrills. In addition, it seems very solid and is compact enough for a double 21700 kit. This kit is quite portable and that changes me from my other boxes with large batteries.

Then, the ergonomics of this box are really really fantastic. I don't know any better. It is terribly pleasant in the hand. Its adjustment wheel is fabulous and so nice to use. Its fire button is very large and so practical to use. In short, this box never leaves me.

Finally, I find that the Intake Sub Ohm Tank offers a rather dense vape and well loaded in flavors. Airflow fully open, it sends well at 40 W and is extremely good for a clearo. It is located just below the nexMesh Pro Tank. I have just tested two high quality clearomizers that have nothing to envy to reconstructable ... It's still reassuring to know that there is nowadays gear that can offer such quality of vape and such performance without necessarily having to take out his toolbox.

Happy vaping pirates !!! In VX217 kit !