Augvape Foxy One Mod

The best usability.

This is a review of Augvape Foxy One Mod, a mod that tickles the five senses of the user.

Augvape Foxy One Mod Product Details

size: 37.6 x 86 x 26mm
weight: 120g
Material: Zinc alloy, leather
Mounting mode: VW (5-120W) / VV (0.5-6.8V) / Bypass
Corresponding resistance value: 0.05Ω-3.0Ω
display: Monochrome OLED
USB: Type C (1.2A)
Compatible battery: 18650/20700/21700 x 1

set content

Augvape Foxy One Mod

  • Foxy One Mod x 1
  • Battery Sleeve (Attached to Mod)
  • Type C Cable x 1
  • Warranty x 1
  • Instruction Manual x 1


Augvape Foxy One Mod

How is it?

Foxy One Mod is a single battery mod with a so-called C frame structure.
The design is reminiscent of the previous STRATUM and MINIKIN.

Augvape Foxy One Mod

The frame is made of zinc alloy with a moderate weight.
Leather with the company's brand "DRUGA" logo is affixed to the battery sleeve.

It should be noted that all edges and corners have a thorough round shape.
Every part is rounded so it's extremely easy to hold when you pick it up.
The smooth and three-key paint is also soft to the touch!

Augvape Foxy One Mod

The interface of FOXY ONE is a royal road 3 buttons + 1 display.
The puff button is on the side, and the display and UP & DOWN buttons are on the right side of the puff button.
It's a good design for those who have a VAPE in their left hand.

Augvape Foxy One Mod

Equipped with a Type C port that supports 1.2A charging on the other side.

Augvape Foxy One Mod

The thread is 510, spring-loaded contact pin.
The main body has a width of 26 mm, but due to the round shape mentioned above, it fits naturally even with an atomizer of about 22 to 24 mm.

Augvape Foxy One Mod

The battery sleeve is strongly held by 3 magnets.
Not only can you remove it with one hand, but you can't even shift it a little.
On the contrary, this point is very excellent because the sleeve does not flutter when used.

The battery is compatible with 18650, 20700 and 21700.
When using the 18650, use the battery sleeve that is already installed in the main unit by default.

How to operate FOXY ONE


Power on / off
Puff button 5 clicks
Mode switching Puff button
3 clicks
* Switches in the order of VW → VV → BP.
Button lock
UP + DOWN Press
and hold at the same time * Only the UP & DOWN buttons are locked.

There are 3 types of VAPE modes


Augvape Foxy One Mod

Using VW mode 18650, it can be controlled from 5W to 80W, and when using 21700, it can be controlled from 5W to 120W in 1W increments.

VV mode

Augvape Foxy One Mod

0.5V to 6.8V can be controlled in 0.1V increments.

BP mode

Augvape Foxy One Mod

Bypass mode directly outputs the battery voltage as it is.

The size of the display is small for a recent mod.
About the same as DNA40 on a small screen.
Is the resistance value a little hard to see?
Senior glasses are required for people with presbyopia.


Augvape Foxy One Mod

The fitting with the 23mm RTA "Taifun GT R" is quite nice.
FOXY ONE is really compact for a mod that can be used up to 21700.
You can use it with the same feeling as the 18650 single battery MOD.

Augvape Foxy One Mod

Not only a 22mm tank but also a reasonably tall dripper looks good.


Augvape Foxy One Mod

Moist leather grip on a smooth and three-key frame.
A round shape that is gentle on your hands no matter where you touch it.
A large puff button that is extremely comfortable to press.
Even though the 21700 can be used, it has a compact size and a moderate weight.
Stable start-up without stress.

Already, I will appeal to the physical side bang bang.
FOXY ONE is, so to speak, a physical mod and its comfort and stability are top class.
The battery has a long life, and I can't find anything wrong with it.

I'll give you a good mod, Augvape.
I like it a little!

General comment

Augvape Foxy One Mod

Once you use it, you will be captivated.

To be honest, my first impression was subtle.
It looks sober and the DRUGA logo is featured on the leather with a big deca, and the puff button is huge ...

However, once you use it, you are already captivated.
Its overly comfortable feel dispels the dislike of appearance.

If you think about it, it's a simple form with no sarcasm, and the DRUGA logo is designed so that people who know it can't understand it unless you look closely, and the deca of the puff button can't be replaced by the comfort of pressing.

"Beauty gets tired in three days, but ugly gets used to it in three days."

Is it that guy?
No, it doesn't take three days to like FOXY ONE and the looks aren't too bad.

"It looks decent, but if you put it in, it's a Kazunoko ceiling."

This is it.